Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Truth is- When The Green Lantern comes out and everyone is all goo-goo ga-ga over Ryan Reynolds I'm pretty sure I'm going to go around telling people I'm related to him. "Oh cousin Ryan? Ya he's alright." Consider yourself warned.

The Truth is- This conversation actually happened last week & caused me to laugh till I cried.

Patrick: I see you added a movie to our Netflix dvd que. What was it again, "Rene's Mouse Adventures"?
Me: You mean Ramona & Beezus?!
Patrick: Yeah, same thing.
Me: How does Ramona & Beezus become Rene's Mouse Adventures?!?!?!
Patrick: Well I read it and thought about how we had a cat named Ramona, so then I thought about cats chasing mice, and I couldn't remember the name but new it started with an R, and if it's about mice its sure to be an adventure. Rene's Mouse Adventure.
Me: Is Rene the mouse or is Rene a girl who as adventures with mice?
Patrick: She's the girl.
Me: That actually does sound like a movie I'd rent. . . I also added Charlie St. Cloud.
Patrick: Who's in that one again?
Me: Hottie superbomb Zac Efron.
Patrick: Oh ya. I was thinking it was that other cute guy. Whats his name again? Charlie Chaplin?
Me: Charlie Chaplin?!?! The black and white silent movie actor?!?!
Patrick: no.. thats not it... Oh! Channing Tatum! I always want to call him Charlie Tantrum.

At this point I was laughing so much I couldn't breath & may have fallen off the couch. Man we have good times!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Go Daddy Holiday Party 2010

Saturday was Patrick's work Holiday Party.
Bob Parsons (the founder of GoDaddy) spent 4 million dollars on this party.
Thats Million with an M.
1 Million of it he gave out in prizes/money drawings.
$500,000 was donated to a womans AIDS shelter.

The parties we've been to in the past have been good, but this years was the best!!

It was formal dress so we had to look our best:

As soon as you walked into Chase Field you saw this:
Carnival theme!!!!
There was a ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousel, fair food, and fair games.
It was like being at the fair, but for free!!!

In the past the entertainment has been ok. Last year was Paula Poundstone (not funny) & The Temptations & Joan Jett. The year before was Sinbad (yup, he's still alive) and some other band I can't remember.
But THIS year was
George Thorogood & the Destroyers (he sings that song "bad to the bone")
ZZTop. Sad to say we got tired and left before zztop took the stage.
Also, Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser was there since she is the newest "Go Daddy Girl", along with Danica Patrick.

At the end of Jewels set when she started yodeling we decided to ride the ferris wheel.

I was hanging on SUPER tight!!

And Patrick was laughing at me because I was trying to take his picture while screaming & holding on to the rails.

Things we ate that night included:
garlic fries
sea salt & vinegar fries
pretzel w/ cheese
cotton candy
Philly cheese steaks
meatball sub
turkey/coleslaw sandwich
drumstick (ice cream not chicken)
and a few Pepsi/waters

Best Holiday Party EVER!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Truth is- It's crazy out there with all the snowbirds and Christmas shoppers. But I remember that my mom use to like to do things like go to Costco on Christmas Eve just because there were going to be a lot of people there and she thought it would be a fun experience. She'd try to think of the place that was going to be the busiest & then join in with the crowd. And then sometimes we'd end up with things we didn't need in the cart and she'd say "everyone else was grabbing them, I thought I should too!". Pretty funny.

The Truth is- Sometimes I, like everyone else misinterpret song lyrics. Like TLC's song Chasing Waterfalls. For a long time I thought it was "don't go Jason Waffles". What a delicious last name! And now there is this song out by Nelly called "Just a Dream" and there is a line in the chorus where he says "opened my eyes" but the way he sings it makes it sound like "threw up in my eye". Nelly, I've had someone (Preston) throw up in my eye, and it's not really that fun. Definitely not something to sing about.

The Truth is- When Patrick and I get bored we do things like search for movies on Netflix that have our name in them. You end up finding movies like Patrick- a movie about a murderer lying in a hospital where the only motion he can muster is the motion to spit but still manages to use his mind to kill people. And Jessica: A Ghost Story about a murdered woman who terrorizes people to insanity while her husband tries to figure out why this restless spirit has returned. People need to make better movies that have our names in the title! Preferably one's where no one is murdered. Something more like Sargent Preston of the Yukon- a television show about a royal Canadian mountie and his trusty horse Rex & steadfast dog Yukon King.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Seriously short weekend... Maybe it's because a majority of it was spent in pajamas...

