Thursday, January 29, 2015

Preston's Birthday(s)

Preston has been counting down to his birthday FOREVER. He knew that it was after Christmas time so the day after Christmas he woke up thinking it was his birthday. Sorry kid, a few more weeks!
He actually had 3 birthday parties because he's a lucky boy! 

Birthday #1: his actual birthday. It started the day before his birthday, birthday eve, when he got to have a late night and stay up really late playing video games & sleep on the couch- something he really loves doing. He had school on his birthday and we all went to bring a treat for his class. He picked fruit roll ups and gogurt. 2 favorites. He picked steak for his birthday dinner with french fries. After dinner we went to Toys R Us for him to pick out a new toy, per our birthday tradition. And then stopped for donuts on the way home! 

If you wonder why he's got that strange look on his face it's because he was just crying right before I took the picture. I can't remember why but having late nights makes him a tired emotional boy. 

His birthday crown that he got at school. 

Donut time! 

Birthday #2- This one was with my side of the family! Preston is REALLY into Pokemon right now and wanted his cake to be a pokemon character. He changed his mind about 10 times about which one he wanted and finally the morning of the party decided he wanted some snake pokemon named Arbok. 

This birthday dinner he picked ribs for dinner. Expensive taste! We had mashed potatoes and corn bread along with them. 

Birthday #3- With the Reynolds side of the family celebrating the January birthdays. This menu was shredded beef/chicken tacos with bean dip and chips with ice cream sundaes and berry pie. Super yummy!!! He got so many great gifts at the party. Lots of markers/art supplies which he loves, some magnetic sand and new toys.
He insisted on wearing his birthday shirt for all 3 parties & eating off the birthday plate for all 3 as well. 

And finally his birthday radius is over! He's 5! So much older then 4.
He had his 5yr old checkup and he's doing great. Some ear issues that we are working on getting fixed, but other then that great! We got him registered for Kindergarten this week if you can believe it. He's pretty stoked for that and the idea that he gets to eat lunch at school and ride on a big bus with no seat belts.  Takes such little things to make him happy :) 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just another Manic Monday

Sometimes I get texts from my #1 blog fan Jimmy that look like this:
"Jess. You haven't updated your blog in awhile."
"Jess. Blog."

And I try to tell him that nothing big is going on in my life that is blog worthy and this post is proof!
This was my Monday.

4:40- wake up and go to the gym for my Mon/Wed/Fri 5:15 body pump class. 

Every Monday after class I go grocery shopping. I love it. I use to hate grocery shopping but I've discovered going at 6:30 on a Monday morning is wonderful. Best part is that they always have flowers on clearance! $2.50 for a nice bouquet is great. Other fun tips for the grocery store: buy frozen chopped onions instead of regular onions to chop. Or buy frozen chopped bell peppers when bell peppers aren't on sale.
So then I came home and unloaded the groceries and put them away then got Lucas up and dressed (b/c im lucky to have a baby who sleeps from 730-730) and we were off to the next thing. 

Lucas had his 15 month checkup!
He's so great. He's close to 27 pounds, I can't remember how tall, just that it's in the 80% and his head circumference is still 99%, but hey thats less then what it was- 103% 

Look how cute he is!! The doctor is very pleased with his progress and how smart he is. He really is smart. He babbles all the time and just copies everything anyone says. So he got 1 shot which he handled like a champ and then we were off to the next thing. 

We had a little time in between appointments so we came home & I put some laundry in, changed out of my gym clothes and into normal clothes and washed dishes- since the dishwasher is broken and probably not getting replaced soon. Good thing I have so much dish washing experience! Organized the pantry since I put the groceries away in such a hurry that morning.
Then Preston got ready for school and we took off for his ENT appointment.
Got his ears checked & one of his tubes is out and there is a big hole in his eardrum and the other is out and has healed but there is fluid behind the eardrum- which is why we had to get the tubes done in the first place. So we have to wait a few weeks and see what the fluid does. If it stays then we have to have a tube put back in that ear and leave the hole in the other. If it goes away then we will have to have a procedure to patch the hole in the eardrum. And then we are considering having his tonsils and adnoids removed due to his snoring/allergies/breathing. 

Then I took him to get a "fun lunch" at Sonic before school.
Dropped him off at school and then came home to do the next thing. 

Had about an hour so I switched out the laundry, hung out with the boys and Patrick for a few minutes, had some lunch and then brushed my teeth a few times before going to the dentist. 

Good news for me, no cavities!! 
Came home, had a chat with my favorite Texan & then started dinner!
Cleaned up dinner, folded the laundry, took care of some boys, put a baby to bed, went for a run, showered, hung out with the boys more and that was it.

So you see, normal boring busy day that makes for a normal boring blog post.