Friday, September 4, 2015

An Update From The Reynolds Home For Mischievous Boys

School is in full swing around here and it's great! Both boys are enjoying themselves. Prestons adapting to the idea that he has to go to school every day instead of having play days in between like Jaxton has. And it's been 2 weeks since he cried while getting on the bus! (his reason for crying? he loves me so much and is going to miss me. ya right.) 

Monsoon season is also in full force and one morning we woke up to a snake being on the front porch.
Yes, a snake. 
*insert screaming and heebie jeebies here*
Patrick was very proud that I walked past it to go inside and get him to come kill it. I was proud of myself too. I did have my toes curled the whole time so that it couldn't bite my toes off.
A few chops with a shovel and it was gone.
Sorry Voldemort.
I know that some snakes are good and such, but we don't want the boys to see snakes and think they can just touch them when they could be dangerous, so out of sight out of mind.
Also, we will never have a snake for a pet.
Thus sayeth me. 

On the mornings that I only have Lucas around I always feel like we HAVE to go somewhere. I HAVE to take advantage of only having 1 child and the ease of going places that comes along with that. But after a few trips out we start to run out of places to go. Or at least run out of cheap places to go! So the other morning we went to McDonalds and had an ice cream cone & then went and watched airplanes take off/land at the small airport by our house. 

My handsome angelic boys.

Putting Lucas in a "Mommy's little Dare Devil" shirt was a bad idea on this day. I let the boys take the cushions off 1 of the couches and play on them since I won't let them jump on the actual couch. I figure its safer this way. WRONG. Lucas and Jaxton were playing on the cushions and jumping and Lucas fell weird somehow and hurt his leg. He wouldn't put any weight on it and so after his nap I took him to urgent care to get checked out and make sure nothing was broken. It didn't hurt at all for him to have his leg pressed on, but they did an xray of his knee and it came back fine and so the doctor said he was going to call it a sprain and to keep it wrapped, keep him off it for a few days (ha!) and follow up with our regular doctor if it wasn't better in a few days. A few days later and he was still walking on it weird. He would walk with his toes curled and walk on the outside of his foot, and whenever he was leaning against something he would pull that leg up like a flamingo. So we went and had an xray of his foot done. That also came back clean. He walks on his foot now, but he twists it strange when he takes a step. Almost like he is turning his hip outwards or something. We are going into a pediatric orthopedic doctor next week, so we will see what he says about my little million dollar baby. 

It's really strange, but if they eat while sitting at the counter on a stool they will eat their entire meal. At the table its a different story where I'm constantly threatening, making deals, begging, yelling for them to eat. 

One night I told Jaxton to go to bed and I would come check on him in a little bit. About 15 minutes later I came up and he wasn't in his bed. I went in to check my bed because he loves to sleep in my bed and found this. Guess he invited everyone to a sleepover in my bed! Waffle crumbs were everywhere. 

We have picked our Halloween costume theme! We are going with Mario characters. The fun part of it all is that John/Rox/kids are going to dress up along with us! So there will be 10 of us all dressed up! Expect greatness.

One of my FAVORITE Mexican food places, and where I had my first job, Mattas opened up a location a mere 500 steps from our house! Literally, I counted how many steps it took to get there. We went the night it opened, so they were still working out some kinks, and we had some of our regular dining out issues like 3 different drinks being spilled on the table/floor/child, but it was worth it!!!! Lucas was really loving the salsa. They have a version that isn't spicy at all, and he was just scooping it up and eating it with a chip. 

Earlier this week he had his first dentist appointment! He's congenitally missing a tooth right by his front teeth which the dentist says happens a lot in adult teeth but not so much in baby teeth. Lucas hasn't really been a normal baby tho! But he said his teeth look great. He got a fluoride treatment which Lucas was sure to tell everyone that day "'s yucky." 

At Patricks work they rotate schedules every week and this week he worked the early shift: 5-12 so he took cat naps in the afternoon. And on this afternoon the cat also napped. They were practically in the same position! 

A friend of mine who understands my love for Dr. Pepper got me this shirt and it instantly became my favorite shirt!!! 

We had Curriculum night at Preston's school which was fun. He showed us around his room and what he does everyday and we got to hear from his teacher about how wonderful and smart he is. I love when people tell me how great my kids are, so that was really fun. And then we went in to see the tortoises that his school has. It was his classes turn to bring food in for the tortoises, and so we got to get rid of some grapes, tomatoes, watermelon and egg shells and Preston said they gobbled them up!  

This month in Jaxton's class they are talking about the ocean, so today I took Jaxton and Lucas to the Sea Life Aquarium in AZ Mills mall. I'm hoping that it will help Jaxton talk more in his class if he can offer up information about what he saw. But if not thats ok, it was still fun, we got to see those two giant lobsters fight each other.