FRIDAY- * Finished Christmas Card making * Watched Gabe for a few hours * Visited with Candace & talked little boy stuff (how to make them eat, how they already make sound effects) * DPB * Visit with Krissa * A little boy who didn't want to nap, but who is getting in his 2 front teeth!! * Butter Pecan cake with Coconut pecan frosting (from a box, not from scratch) * Ward Christmas Party * Preston having a major cough attack that lasted hours * Baked potato bar YUMMM * Preston in giant reindeer antlers * More coughing * Dude Where's My Car * Sleep *

SATURDAY- * Started early when Preston started coughing nonstop around 3am. Tried everything I could to get him to stop, including a small warm bottle which he promptly threw up on me as a result of coughing so hard. Fever, trying to rock him to sleep, but having it not work. Miserablness * Patrick went to work, Preston and I went to Urgent Care * Double ear infection & Croup * Trying to find a breathing machine with zero help from insurance/pharmacy/Medical supply store. Apparently being able to breath well is only a Mon-Friday issue * FRUSTRATION/tears * Lunch with Krissa & Bree * Wishing for beef instead of pork * Naps * Finding someone who had a breathing machine!! (cute one too, looks like a panda bear) * Preston starting to feel better * Relaxing, unwinding * Having my own coughing attack * Target for baby vicks vapor rub & a new humidifier filter * Steam treatments * Hot chocolate * Law & Order * BED. SO SO TIRED!!

SUNDAY- * Another 3am wake up call from a coughing preston * More breathing treatments * nap * Spicy chicken * picking up the dvds/video games that Preston pulls out 3x's a day * Haunnakah food - potato latkes yuuuuuuuuuuum!!! * Leftover cake * Starting the movie Angels & Demons and then realizing its almost 3 hrs long * Bones * More steam treatments * Bed *

This week is going to be pretty relaxed. Already took Preston into the doctor to make sure he's healing, and he is! A few other things to take care of, things to clean, hopefully get Christmas cards out by Wed, Thursday at the latest. GoDaddy Holiday party on Saturday, so we get to dress up pretty!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So today all my truths are going to be about my brother JIMMY (ok, so thats not Jimmy, but that picture reminds me of him).
Because he came home for Thanksgiving, and it was awesome.
And because he's funny.
But mostly because I love him.

The Truth is- that years and years ago after we saw Casper for the first time Jimmy decided that he was going to have a lot of boys and that he was going to name them Fatso, Stretch, Stinky & Casper. We tried to explain to him that you really shouldn't name your kid Fatso or Stinky but he said it would be funny. So Dear Future Nephews of mine, I'm sorry. I tried.

The Truth is- That Jimmy signed up to be an organ donar should anything happen. I told him that if something happens I want one of his organs. His ACL to be exact. Not the one in his left leg, but the one in his right. He had his right ACL replaced a few years ago and they replaced it with a cadaver ACL. He named it Emmet. So should something happen I want Emmet to sit upon my mantel, on display.

The Truth is- When Jimmy was in Kindergarten he told his teacher that my Grandma had died & that we were moving to the mountains. Neither one of those things were true.

The Truth is- One time all us kids went to the movies (i think we were seeing Anaconda at the dollar theater for like the 4th time) and during the movie Jimmy's leg fell asleep. Well instead of waking it up or asking up to just wait a few minutes he started walking on it. Or at least he tried. It was a long walk back to the car and he was limping and dragging his leg the whole time. We got a lot of looks. People were probably wondering why we didn't park in a handicapped spot instead of making the poor boy with a gimpy leg walk across the parking lot.

The Truth is- A few years ago we all went camping for Andrews birthday. For breakfast in the morning we had some mini muffins and since they were cold we decided to warm them by the fire. If you let them sit for just a little bit they were perfect. Well, Jimmy took his, took a big bite, realized it was boiling lava hot, but instead of spitting it out, he just chewed it really super fast and swallowed it all. So now anytime someone puts something hot in their mouth or complains that something is hot we call it "pulling a Jimmy".

The Truth is- One Summer Jimmy was working construction to earn some money to go on a trip with a friend. He asked some of the Hispanic workers if they could give him & his friend a ride home. They said sure, we'll take you home. I guess once they got into the car the workers didn't turn where Jimmy said to turn & were talking in Spanish & Jimmy & his friend were starting to get nervous. So he texted me and said "Jess, I think they are taking me to Mexico". I thought he was joking, so I texted back "don't let them sell you for less than 5 pesos". Turns out he wasn't joking, they were really scared & when they stopped to fill up for gas Jimmy & his friend wouldn't get back in the car & called a parent to come pick them up. He got home & told me what happened, and I felt REALLY bad! Jimmy's worth a lot more than 5 pesos.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We had some family pictures taken last week for our Christmas cards.
Here are a few of our favorites:

this was the location. Isn't it beautiful?!
Yup. My hair looks awesome.

Rockin the side part

I love my family!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

SUPER long fantastic holiday weekend!

