Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Truth is- As of right now I only have 3 truths for today. So I'm going to post them and if I think of more I'll add them. Just look for the quality of the truths, not the quantity.

The truth is- Everytime we eat jell-o we MUST renact the scene from Jurassic Park where the girl is eating jell-o and then starts shaking b/c she see's a dinosaur (velosoraptor to be exact) and then the jell-o starts shaking. Now I don't like jell-o, but I'll eat it just for this purpose. Patrick has even gone as far as to practice his shaking scared face in the mirror, and truth be told, it looks pretty good at this point! Pretty much looks identical to this:

The Truth is- You would think that the plastic covering over CD's and DVD's would have gotten easier to open over the years. It hasn't. There was a point in my prime when I was buying a lot of CD's and was SUPER fast and getting it open. Like Olympic world record fast. But those days are past us. And now it takes me forever to rip that plastic off. I have the same sort of issues with getting the plastic off of gum.

The Truth is- When we were at the Diamondbacks game on Saturday they showed on the big screen this group of high school boys who were wearing shorts and had taken their shirts off and were waving them around. Patrick leans over to me and says "They must be on Team Jacob". (You know, b/c on the Twilight movies Jacob is always taking his shirt off or walking around with his shirt off and it makes me roll my eyes REAL loud). It's just further proof that Patrick is the only one for me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

FRIDAY- (ok the truth is when I tried to type Friday it came out Monday. Then i tried again and it came out Sunday. Third time is a charm) * Bruce was over! Preston is obsessed with him. He gets greater separation anxiety when Bruce leaves a room then when I do * Krissa came over to play! I'm trying to forget about the part where Preston spit up all over her white shirt * Patrick had a work activity so Pfub & i chilled at home * Crafts- boy did I make something super cute! Don't you wish I'd post a picture of it? Someday! * Prestonsaurus Rex did not want to go to bed, so after a little more hanging out he went to sleep & I got more crafting done * Chats w/ Jimmy @ lost sunglass lens... *

SATURDAY- * Patrick worked * Carly's birthday! Now we're the same age again! * Breakfast at The Egg & I. Deliciousness * Preston got his sock stuck to gum under the booth (does anyone know how to get gum off clothes?!?!) * Nap for preston, cleaning up for me * Rilla of Ingleside (yep, another Anne of Green Gables book.) * License to Wed * Diamondbacks game!!! - All you can eat section * Me debating whether or not to try to become the new hot dog eating champion of the world * Extreme dehydration due to the hot dogs consumed * Lots of fun * Falling asleep while reading (fav.) *

SUNDAY- * chillin * church * naps * Wearing new church shoes * Having the FIL over for dinner * Most excellent new chicken recipie * Peach cobbler w/ ice cream * Mario Kart * Writing to Andrew * Watching Friends & cuddling with the hubs * sleeeeeep *

It was a good weekend. Some crazy moments, but really nice. This week: Getting the car fixed/emissions/registration, Bruce over to play, Conference weekend, Making more peach cobbler (the peaches on sale at Frys are delicious!).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Did you know that I have another blog?
Well BESIDES Preston365.
It's one I contribute to with some other lovely ladies called "Oh Snap".
It's a blog where we post crafts/recipes/and other projects to.
(Which reminds me we need to update it with some recent projects.......)
But now you know!

Now that you know I should tell you Oh Snaps is having a giveaway.
You can enter now till the end of the month to win a $45 gift card to a place called CSN Stores.

That store has everything.
And $45 buys a lot of goodies.
Especially with the holidays coming up.
Or you could just buy something for this guy

All you need to do is click HERE, and you can enter the giveaway.

I suppose I should tell you that Krissa is also doing a giveaway on her site for a gift card for $35. Although by telling you this I decrease my chances of winning....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Truth is- Yesterday I was cleaning out the fridge. Like REALLY cleaning it out, washing shelfs and such. As I pulled out the fruit crisper (I think that's what it's called) I found something interesting underneath it. A sunglass lens. Just one. A left one. And I sat there for a few minutes thinking "HOW did this get here?! How long has it been here?! When did someone lose just ONE lens from their sunglasses?!"" Then I realized it's just a sunglass lens, not a dinosaur bone, drop the questions and feeling of awe and move on! So I did. Although I still wonder how it got there....

The Truth is- Whenever we play The Price is Right on the Wii I take bidding on the showcase showdown very seriously. For some reason I decide on whether to bid or pass based on real life. Such as "Oh that trip to Egypt would be really fun...but we couldn't take Preston b/c he would just get super sunburned. Although it would make for some good pictures for him....but who would watch him while we are away?! I should really be sensible and bid on the new bedroom set. Plus we need new carpet and it comes with 500 yards of carpet." I'm pretty sure that's how it would go down in my head if we ever really were on the Price is Right. Plus if we went to Egypt we'd just spend the whole time quoting "The Mummy".

The Truth is- Remember last week when I posted that picture of Beyonce posing with her foot bent up towards her head?! The truth is that after I posted that I tried to get into that position. Not happening.

