Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day for Jaxton.

First he tried out sitting in the Bumbo, which he loved. 

And then he discovered he has toes.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Never underestimate a Redhead!

So this little conversation happened yesterday while we were all getting ready for church...

*Jaxton fussing in the swing*

Jessica: "Hey Preston, go in Jimmy's room and get Jaxton's pacifier out of his bed." (repeat)

Preston runs out of the room

Patrick: "If he actually gets the pacifier I'll give you a foot massage."

20 seconds later Preston runs back in with the pacifier in hand

Siiiiiiiigh.... Winning never felt so good!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


For Preston's birthday we got him his own play razor w/ shaving cream. Pretty much the perfect gift since he is always taking Patrick's electric razor and trying to shave.
If he ever does get facial hair, he'll be ready to deal with it. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

That Time Preston Turned 2...

I can't believe I have a 2 year old. 2 just seems so much older to me then 1. I'm already hearing warnings about the "terrible two's" but I think we're gonna be ok.

Preston's 2 Year Stats:
WEIGHT: 30.8- 90% (he's like a rock)
LENGTH: 35 3/4"- 90%
HEAD CIRC: 50 1/2"- 90% (has been since the womb) 

About Preston:

*He's become such a tease! He will do things like offer you a bite of his food and then at the last minute snatch it away and laugh. 

*Has somethings like 16 teeth? I think? It's a lot. And he'll show them to you if you ask. 

* Has really strange eating habits. For example- he prefers Corn Flakes over sugary cereals, Turkey Bacon over regular bacon and wont eat mashed potatoes but will eat mashed cauliflour. Weird!! 

*His favorite food I would say is chocolate milk, cheese in any form and yogurt. He still isn't a fan of meat, and we hide it in his food, but his iron levels are great & he eats a lot of eggs & peanut butter to make up for it. He is a GOOD eater. For example, he'll eat 3 pieces of pizza in a sitting, or 2 pb&j's and 2 packets of oatmeal. 

*He loves to do chores! His favorites are laundry, sweeping, dishes and vacuuming. I'm hoping it continues!
*Is obsessed with airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, big trucks, basically anything loud. And in typical boy fashion whenever he plays with his cars or stuff at home he'll always make them explode. Everything ends with an explosion. In slow motion. 

*Babbles alllllllllllllll the time. He doesn't get frustrated if you don't understand him, he will just keep repeating the word over and over and over again until you repeat it back to him. But I think his vocabulary is getting better. 

*Knows his colors! Well, at least 75% of the time. . . 

*Still doesn't like to watch movies or shows, but will request that every day at lunch time I put on a show called Pingu (about a claymation penguin) and then he wants his plate put right in front of the tv. 

*He's very big on routine. If we do something one way once he wants it like that always. Example- he will want to sit in the same chair every time to color, or will want Jaxton to lay in a certain spot while we get Preston dressed, or if I ask if he wants me to hold him on the couch he wants to sit in a specific spot, with a blanket like we did once when it was cold and we were tired. 

*Wants so badly to be just like his Daddy. He wants to be right there in the morning with him putting on deodorant, brushing teeth, doing hair, shaving, brushing his beard... It's adorable.
 So big drinking his milk out of the bowl!!

 Notice the one sock on?? He always takes just one sock off or just one sock and shoe on and leaves the other. Not sure why.... He's also watching the Yule Log. He loves to build a fire in the fireplace.
 Constantly is in the pantry playing with the cans. In fact I think we now keep all of our tuna under the fridge.  He was stacking the cans one night and counting them and one time he actually got it right! "1-2-3-4". Of course it was just a fluke because the next time he did it his counting went something like "2-15-mama-2"

 LOVES to paint. Prefers it over coloring, although he is starting to like to color.
 Asks for Jimmy (or Gi-gi) at least once a day.
Loves him.

 He probably says the word "mama" hundreds of times a day. If I leave the room he will call for me over and over and over again.
 Loves our daily walks, and looking at the cars/trucks. If a garbage truck or motorcycle ("mo-ma") passes by he'll ask for more again and again.
 Our daily routine: Dressed, breakfast, dishes.
 Getting a card on his birthday made his day for a few days.

 We went to the Phoenix Children's Museum on his actual birthday and he had a blast!!! 

 Even got to ride a "Mo-ma". Sorry Preston, no motorcycles, family rule.
 He was so tired he fell asleep on the way home. See his soccer socks? He picked those out at the store because they were "gi-gi" socks.
 Playing in his new sandbox!!! Notice his Spongebob shirt? He's never watched an episode of Sponge bob but asks to wear that shirt just about every day.