THURSDAY- Jimmy was home!!! * A turkey the size of an infant for 3 people...leftovers * TONS of food * mini nap * Stretchy pants to accommodate the overeating * Massive amounts of pie * Dressing Preston up as a turkey * Family * Golf (the card game) * How to Train Your Dragon = LOVE!!! * Patrick catching some sort of bug which caused him to (in his words) "scream death metal into the toilet all night". Rough night with him sick * Convincing other people to do my black Friday shopping so I could stay with a sick hubs * Sense & Sensibility till I fell asleep *

FRIDAY- Patrick was recovered enough to have a friend from Utah come hang out for the day * Target * Famous Footwear * Walmart * Shopping with Jimmy at all those places * Visit to the Grandparents * A check engine light on, a low coolant light on, an oil light on, then off, then on, then off, then on again * Almost finishing Prestons Christmas shopping * Cute hats with bows * Turkey samich * Toy Story 3 (How to train your dragon was better) * Visits with Krissa * Learning how to eat Dove Peppermint Bark the PROPER way * Speaking in Dove Promises * Annoyances * Cleaning up an entire dog water dish that was tipped over when someone in a walker raced after the dog, causing him to knock over the water. This was then followed by a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper exploding. Fun. * Chilis * Law & Order: SVU *

SATURDAY- Started off well, did some cleaning and laundry, Patrick went to work * Shopping with Krissa at the mall, which wasn't as bad as the parking lot made it seem * Fancy Schmany Church outfit on sale at JCPennys for P-Rex * Searching for a dress to wear for Patricks work Holiday Party * Panda Express * Laundry * Then I started to feel sick, and decided that since Patrick screamed death metal into the toilet that I should lay some background tracks. Translation- SO SICK . Thankfully Patrick had been through it before and could tell me exactly what was going to happen next * Preston spending lots of time with his daddy * sleep *

SUNDAY- Still not feeling too great * naps * monkey bread * Jimmy going back to BYU (sad) * Bree's farewell * An extremely hyper kid during church * Leaving early due to sickness * Bones * Psych * L&O:SVU (I watched a lot of tv while laying around being sick * Lots of time with the snuggie * Running out of Dove Peppermint Bark *

This week....not too much going on. Our ward christmas party is on Friday, got a few errands to run, still looking for a great dress for the holiday party. Crossing my fingers that Preston doesn't catch the sickness!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Truth is- I eat chocolate covered peanuts the same way every time I eat them. I split it open in my mouth, move the peanut out and then one side of my mouth gets to eat just the chocolate and the other side eats the peanut. It always feels like I'm punishing one side of my mouth, or playing favorites with the side that gets the chocolate. So sometimes I'll switch which side gets what. Wouldn't want to start an uprising.

The Truth is- You know that cult classic movie The Labyrinth? I saw that movie for the first time like 2 years ago. I dunno how I can call my childhood a childhood with the absence of The Labyrinth. Preston has already watched part of it. The part where David Bowie is singing "Dance Magic Dance" holds his attention quite well. I am kind of hoping its the puppets he's captivated by and not David Bowie dressed as the Goblin King rockin a power mullet.

The Truth is- We use to have this parakeet named Sunny, and she only had 1 trick she could do. She would dance to a song. But not just any song, she would only dance to MMMBop by Hanson. She would move her head up and down and side to side when I played that song. And I played that song A LOT.

The Truth is- Patrick and I have a no "sweetheart" rule. He can't call me "sweetheart" as a term of endearment. It makes me feel old. Like really really old. I'd even prefer him calling me his shorty (but only if he pronounced it shaawwwty) then sweetheart. Maybe I'll change my mind as we grow old together.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Truth is- That Mondays use to be "bathroom day" at my house. It was the day set aside for the cleaning of bathrooms and polishing of the porcelain. But then Patrick's schedule got changed to where he is home of Mondays, and I don't want to be cleaning bathrooms when he is home. So bathroom day has been changed. Mondays is now "Dollar Store" day! Yay! I recently discovered my love for the dollar store, and then shared the love with Patrick. So now every Monday we go to the dollar store and then walk out saying things like "I'll never shop anywhere else again!".

The Truth is- Sometimes when I'm alone in the car (or with Preston) I sing songs and practice them as if I would be singing them if we went Karaoke-ing. So don't be shocked if we ever go out karaoking together and I'm shockingly good at a specific song. The truth is I've practiced it a lot.

The Truth is- Sometimes Patrick and I have conversations about such topics as "If the White Witch of Narnia had you in her sled & offered you food, what you you chose?" Because we all know turkish delight while it looks delicious is horrible. I always think that the food has to be bite sized food. Like little smokies wrapped in bacon or something. And Patrick always goes with something really messy so that he could make a mess all over her white fur coat. And then we spend some time practicing our White Witch voices and saying things like "More vienna sausages!?" or "More buttery corn on the cob?!"

We have fun.
Like a G6.

I really think you should play along today.