The Truth is- When I put away dishes from the dishwasher I tend to not close any of the cupboards till I'm done. I'm not sure why, but when I'm done there will be quite a few doors open. Kinda reminds me of that scene in The 6th Sense where the mom leaves the boy in the kitchen and when she walks back in 2 seconds later all the cupboard doors are open. Only my version is less creepy because it's me doing it not some dead person who doesn't know they are dead.

You really should play along, it's fun!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sorry it's taken me so long to post my WU today, just feels like Saturday. AGAIN.

FRIDAY- We watched Bruice Boy, which even though Preston is sick he LOVED. He really loves being around other kids * Krissa came over for a chat * DSW for some church shoes. Ones that don't have dog teeth marks on the heel or sharpie cover-up marks * A debate over Cheesecake Factory vs. Texas Road House * CF being victorious * Lots of laughs and GREAT times * Did you know that 1/2 of a whole cheesecake at CF is only like $25?!?! Insane! * Coming home with lots of leftovers & the voice of a smoker * Patrick having Eliott over for game night * Sleep *

SATURDAY- Patrick worked (of course) so Preston and I (the sickies) hung out * Naps * coughs * runny noses * watched 1/2 of Finding Neverland followed by 1/2 of Leap Year * "Rainbow Valley" - its one of the sequels to Anne of Green Gables. And ok, maybe I'm a nerd and like those books. It is what it is. * Canceling our Saturday night plans b/c of the wicked wheezing going on in Prestons chest * Trying to find the perfect Halloween costume for Preston, coming up with a few ideas, but not been too keen on spending $50 for an outfit he'll wear ONCE. * Nyquil * Glee * Sleep *

SUNDAY- Stake Conference but Preston and I stayed home being down with the sickness. Which made Sunday the LONGEST DAY EVER. * Read more * played with Preston more * Finished Glee * Finished Leap Year (cute!!) * The Best Two Years * Texts * Letters to Andrew * Nap * Talking about how it was the longest day EVER * Having lots of fun on Prestons photos HERE * Nachos * Still reading Rainbow Valley * Resorting to watching some Lifetime movie on Hulu staring Melissa Joan Hart & Joey Lawrence (where did all his hair go?!?!). Seriously, thats how long the day was. Plus it felt like Saturday since we didn't go to church * BED *

This week.....Well it isn't starting off so great. But I'm hoping greener pastures are ahead. Doctors appointments, bruce, Diamondbacks game w/ Patricks dad for his bday present, trying to get my car fixed before the tags expire *fingers crossed*, Carly's bday, and im sure lots more fun stuff.
What did YOU do this weekend?!?!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Truth is- The last 2 times that we have had to use Tarter Sauce I have called it Tater-Tot Sauce. Not on purpose. On accident. Even typing this up I typed Tater Tot instead of Tarter sauce. What the heck would tater tot sauce even be?! Ketchup??

The Truth is- I've never liked David Letterman. I don't know why. I don't think it's because of his gap'd front teeth, or his annoying music guy who wears the itty bitty glasses. I think it's just because he's not funny.

The Truth is- I found out earlier this week that Beyonce turned 29 at the beginning of this month. Which means that from the end of April until now her and I were the same age. I'm the same age as Beyonce?!?! Let me explain this a little better . . . .



One more time......


How are we the same age for 5 months out of the year?!?!?!

The Truth is- When it comes to important major sporting events I'm not allowed to watch them. I'm kinda bad luck. I blame myself completely for the Cardinals losing the Superbowl. You see, they were winning and I was upstairs in my room listening to everyone go crazy, and then I came downstairs because I figured it was safe. It wasn't safe at all. All of the sudden things took a turn for the worse and we ended up losing. Sorry Kurt Warner. My bad. At the same time, I'm partly responsible for the Diamondbacks winning the world series! I was in a different room, and had to keep my back turned to the tv, so I didn't see the winning home run, but I heard it. Your welcome Arizona. Your welcome.

Monday, September 13, 2010

FRIDAY- Krissa came over & I taught her how to make oreo truffles (You can learn by clicking HERE). My method of teaching her involved her doing all the work and me painting my nails. She's the worker bee & I'm the encourager bee * Trip to the mall for some Glee apparel & wishful window shopping * Subway * Play time with Preston * Natalie's surprise party (success) * puffy hair * Dropping off the truffles at Jen & Eliott's for Saturdays luncheon * Reading before bed *

SATURDAY- Early AM for Preston and a bath that included lavender & oatmeal lotion (for him, not me) * Seth's baptism * Luncheon with yummy yummy salads * Family * 4 hr nap for Preston once we got home * Reading (nothing good really) * Attempt at swimming, but it was too cold!!! Seriously, I'm not just being a baby, it was COLD! * The Village "Sometimes we do not do the things we want to do so that others will not know we want to do them." * French fries for dinner (love having a deep fryer) * Price is Right on the Wii * Bed

SUNDAY- Hanging out with Preston * Huge breakfast burritos * small nap * church * 1st Cardinals game of the season (we won!!!) * catching up with friends * chicken alfredo * More reading * More Price is Right * Mafia (Did you know Bella's dad from Twilight is in this movie?! Its weird!) *

This week: More movie watching, Doctor's appointments, CHORES (i feel like my house is a mess), Weeding the front yard, trips to the park, time with the hubs.

p.s Preston is 8 months old today!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Truth is- There are some big tv shows that have a huge following that I've never seen an entire episode of. Such as M*A*S*H. Or Golden Girls. I hear the Mash theme song and all I can think is "oh that means Seinfeld is over" (b/c is use to come on right after Seinfeld reruns on channel 10). Oh and Cheers. Never seen an entire episode. And I'm ok with that.