Oh Preston, you are so big!!!! 

Jaxton at 2 Months

Ok, well actually he's like 2 1/2 months already.......
But still!!!

He had his 2 month checkup yesterday and here are his stats:

WEIGHT: 12.7lbs- 50% (I had them weigh him twice because I was sure he was heavier then this. He's a solid little thing)
LENGTH: 24 1/2- 90% (The doctor commented twice on how long he is. It's alllll torso just like Patrick and Preston)
HEAD CIRC: 40 3/4"- 50% (MUCH smaller then Preston's head at this age)

Everything looks great with Jaxton. He's finally over all his cold/cough/congestion issues, so he's a normal baby. He's very alert & strong. He holds his head up so well and loves to look around.
More about Jax:

*Sleeps from around 10:30pm-4/5/6am. He doesn't get up to eat at night, but wants to be re-swaddled and get his pacifier when he wakes up between 4-6.

*Eats 4 oz every 3-31/2hrs except when he wakes up and before he goes to bed, then he eats 5oz.

*Smiles A LOT. Was Preston this smiley?! Probably. He also loves to "talk" now.

*He loves balloons. He'll sit and stare at them forever.

*Is not great at self-soothing. When we would let Preston cry it out to sooth himself back to sleep when nothing was wrong he would fall back asleep fast. Jaxton will cry and cry and cry. Loudly.

*Has great expressions. He gets high forehead wrinkles, and scowls and everything. It's great.

*Rolls from his tummy to his back, and almost can roll from his back to his tummy. He also loves to push himself forward if you hold your hands against his feet. He seriously thinks he's older then he is.

 Holding his head up making a cute Jaxton face.
 Didn't want to wait for nap time.

 This was New Years Eve. He didn't make it till Midnight. Lightweight.
 Just another crazy Jaxton face!!
 Brothers! Preston picked out Jaxton's outfit. I later realized it was exactly like Preston was wearing. Green on top, tan pants.

Spiky hair!!!

Jaxton's Blessing & a Birthday

We wanted to bless Jaxton while Jimmy was home from BYU, so we held his blessing in our house on Jan 1. It was different, but nice. Everyone came over and Patrick gave Jaxton a name and a blessing (its a church thing). Since all the family was over for the blessing we decided it would be a good time to have a little family party for Preston who would be turning 2 on the 13th. 

 Our happy family.
 (please ignore this less than great pic of me and focus on my cute boys)

 So handsome and serious in his blessing outfit! It's the same one Preston and Noah wore, so the tradition continues!
What a cute little pug nose. . . .

 So big already! What happened to my baby?!?!
 Present time!!!!
His Aunt Jen made him his own boy apron so now he doesn't have to wear my pink flower one! He loves it.
He also got a big truck, new sweater (which he tells me if soft every time he puts it on or off), sand toys- b/c Jimmy made him a sandbox!!! a shaving set, underwear, camera, and some food that is velcro'd together with a wooden knife he can use to cut it. Pretty sure there was more, but it was 17 days ago and I can't remember. 

 "Happy Birthday to You" is one of his favorite songs, so he loved everyone singing to him. He tried to blow out the candles, but needed a little help.
And here he is at the end of the night in all his glory. He thinks he's hot stuff wearing his Star Wars underwear over his diaper!  


 Christmas this year was great. Preston enjoyed it a lot more then he did last year, but still doesn't understand the whole idea. All he cares about is the fact we got to have a tree in our house ("tee-tee-tee" = Christmas tree) and when we drove around at night we got to see lights, which he was very good at pointing out over and over and over again.

Since Christmas was on a Sunday, and we had church at 9am we didn't start our activities till after we got home. But Preston was still very excited when he woke up by the presents around the tree.

We did take a few minutes to look at all the presents & play with the chalkboard he got.
(The chalkboard has since been thrown away b/c I made it from an old picture frame & as much fun as a chalkboard is we couldn't risk broken glass.

 Thanks to the Christmas Eve festivities with Patrick's family Preston was a pro at opening presents on Christmas. In fact he wanted to open everyone's presents. He must have been good this year since he got a lot of books, a new puzzle, CD's, Cars slippers, blocks, airplanes, and a bubble mower.
 Oh and Jaxton celebrated too by looking cute.

After presents we got to talk to Andrew which was probably the best part of Christmas! Only 71 more days till he's home!!! Then everyone came over for a delicious Christmas dinner & some fun with the Kinect (my gift from Patrick). It was a great day and we're already looking forward to next year when the boys are older and understand more.