Wednesday, December 24, 2008


In case you missed it, this is what happened this year!!

At first it was just Patrick....
And Jessica.....

But then we met and started Dating.

We kissed....

We were dorks......

I introduced him to the family......

We fell in LOVE.

We got engaged.

And not too long after, we got married.

Which means we each got more family!! Yay!

We went to Disneyland on our Honeymoon.....

And became one with the force.

I learned what it ment to truly be a fon.

We got haircuts!!

And grew beards.

We went to Utah and gave rides.

We got a puppy!! Meet Bindy.

John and Rox got married, and Andrew and I
got to go to Canada.....

Not all of us could go.

Some of us got bad haircuts that made
them look like the luck dragon
from The Neverending Story.

We gave and recieved facials :D

And hung out with Bindy

We went camping!

And Jimmy came home!!!!!!!!!!!

New jobs made us tired.

But we still hung out with Bindy!

We were Rockstars with Rock moves.

And we're still in love.

We're still as goofy as ever.....

And couldnt be happier.