Sunday, December 23, 2012

We've got that Christmas Feelin

Since we didn't do too much for Halloween or Thanksgiving, I wanted to make sure that this Christmas season was filled with a lot of memory making. And it's been a lot of fun!!

We've worn our Christmas shirts...

We made Christmas ornaments...
(actually this one was made by our great Nursery workers at church) 

We went to the Mall to see the decorations/giant Christmas tree....

 And saw Santa!
Actually they saw Santa twice this year. Once at our ward party and then again at the mall. 

How do you ensure your children will be happy when they see Santa?
Feed them white chocolate popcorn the whole time you wait in line.
And then reward them with pretzels afterwords and call it good for dinner. 

We took some Christmas flowers to my mom's grave & talked about eternal families. 

We made homemade Chocolate cupcakes with Oreo cream cheese frosting for Patrick's team at work.
8 dozen to be exact. 

We made Oreo truffles for our neighbors so that hopefully they will like us this next year and forgive us when we do things like let our cat roam the neighborhood, let the dog bark when he's in time out outside, have a few overgrown weeds, and other such not so nice neighbor things. 

 And then there were the decorations!
Snowflakes and paper chain in the family room... 

Christmas wreath I made for the front door....

Our Christmas card display.... 

Our Nutcracker collection/Christmas countdown 

 More decorations on top of the piano... 

Including the Nativity complete with homemade Egyptian sarcophagus (yeah I dont know, it was in the box with the Nativity stuff so it got displayed)  

Pictures hanging depicting the Nativity Scene 

And our Christmas tree!!
Dead Live tree of course. 

And Preston's contribution to decorating the tree, laying all the ordainment I gave him flat on the tree. 

And there has been other stuff too like

Temple lights
Sending out Christmas Cards (hope you got yours) 
Family Christmas Eve party (yet to happen)
Christmas Eve White Chicken Chili (yet to happen)
Taking walks to look at Christmas lights
Non-Stop Christmas music in the car/kitchen (sorry Patrick) 
and I'm sure more that I can't think of right now!

I've loved it all. It hasn't felt like we are forgetting the reason for the season, just feels like we are creating memories and growing closer as a family. 

I can't WAIT for the boys to see their christmas gifts!

Go Daddy Holiday Party

Pretty much all year long we look forward to the Go Daddy Christmas party. I LOVE getting all dressed up, makes me feel like I'm going to Prom  & its fun to see all of Patrick's co-workers.
I tried getting ready while Patrick was still at work, but these two made it a bit difficult.... 

The finished product.
I know, I know...
We look good. 

Every year they usually have great entertainment.
Sadly this year it wasn't so great.
There was Psy... the Gangam Style guy. 

But other then that it wasn't great. Unless you like the B52's. Which we don't. 

However the food made up for the lack of entertainment!!

So many things we loved.
Like this:
Mac & Cheese with Cheetos in it. YUM.
And Nacho's made from Doritos. 

Other food we tried:
Tater tots with cheese and bacon bits on top
Steak & mushroom kabobs
Parmasean garlic risoto with crab sauce
Pumpkin cheesecake 
and a chocolate cupcake. 

We splurged. 

Speaking of splurging, we FINALLY won something at the party!!

Bob Parsens (go daddy's big daddy) said however many times Danica Patrick & some other race car driver guy could hit the button in 15 minutes they would give out $1,000 to each name called.
And guess who's name was called??


And can we just take a moment and reflect on the fact that the night before the party I had a dream that we won $1,000 and then we did?! I know. PSYCHIC.

We used some of the money to buy a tv/dvd player for our room so now I have no more excuses for not keeping our room clean & keeping our laundry folded.
But trust me, I'll ALWAYS have excuses for that. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

well then...

According to Blogger I am currently using up all my space possible for pictures on my blog.


Didn't know there was a limit.

So now I have to figure out if I want to pay for monthly storage (I'm thinking no)

Or create a new blog & have it linked to this one.

I shall keep you posted on what happens!!