Monday, November 15, 2010

FRIDAY- Even though it was a Bruce day Krissa came over and showed me the easiest, yet super creative way of making cards. * Subway * Dove Peppermint Bark = LOVE (but apparently not available in normal stores) *Pride & Prejudice: "You have bewitched me body and soul and I love i love i love you" * Total jammie day. Didn't change all day * Bones (the show) * Finishing Mr. Darcy's Diary. So good. *

SATURDAY- Woke up at 4am with the worst runny nose & face ache. Couldn't go back to sleep, so I watched Notting Hill instead. By the time I was ready to go back to bed Preston woke up. He too had a runny nose & was sneezing. Poor sick baby * Walmart for some formula/diapers * Naps * Hobby Lobby to get paper for Christmas cards * More sleeping for Preston, more card making for me * Watching a special on Disneyland and then having an enormous desire to go to Disneyland * Hanging out with Patrick * Stake Conference: Adult Session where Preston was less then quiet & we spent a majority out in the foyer where he showed me his new skill of finding any little thing on the floor and putting it in his mouth * more Bones (the show) *

SUNDAY- Early church (huzzah!!) * Attempt at a nap, but foiled by a baby who was tapping Morse code on the wall * Family over for dinner- "chicken fried pork chops" (which is what Patrick calls this certain type of pork chop dish i make. No chicken is involved at all, Rosemary Herb potatoes, Green beans, & pumpkin roll * Showing off Prestons new tricks to impressed grandparents * Reading * SLEEP *

This week is going to be.....busy.... babysitting. Lots of babysitting. And a follow up appt for Preston. Hopefully it goes fast because I can't WAIT for Thanksgiving!!! 9 days till Jimmy comes home!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Truth is- I don't really understand why orange juice is strictly a breakfast drink. I LOVE orange juice, but I feel like I can only have it in the morning. All the other juices seem to have widened their range & can be drunk at any meal. Well except maybe grapefruit juice. Which is NEVER ok to drink.

The Truth is- I have a bad habit that I need to break. Everytime I see Preston about to fall I close my eyes. It's like if I don't see it it isn't happening. It's going to happen where I close my eyes and don't see what happen and then Patrick will ask me what happened and I'm going to have to make something up. I just don't want to see him get hurt! I can handle it after it's happened, but seeing it makes me feel like I let it happen.

The Truth is- I love Baby Will Smith (aka his son Jaden Smith). Every movie he's in, I cry. Especially The Pursuit of Happyness. Karate Kid is no exception. I didn't like having to watch him get beat up lots. He's a good little actor!

The Truth is- Patrick and I went to Vegas for our 1yr anniversary a few years ago, but we didn't do much. We did walk the strip, kinda. And we did watch the fountain at the Bellagio. But mostly we stayed in our room, cranked the AC and watched a marathon of House. We're such homebody's.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Truth is- I'm pretty sure Preston can already tell I'm a dork and embarrassing. Example. Last week I was feeding him raisins (which was an interesting experience on its own) and I showed him how there were 5 more little boxes of raisins. So then in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice I told him "There's a lot more where this came from.... if you go to the dance with me". He just gave me a look.

The Truth is- Sometimes Patrick and I forget that Heath Ledger died. Then we'll be driving in the car and randomly one of us will say "I miss Heath Ledger". Because we do.

The Truth is- We've been sleeping with our bedroom window open, which is so so nice. The only problem is that in the morning before its real light out the birds will start chirping. It wouldn't be a problem, but it's so faint & steady that I think it's our alarm going off. So then I sit straight up in bed and listen and realize it's just the birds. But by then it's too late to go back to sleep, I'm wide awake. Stupid birds.

The Truth is- About every other time I take a sweater off I start singing the song from Grease "Your the one that I Want". It reminds me of that part at the end of the movie where Danny peels off his letterman sweater and then starts singing. Lucky for me Preston thought it was hilarious when we had an impromptu Grease sing-a-long the other day. So maybe he doesn't think everything I do is dorky and embarrassing!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Truth is- I have this strange habit where if I'm around someone and they pop something, like knuckles or wrist or whatever I feel like I have to do it too. Sadly I don't have too many body parts that actually pop & crack. Like my back, doesn't crack. But I still try when I see someone else do it.

The Truth is- When we came home from our Honeymoon (to Disneyland) our bedroom door was shut. I thought "aww maybe the boys cleaned it up for us" because when we left it was a mess from moving all Patricks stuff in. Wrong. Our entire room was covered in these creepy old church pictures that the boys had gotten from the library at church. I guess they were getting rid of them and they were somehow rescued by one of the boys and kept in the trunk waiting for the perfect time to use them. I'm not kidding when I say they were everywhere. The ceiling, inside the medicine cabinet, inside the toilet bowl seat cover, inside the cats litter box, in my closet on the walls hiding behind my clothes, taped to the fan, EVERYWHERE. Would have been funny if we weren't so tired & hot (7 hr car ride in June = tired/hot feelings). But it's funny now. I actually still have a few of the pictures hanging up in hidden places in our room.

