Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snails, Whales and Puppy Dog Tails

Thursday we went in for our 2nd trimester ultrasound.
Can you believe we're halfway done already?!
I can't.
Lets just hope the 2nd half goes just as fast.

Yep. No doubt about it, we're having another little boy :D
While a girl would have been crazy fun, I'm excited for Preston to have a brother close to his age who he can grow up with and be buddies with.
Plus we make really really cute little boys.

I love this picture of his feet crossed at the ankles because Preston sits all the time with his ankles crossed. In his highchair, car seat, just on the floor when he plays, and it looks like this little guy will be the same way.

The technician kept commenting on how much he was moving around and kicking which is going to make the next 4 months super fun. . .

He kept putting his hand up on his forehead being so dramatic! But you can see all his little fingers, and he's got a little smile on his face, and a nose that looks familiar!

We haven't picked a name out yet, which is strange, so we are going to try to pick one soon.
Feel free to send any suggestions!

(Note to Carly- Don't even bother suggesting Raiden, it's still off the table!)

For the most part everything looks good. We're going to have another ultrasound in a few months to check up on him again. He is already measuring big at 9oz (normal for this stage is between 5 1/2-6), so he may come earlier then our planned C-Section date, which is fine with us.

As far as how I'm doing, I think I can FINALLY say that the morning sickness is subsiding. I still feel queasy around 2pm every day, but I can go dayS now without throwing up! The hormones have been up and down the past few days, but I'd rather cry all day then feel sick all day.

At my last doctors appointment on Tuesday everything was still going well. My blood pressure is still down, I'm not swelling, both of which were problems when we had Preston.
I haven't gained any weight yet, which is fine since the baby is growing and developing normally.
He certainly is an active one, seem like he's constantly moving around! Last night I was able to feel him kick from the outside, so looks like we'll be enjoying that soon.

Now that we know it's a boy it is all starting to seem more real. Now we can start preparing to welcome this little guy into our family!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Truth is- I haven't posted truths in awhile. Lets just blame it on the pregnancy. Everything else gets blamed on the pregnancy, so why not?!

The Truth is- Netflix is weird. When I'm falling asleep at night sometimes I like to have a documentary playing. This way I don't pay too much attention to whats going on and I fall asleep. One night I watched/slept to a documentary about Hiroshima. The next day it recommended that I watch comedian Jim Gaffigan based on my interest in Hiroshima. I just fail to see the connection!

The Truth is- The other night Patrick was playing around and pulled me off the couch. My first instinct was to yell out "NO! The floor is hot lava!"

The Truth is- When I first heard about the book The Hunger Games I thought it was a book about dieting, so I avoided it for a long time. Being hungry is not a fun game at all. Nobody wins in that game.

The Truth is- Maybe I've been watching too much Law & Order because when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I'm walking back to bed I can't help but think "This is exactly how an episode of Law & Order would start...." Of course in Law and Order something terrible would happen and the only terrible thing that happens to me is when I have to get up to go to the bathroom 3 hrs later and have that exact same thought.