Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last weekend we drove out to California for a little mini-vacation in honor of my cousin Nicole getting married. Fun fact: Nicole and I got engaged on the same day! Lots to look forward to in that trip: windmills, traditions at Del Taco, cool nights, family, wedding cake, Smidget (hahah!), Patrick meeting my grandparents, the beach, and an awesome hotel with great pillows, AC that can run all day and night and a complimentary breakfast that was fabulous.
We left Friday after work, and arrived around 9pm. Saturday we visited with family, who I miss already, and then went to the beach!! After we were sand-ed out, and hot we left to get cleaned up and then have dinner over at my grammas. We spent the rest of the day over there, then once I was sleepy went back to the hotel. Sunday morning was spent lounging around watching Hocus Pocus before we had to leave for the wedding. The location of the wedding was about an hour from the town where we were at, and consisted of going up and around winding roads, passing a smelly chicken farm, and driving through a small town that didn't have much to look at. The wedding was beautiful, and everyone was so happy. The drive back wasn't so bad, at least not for me since I was asleep in the front seat. Monday we left and came back about 2pm back to the heat, and work and normal life. It was pretty great. Next time maybe we'll get to stay longer, but its always nice to get away and relax, even if it is for just a few days.

The beach! SO COLD! But while everyone was standing getting their toes wet Andrew and I ran past them and just kept runnin. We're tough.

This is how I spent most of the time at the beach, sittin under the umbrella relaxing, watching people.

Patrick packing up

The reception area for the wedding

Where the ceremony took place. It was so pretty!! So many tree's!!

Walking down the isle

My grandpa and Nicole

The ceremony

The Newlyweds! Side Note: Nicoles husband John looks like Neo from The Matrix. True story.

The back of her dress- beautiful!

So happy together