The Truth is- In my craft room there are caramels. Craft caramels. You can only eat them if your doing crafts. There also happens to be Craft Candy Corn. Makes me very motivated to finish crafts. Delicious.

The Truth is- I just remembered last night that on the day we got engaged I lost one of my favorite sweaters. It was windy out, so I had on a light sweater (it was grey with a small pink butterfly on the left side). I had it tied around my waist on the way back to the car, and noticed when we got to the car it was gone. Sure we could have gone back to get it, but we were in a wing love coma. Wing coma b/c we had a picnic of Native New Yorker wings and Love coma because we had just gotten engaged. Poor lost comfy sweater.

Monday, October 18, 2010

FRIDAY- after a week of company everyone left & boy were things quiet * "I am Number Four" (its a book. Its a GOOD book) * Girls night!! * Banana cake, guacamole, quiche, basically all deliciousness * MOW - its pronounced like now but with an M. Not Mow like some people (me) thought. Fun game though! * Finding the lost pacifier * Patrick watching scary movies with Eliott (since I can't watch them with him) * Start of watching When in Rome (ehhh...I wont watch the rest of it. )

SATURDAY- *Community garage sale!!! Got Preston some things for Christmas like some books & a speak-n-say. shhhh don't tell him! Also got him a walker that seems to be possessed b/c it on several ocassions it will make noise & then not shut off or make the noise when I press the buttons. Hence the batteries were taken out * Finishing "I am Number Four" (you should read it b/c there is a movie coming out soon) * Barros * Patrick cutting a pumpkin in half with his sword so that I could make some pumpkin puree "I thought it tasted a little like sword...." * Making the puree and feeling like a pioneer woman * Pumpkin Gingersnap Caramel Cheesecake. Yup. * Watching a National Geographic special on Tornado's with the hubs. Saturday night and we're home watching national geographic specials. Sad!! *

SUNDAY- * Watched a few episodes of Bones * Chopped things up for the dinner we would be having * Church* Patrick's dad came over for a delicious buttery dinner of - Marlboro Man Sandwiches, Resturant style smashed potatoes & The cheesecake * An extremely tired Preston. He was up from 1:15pm-8pm * More Bones, but this time I fell asleep. I wonder how that episode ends . . . .

This week not much is going on: Dr's appt for PRex, grocery shopping, Bruce, chores (blehhhh) and perhaps a craft day Saturday!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Truth is- This is my 100th post!!!! I kind of expected balloons and confetti to fall from the sky in it's honor. Didn't happen. Yet. . . . .

The Truth is- When we were younger, when the boys were younger if a movie had someone kissing in it they would always yell out "It's rated K for Kissing!". I still think about that when someone gets smooched in a movie.

The Truth is- Once I raked up over $60 in library overdue book fee's. I don't know how it happened. But it did. And so for my punishment I grounded myself from the library and lost my library checkout privilages. I didn't go to the library for over a year. Which, if you know me is a BIG DEAL. I read A LOT. But I figured I learned a lesson. Well last a few weeks ago I lifted the punishment and took Preston to the library to get some books. I also checked out 2 movies for us. And the truth is that those two movies were returned late. I didn't know they were due back in a week! They were 3 days late. I now have overdue fee's. I guess I didn't learn my lesson.

The Truth is- It's strange to me that people check the expiration date on milk before they buy it. When the boys all lived here we went through 6+ gallons of milk a week. I'd go grocery shopping and have 6 gallons in my cart and hear a lot of "thats a lot of milk" comments. But the truth is if our fridge would hold more I would have bought more. ANYWAYS, I was in the store the other day and heard a lady say "this one expires in a week from tomorrow" and her husband said "we'll never finish it by then". Whats that like?!?! Because even now that it's just Patrick & I living here we go through at least 3 gallons a week if not more.

The Truth is- One year when I was in elementary school I had to miss a day to go to rehearsal for The Nutcracker. However instead of telling everyone I had to miss because of dress rehearsal I told them I had to miss because I was going to a New Kids on the Block concert. And thats the story of how for 1 day I was popular.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Truth is- There is a rat on our bedroom door. Not a REAL rat of course. It's a picture of a rat that my nephew drew in school that one of the boys found and stuck onto our door. And we left it there. Partly because we didn't know what it was for awhile (a rat holding a piece of cheese can look very different when drawn by an 8yr old) but mostly because it's fun to tell people "it's the room with the rat on the door" when they are looking for our bedroom.

The Truth is- Yesterday there was this huge storm. And thats fine. But last night we were out of formula so I went up to Bashas to get more. It was calm when I left, calm when I got to the store, apocalyptic when I came out. But I got to my car, used both hands to get the door shut and then sat there. The wind was blowing cars so much car alarms were going off, sideways rain and then there was hail. And I thought. I've seen Twister. I know what happens next. So I turned on my lights. Because if there is a tornado coming towards me I want to be able to see it.

