Friday, December 16, 2011

The Evolution of a Smile

I present to you the evolution of a Jaxton smile:

And just so you don't think I've forgotten about my first born:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A month long catch up!

Warning, this post will have LOTS of pictures and may be full of too much cuteness.

I'm sorry that I haven't been diligent in my blogging and posting pictures of Preston & Jaxton. I'm thinking about just having ONE blog (probably this one) and will use it to post the daily pictures of Preston or Jaxton or family stuff. I think it would be easier that way, and would ensure that I would post more regularly. Still thinking about it though.

So it's been one month since Jaxton has joined us! Honestly it's been harder then I thought to adjust to life with 2 kids. But that could be because it's been a strange first month.

For most of the first week we were in the hospital.
The second week I was stuck upstairs b/c of the C-Section.
The 3rd week Patrick went back to work after being home for a few weeks.
When Jax was a little over 3 weeks our pediatrician sent us to the ER to have him checked out because he had an awful cough/congestion issue. He had an upper respiratory infection and they put a tube up his nose & down his throat to suction out all the mucus. It helped, but poor baby had a terrible cough for a few weeks. It's really not fun to see your newborn coughing so much that he can't catch his breath & turns blue.
The week after our ER trip we were back at the doctors office after Jaxton spent about 30 hours of projectile vomiting. Thankfully it wasn't anything too serious, but was due to a double ear infection that he had. We're still finishing the antibiotics and he seems to be better.
So yes. Strange month.
Now that everyone is healthy (we all had colds the week of Jaxtons resp. infection) I think we'll be able to get into a better routine and adjust to life better.

Preston is a great big brother, just like we knew he would be. He adores Jaxton. As soon as he gets up in the morning he looks for "Ja-Ja" and insists on giving him lots of kisses throughout the day. Hard to believe that Preston is going to be 2 next month! He's such a little boy now. He's very into airplanes, helicopters, cars and crashes. He likes to make everything crash. He has transitioned from being a Mama's boy to a Daddy's boy, which is ok by me since I'm still the one he wants whenever he's sad or hurt. Only Mama's kisses can heal things like that. He'll follow Patrick around all day wanting to see and do everything he does, especially when it comes to doing things outside. He would play outside all day if I would let him, but I wont. I'll do a more in depth post about Preston after his birthday, but just know that he is healthy, happy, and getting huge.

Jaxton is great. Even with his ear infections and infections he wasn't too irritable. He weighs over 10 pounds now, and is getting bigger every day. He eats about 4 oz every 3 1/2 hours, and some nights will sleep from 11pm-4am! Most nights he gets up once to eat though but then goes back to sleep. Now that he isn't sick I'm trying to teach him to sleep in his pack & play since he's only been sleeping in an upright position in his swing or bouncer. He tolerates Preston's attention very well, and I hope that continues. His hair color is still questionable. It seems to be lightening up around his face and on the sides while the back is still darker. But, after his bath or in the sunlight there is definitely a reddish ting to it!

As for me & Patrick, we are well. We constantly tell each other this is the happiest we've been, which is true. We're gearing up for Christmas and for Patricks work party on Saturday which is always a good time! I'll be sure to post about both.

And now for the pictures :)

I'm pretty sure this is exactly how he slept when he was inside me. Makes my ribs hurt just looking at it.

First bath!! He loooves baths, unlike Preston who wasn't a big fan of them at first.

"My Auntie is Awesome". All of them are awesome.

Sleeping with Daddy

My boys. Love them.


I really wish I could sleep anywhere like him.

Someone was trying to sneak a piece of candy!

Patrick took Preston to the Gilbert Days Parade. He loved it, especially the helicopters and airplanes that flew overhead.

We went on our first walk together Preston, Jaxton and I. This is also how we go grocery shopping for now. Preston sits in the cart, Jaxton sleeps in the backpack carrier. Strangely enough people (the old ones) will still come up and touch the baby even though he's covered and in the carrier.

I have to take turns with Preston feeding Jaxton.

Zombie hands!

It's been really cold here, so we snuggle a lot.

He's working on smiling.

I got Preston some Toy Story boots at Goodwill last week, and he loves them! He could care less that they have Buzz & Woody on them, he just likes being able to put them on and take them off by himself.

Old man. . .

His first Sunday at church. Doesn't his hair look redish?!?!

Helping with dishes. I should probably get him a more manly apron to wear. . .
I was cleaning the boys room and Preston grabbed my hand and took me to get "Ja-Ja" and wanted him to go night night by him on his bed.

He just discovered he can crawl under the crib, which he of course thinks is hilarious.