Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome to Jaxton's mouth teeth!

Jaxton got his first tooth in a few weeks ago with very little fuss or muss.
Tooth number two has been a NIGHTMARE.
There were fevers, crying, whining, drooling, refusal to eat, refusal to sleep, sores under his lip from the drool & pacifier combo.

But oh happy day that tooth is here!
Welcome to Jaxtons mouth tooth!
Make yourself comfortable, you're going to be here awhile.
And hey, invite your friends! 

I was trying to get a picture of Jaxton's teeth & Preston decided he'd help.
Not to worry, thats not dirt on his hand, but rather chocolate pudding. 

And a smile! 

Bubble Boy

Sometimes I feel like I tell Preston the phrase "In a minute" all day long.
He'll ask me for something or ask me to do something and it's always "In a minute, I'm feeding Jaxton" or "In a minute, I need to finish ____."
I feel extra guilty whenever I pull out my phone to text or sit down at the computer to look at something and he says "No. No. No mama."
 I'm trying to be better and be more attentive and not brush him aside too much.

So today as I was sitting down to look up a recipe on the computer he came up and said "bubbles mama?"
Absolutely Preston, lets go play bubbles. 
It was a great day for him to learn how to blow bubbles all by himself. 

He was SO proud that he could do it all by himself, and I'm so glad I had the chance to be there for it.
He's growing up too fast! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's another boy!

Not a baby boy, a new baby cat!

This is Tobi.
(Short for Tobias)

We saved his life the other day by adopting him from the Humane Society.
(super good deal going on right now, donations only, no adoption fee's, all cats are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and come with food, toys and a collar).

We really want our boys to grow up with pets, so we added Tobi to the family.
Everyone kinda loves him.
And he kinda loves everyone. 

The first thing Preston asks for in the morning now is Tobi (it use to be yogurt) and at night when we talk about what we're going to do tomorrow the first thing he will say is "Play with Tobi?"
He's pretty dang cute, so I guess i can handle being the only girl around for awhile longer. 

I've got a crush on you...

I think Preston has his first real crush. 

This is the lucky lady. 

It's Tasha from the show The Backyardigans.
He'll walk around saying "I'm Tasha" just like she does in the intro song, and while he watches the episode he'll say "Where Tasha?" over and over till she comes on the screen.
He'll even pretend to talk to Tasha on the phone & say "Bye bye Tasha, love you".

Tasha's a hippo.

It's pretty much gonna break his heart to learn Hippo's really look like this.....

And this. 

So I think we'll just keep that a secret for now. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jaxton is 6 months!!

Time is never going to slow down.
I've realized this but have not yet accepted it.
But nevertheless my baby is 6 months old!!! 

He had his 6 month checkup yesterday and here are his stats:

Weight- 16.1 lbs- 25%
Length- 28''- 90%
H.C- 45cm- 75%

So to the lady in the grocery store who asked me last week if my baby was in the "obese category for his weight", NO. 
Dr. Jacobs proclaimed Jaxton to be delightful, I agreed and said he is an angel because he is. He's such an easy baby!
There were no issues or concerns that we had for the checkup, just to start stage 2 foods & keep doing what we're doing. 


Wears 6-9 month clothes easily. I keep forgetting how old he is and was trying to squeeze him into 3mo clothes but we just cleaned out the closet & now it's full of clothes that fit.

He sleeps at night from 8:15is-6:30ish. It's glorious. Sometimes he will wake up and want a pacifier about 5am, but since he started sleeping on his belly (his idea, not mine) he usually sleeps soundly. We just started having him sleep in the crib in Preston's room at night instead of in the pack & play in Jimmy's room and he's doing good! I think Preston likes the arrangement more then Jaxton. 

He rolls alllllllllllllll around. Belly to back, back to belly, and will now scootch around in circles. Crawling is in his near future. 

Is a GREAT eater. The only solid food he doesn't like at this point is just plain rice cereal. It makes him gag. But the Oatmeal kind he is ok with. He even had pea's the other night and was fine with it. He eats 1 jar for breakfast (w/ Oatmeal rice cereal) and 2 jars at night before bed. We'll be adding in lunch feeding this week. He drinks about 26-27oz of formula a day, which is right about where he should be. 

He has teeth! Or a tooth... soon to be teeth! His bottom right tooth finally has surfaced and the left one will be joining in soon. And my friends, they are SHARP. 

Still has blue eyes. I love it. And 2 dimples that I insist on seeing regularly. 

He ADORES Preston. He wants to be wherever Preston is, and involved with him, or just watch and smile at him. He laughs more at Preston then at anyone else. 

He gets bed head. 

He loves to stick out his tounge. 

He got his first big bruise, courtesy of Preston who thought banging a block on Jaxtons forehead a few times was necessary. 

LOVES to take baths. I just started having him take a bath at the same time as Preston and that just doubled the fun for him. 

Baby Num Num rice wafer crackers are a fun treat. 

All too soon it will be November and we'll be talking about how Jaxton is 1 already.
But till then we'll continue to snuggle and cuddle and laugh at this little baby. 

FInishing out April

(Don't worry and wonder why there aren't many pictures of Jax in this post, he gets his own for his 6 month post)

Not much to say about these pictures except Preston's hair got SUPER long and sometimes he eats peanut butter on a spoon for lunch. It happens. 

But then he got a haircut! Even since then he tells us everyday that he needs a haircut, or I need a haircut or Daddy needs a haircut. 

These two are becoming great buddies. They like to hang out together. People tell me the sibling fighting will start soon, but its hard to think of that with all the smiles. 

Preston went on his first Fathers & Sons campout!
He had a blast. 

And then it was my 30th birthday!
Dang I'm old..... 

 We went to Johnny Rockets for dinner, my favorite place for a good hamburger! And then afterwords we stopped by to see the new Gilbert Temple. It's so big!!! 

And then of course a trip to the zoo :) 

Poor Jaxton got a super sweaty head from being in the stroller. 

Sorry this is all so boring, but lets be honest, this blog is mostly a shrine to my children and their cuteness captured in pictures! Trust me when I say they are even cuter in real life then they are in pictures.