The Truth is- When we first moved here I was 12, and people kept talking about "Snowbirds". I was 12! From California. I had NO IDEA what a snowbird was. Did I tell anyone I didn't know? Nope. Just stayed on the lookout for some strange exotic type bird that apparently reeked havoc on you when driving. The bird never surfaced, and as the years passed I learned the true meaning of snowbird.

The Truth is- Patricks been trying for a looooong time to talk me into getting Netflix. I don't know why I've been holding out, maybe it was the idea of another bill every month. But yesterday new Karate Kid movie came out. And I really really wanted to see this movie. And so first thing in the morning I checked our local Blockbuster Express kiosk and it wasn't there (sometimes they don't add new movies for awhile). And that was the straw that broke the camels back. The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith has forced us to become Netflixers.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

FRIDAY- Bruce day * Visit from Krissa * Discussing crafts * Cudding with a cuddly Preston * Very cheesy Cheeze its * Joann's for fabric * Getting a work out carting around bolts of felt * A new Glee cd!!! * Oreo McFlurry = McDeliciousness * Ironman 2 (well at least the first half) * The best picture of Preston EVER * Insomnia *

SATURDAY- *conference * Learning to use my sewing machine! Now I can sew just as well in real life as I can in my head!! * Hearing the phrase "I bet your wondering what this has to do with flying an airplane" * Visiting with Krissa * Cutting felt for our pillows * Patrick drooling over a Pumpkin pie Blizzard * A super adventurous Preston * Lots of vacuuming * Grocery store * LOTS OF CRAFTS! Oh like what you ask? Let me show you what I made Saturday:

A Halloween Wreath
I'm not crazy about it...looks like a black sun with orange beams. But it's growing on me!
A pillow.
These are the colors I want to use for the living room. It was the first thing I've sewn since Jr. High Home Ec.

Ghosts decorations.
I'm going to poke holes in the top and put twinkle lights inside to illuminate them.
Thanks for eating 6 jars of baby food a day Preston.
Finally I can put the jars to good use!
Flower petal pillow.
There is a lot I would do different for this pillow for next time.
But thats ok! it was fun and SUPER cute!
Made it for Krissa because I'm just that nice.
And technically I made it Sunday, but it still gets put in Saturday crafts.

SUNDAY- * a dream within a dream. Was someone trying to Inception me?! It won't work! * Making a LOT of quiche. But having it be delicious * naping * Family bday dinner for Carly & Blaine * curly hair * new to me clothes * Preston with flame hair * more conference * HEADACHE * more quiche * more fun *

This week: Hopefully the car will pass emissions this time around *fingers crossed! Family over for dinner, probably more crafting/sewing, cleaning, library, and who knows what surprises will come our way!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Truth is- As of right now I only have 3 truths for today. So I'm going to post them and if I think of more I'll add them. Just look for the quality of the truths, not the quantity.

The truth is- Everytime we eat jell-o we MUST renact the scene from Jurassic Park where the girl is eating jell-o and then starts shaking b/c she see's a dinosaur (velosoraptor to be exact) and then the jell-o starts shaking. Now I don't like jell-o, but I'll eat it just for this purpose. Patrick has even gone as far as to practice his shaking scared face in the mirror, and truth be told, it looks pretty good at this point! Pretty much looks identical to this:

The Truth is- You would think that the plastic covering over CD's and DVD's would have gotten easier to open over the years. It hasn't. There was a point in my prime when I was buying a lot of CD's and was SUPER fast and getting it open. Like Olympic world record fast. But those days are past us. And now it takes me forever to rip that plastic off. I have the same sort of issues with getting the plastic off of gum.

The Truth is- When we were at the Diamondbacks game on Saturday they showed on the big screen this group of high school boys who were wearing shorts and had taken their shirts off and were waving them around. Patrick leans over to me and says "They must be on Team Jacob". (You know, b/c on the Twilight movies Jacob is always taking his shirt off or walking around with his shirt off and it makes me roll my eyes REAL loud). It's just further proof that Patrick is the only one for me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

FRIDAY- (ok the truth is when I tried to type Friday it came out Monday. Then i tried again and it came out Sunday. Third time is a charm) * Bruce was over! Preston is obsessed with him. He gets greater separation anxiety when Bruce leaves a room then when I do * Krissa came over to play! I'm trying to forget about the part where Preston spit up all over her white shirt * Patrick had a work activity so Pfub & i chilled at home * Crafts- boy did I make something super cute! Don't you wish I'd post a picture of it? Someday! * Prestonsaurus Rex did not want to go to bed, so after a little more hanging out he went to sleep & I got more crafting done * Chats w/ Jimmy @ lost sunglass lens... *