The Truth is- Every week I make a grocery list and bring it with me to the store. But every week I play this game where I get to the store and try to remember without looking everything thats on my list. Then when I think I've got it all or can remember no more I pull out the list and see how close I got. I'm REAL good at this game. It's the little things that make grocery shopping a tad more enjoyable for me.

The Truth is- When I was pregnant with Preston and I was at a store somewhere and they asked "would you like to donate a $1 for (insert charity fundraiser here)?" I'd always say yes, and then put Preston Reynolds as the donor. He's just so generous even from a young age!

The Truth is- My dear Justin Beiber, I have tried to like you, but I can't. Which is strange because your music is usually the type of thing I live for. I don't know if it's your voice, or your extra large teeth, or that your hair looks like a mini Donald Trump wig, or the fact that Usher "discovered" you (and we know how I feel about usher), or maybe a combination of all those. I'm sorry, but your music will never be my favorite.

The Truth is- I hate the people in the mall who work at those little kiosks and relentlessly try to sell you things or get you to try things. I hate them SO much that if I'm at the mall I'll pull out my cell phone and pretend like I'm talking on it just so that they don't try to talk to me. And usually they will leave me alone if they see that I'm "on the phone". I just want to shop in peace, not have to have fake phone conversations!

Monday, September 6, 2010

FRIDAY- midday I decided we should go out to dinner. Mostly because I was feeling lazy. And halfly because we haven't been out to dinner (just the 2 of us) for awhile. So first I made a few flowers to go along with my outfit which means I made a few hotglue gun burns on my fingers. * Cheesecake factory!! (with our 3rd wheel Preston haha!!) * Bellyaches from too much food * a brief bout of binging and purging * Reading Catching Fire - have you taken my advice and read it yet? * Bedtime

SATURDAY- Patrick worked * Preston spent the mornng at Eliott & Jens while I helped Krissa & her family move. LOVE the new place by the way, even if it ment lots of trips up the stairs * Cleaning * Laughing as we moved heavy things (to keep from crying) * Karate kicking closets to tear them apart * Adopting a plant * A joyful reunion with Preston * Nap for him, cheesecake for me * Finishing Catching Fire - I wasn't kidding when I said you should read it * Trip to Krissa's to provide a distraction in the name of Pfub * Weekly trip to Target * Started Mockingjay * Bed too late *

SUNDAY- Early bedtime for Preston on Saturday ment early to rise for Preston Sunday morning * More flowermaking * Lots moe reading * Church * Chicken & biscuits (yes please!) * Romeo & Juliet "for never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo" * Chocolate chip cookies * Finishing Mockingjay (good, but oh so brutal) * Watching Friends till I went to sleep *


This week: family visits, lunch with friends, crafts, stuff & junk, baptism for Seth. Translation- BUSY!!! but fun.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear people of the world,

You should read this book:
(no, its not a book about dieting)

For seriously it is SO SO good.

And once you've read that, you should read it's sequel, this book:

Really really.

And once you've finished that, follow it up with a little bit of this-

Book #3. Which I have not yet read, but I know its good.

People, I love these books more than the Twilight books.
Yep. I said it.
And I'm not taking it back.
Read them.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Truth is- Whenever we go somewhere like the movies I'm always afraid to put my hair over the seat. What if someone cuts it off?!?! I try to make sure it's over my shoulder or that I'm leaning back on it. It's safer that way. Cause if someone cut off my hair it would take AGES for it to grow back.

The Truth is- Movies about horses make me cry. Like more so then normal sad movies. Think about it. Flicka. Dreamer. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken. All heart warming and happy/sad/sappy. You'll find me tearing up at any point during them.

The Truth is- You know the counter tops in kitchens? I call those sinks. Everyone in my family does. It's just what they are called! But the problem is they are counters, and the sink is where you wash dishes's. So if I tell Patrick to put in on the sink, he puts it in the sink but I want it on the counter. I'm really trying to work on this habit, but after 28 years of it being a sink it may forever stay a sink. Sorry Patrick.

The Truth is- The other night we saw a mosquito in our room and after the night of being bit 17 times we were adamant about killing it. So we were being quiet looking around real hard and I thought to myself "I bet this is exactly how Harry Potter feels when he is looking for the golden snitch". But I didn't tell Patrick because that would have been my second Harry Potter reference of the day and I only allow myself one. Well at least allow myself to vocalize only one.