SATURDAY- * Patrick worked * Carly's birthday! Now we're the same age again! * Breakfast at The Egg & I. Deliciousness * Preston got his sock stuck to gum under the booth (does anyone know how to get gum off clothes?!?!) * Nap for preston, cleaning up for me * Rilla of Ingleside (yep, another Anne of Green Gables book.) * License to Wed * Diamondbacks game!!! - All you can eat section * Me debating whether or not to try to become the new hot dog eating champion of the world * Extreme dehydration due to the hot dogs consumed * Lots of fun * Falling asleep while reading (fav.) *

SUNDAY- * chillin * church * naps * Wearing new church shoes * Having the FIL over for dinner * Most excellent new chicken recipie * Peach cobbler w/ ice cream * Mario Kart * Writing to Andrew * Watching Friends & cuddling with the hubs * sleeeeeep *

It was a good weekend. Some crazy moments, but really nice. This week: Getting the car fixed/emissions/registration, Bruce over to play, Conference weekend, Making more peach cobbler (the peaches on sale at Frys are delicious!).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Did you know that I have another blog?
Well BESIDES Preston365.
It's one I contribute to with some other lovely ladies called "Oh Snap".
It's a blog where we post crafts/recipes/and other projects to.
(Which reminds me we need to update it with some recent projects.......)
But now you know!

Now that you know I should tell you Oh Snaps is having a giveaway.
You can enter now till the end of the month to win a $45 gift card to a place called CSN Stores.

That store has everything.
And $45 buys a lot of goodies.
Especially with the holidays coming up.
Or you could just buy something for this guy

All you need to do is click HERE, and you can enter the giveaway.

I suppose I should tell you that Krissa is also doing a giveaway on her site for a gift card for $35. Although by telling you this I decrease my chances of winning....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Truth is- Yesterday I was cleaning out the fridge. Like REALLY cleaning it out, washing shelfs and such. As I pulled out the fruit crisper (I think that's what it's called) I found something interesting underneath it. A sunglass lens. Just one. A left one. And I sat there for a few minutes thinking "HOW did this get here?! How long has it been here?! When did someone lose just ONE lens from their sunglasses?!"" Then I realized it's just a sunglass lens, not a dinosaur bone, drop the questions and feeling of awe and move on! So I did. Although I still wonder how it got there....

The Truth is- Whenever we play The Price is Right on the Wii I take bidding on the showcase showdown very seriously. For some reason I decide on whether to bid or pass based on real life. Such as "Oh that trip to Egypt would be really fun...but we couldn't take Preston b/c he would just get super sunburned. Although it would make for some good pictures for him....but who would watch him while we are away?! I should really be sensible and bid on the new bedroom set. Plus we need new carpet and it comes with 500 yards of carpet." I'm pretty sure that's how it would go down in my head if we ever really were on the Price is Right. Plus if we went to Egypt we'd just spend the whole time quoting "The Mummy".

The Truth is- Remember last week when I posted that picture of Beyonce posing with her foot bent up towards her head?! The truth is that after I posted that I tried to get into that position. Not happening.

The Truth is- When I put away dishes from the dishwasher I tend to not close any of the cupboards till I'm done. I'm not sure why, but when I'm done there will be quite a few doors open. Kinda reminds me of that scene in The 6th Sense where the mom leaves the boy in the kitchen and when she walks back in 2 seconds later all the cupboard doors are open. Only my version is less creepy because it's me doing it not some dead person who doesn't know they are dead.

You really should play along, it's fun!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sorry it's taken me so long to post my WU today, just feels like Saturday. AGAIN.

FRIDAY- We watched Bruice Boy, which even though Preston is sick he LOVED. He really loves being around other kids * Krissa came over for a chat * DSW for some church shoes. Ones that don't have dog teeth marks on the heel or sharpie cover-up marks * A debate over Cheesecake Factory vs. Texas Road House * CF being victorious * Lots of laughs and GREAT times * Did you know that 1/2 of a whole cheesecake at CF is only like $25?!?! Insane! * Coming home with lots of leftovers & the voice of a smoker * Patrick having Eliott over for game night * Sleep *

SATURDAY- Patrick worked (of course) so Preston and I (the sickies) hung out * Naps * coughs * runny noses * watched 1/2 of Finding Neverland followed by 1/2 of Leap Year * "Rainbow Valley" - its one of the sequels to Anne of Green Gables. And ok, maybe I'm a nerd and like those books. It is what it is. * Canceling our Saturday night plans b/c of the wicked wheezing going on in Prestons chest * Trying to find the perfect Halloween costume for Preston, coming up with a few ideas, but not been too keen on spending $50 for an outfit he'll wear ONCE. * Nyquil * Glee * Sleep *

SUNDAY- Stake Conference but Preston and I stayed home being down with the sickness. Which made Sunday the LONGEST DAY EVER. * Read more * played with Preston more * Finished Glee * Finished Leap Year (cute!!) * The Best Two Years * Texts * Letters to Andrew * Nap * Talking about how it was the longest day EVER * Having lots of fun on Prestons photos HERE * Nachos * Still reading Rainbow Valley * Resorting to watching some Lifetime movie on Hulu staring Melissa Joan Hart & Joey Lawrence (where did all his hair go?!?!). Seriously, thats how long the day was. Plus it felt like Saturday since we didn't go to church * BED *

This week.....Well it isn't starting off so great. But I'm hoping greener pastures are ahead. Doctors appointments, bruce, Diamondbacks game w/ Patricks dad for his bday present, trying to get my car fixed before the tags expire *fingers crossed*, Carly's bday, and im sure lots more fun stuff.
What did YOU do this weekend?!?!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Truth is- The last 2 times that we have had to use Tarter Sauce I have called it Tater-Tot Sauce. Not on purpose. On accident. Even typing this up I typed Tater Tot instead of Tarter sauce. What the heck would tater tot sauce even be?! Ketchup??

The Truth is- I've never liked David Letterman. I don't know why. I don't think it's because of his gap'd front teeth, or his annoying music guy who wears the itty bitty glasses. I think it's just because he's not funny.

The Truth is- I found out earlier this week that Beyonce turned 29 at the beginning of this month. Which means that from the end of April until now her and I were the same age. I'm the same age as Beyonce?!?! Let me explain this a little better . . . .



One more time......


How are we the same age for 5 months out of the year?!?!?!

The Truth is- When it comes to important major sporting events I'm not allowed to watch them. I'm kinda bad luck. I blame myself completely for the Cardinals losing the Superbowl. You see, they were winning and I was upstairs in my room listening to everyone go crazy, and then I came downstairs because I figured it was safe. It wasn't safe at all. All of the sudden things took a turn for the worse and we ended up losing. Sorry Kurt Warner. My bad. At the same time, I'm partly responsible for the Diamondbacks winning the world series! I was in a different room, and had to keep my back turned to the tv, so I didn't see the winning home run, but I heard it. Your welcome Arizona. Your welcome.

Monday, September 13, 2010

FRIDAY- Krissa came over & I taught her how to make oreo truffles (You can learn by clicking HERE). My method of teaching her involved her doing all the work and me painting my nails. She's the worker bee & I'm the encourager bee * Trip to the mall for some Glee apparel & wishful window shopping * Subway * Play time with Preston * Natalie's surprise party (success) * puffy hair * Dropping off the truffles at Jen & Eliott's for Saturdays luncheon * Reading before bed *

SATURDAY- Early AM for Preston and a bath that included lavender & oatmeal lotion (for him, not me) * Seth's baptism * Luncheon with yummy yummy salads * Family * 4 hr nap for Preston once we got home * Reading (nothing good really) * Attempt at swimming, but it was too cold!!! Seriously, I'm not just being a baby, it was COLD! * The Village "Sometimes we do not do the things we want to do so that others will not know we want to do them." * French fries for dinner (love having a deep fryer) * Price is Right on the Wii * Bed

SUNDAY- Hanging out with Preston * Huge breakfast burritos * small nap * church * 1st Cardinals game of the season (we won!!!) * catching up with friends * chicken alfredo * More reading * More Price is Right * Mafia (Did you know Bella's dad from Twilight is in this movie?! Its weird!) *

This week: More movie watching, Doctor's appointments, CHORES (i feel like my house is a mess), Weeding the front yard, trips to the park, time with the hubs.

p.s Preston is 8 months old today!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Truth is- There are some big tv shows that have a huge following that I've never seen an entire episode of. Such as M*A*S*H. Or Golden Girls. I hear the Mash theme song and all I can think is "oh that means Seinfeld is over" (b/c is use to come on right after Seinfeld reruns on channel 10). Oh and Cheers. Never seen an entire episode. And I'm ok with that.

The Truth is- Every week I make a grocery list and bring it with me to the store. But every week I play this game where I get to the store and try to remember without looking everything thats on my list. Then when I think I've got it all or can remember no more I pull out the list and see how close I got. I'm REAL good at this game. It's the little things that make grocery shopping a tad more enjoyable for me.

The Truth is- When I was pregnant with Preston and I was at a store somewhere and they asked "would you like to donate a $1 for (insert charity fundraiser here)?" I'd always say yes, and then put Preston Reynolds as the donor. He's just so generous even from a young age!

The Truth is- My dear Justin Beiber, I have tried to like you, but I can't. Which is strange because your music is usually the type of thing I live for. I don't know if it's your voice, or your extra large teeth, or that your hair looks like a mini Donald Trump wig, or the fact that Usher "discovered" you (and we know how I feel about usher), or maybe a combination of all those. I'm sorry, but your music will never be my favorite.

The Truth is- I hate the people in the mall who work at those little kiosks and relentlessly try to sell you things or get you to try things. I hate them SO much that if I'm at the mall I'll pull out my cell phone and pretend like I'm talking on it just so that they don't try to talk to me. And usually they will leave me alone if they see that I'm "on the phone". I just want to shop in peace, not have to have fake phone conversations!