Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Preston goes to Preschool!

Way way back at the beginning of the year I started the process of having Preston evaluated for Preschool thru Mesa Public Schools.
I was worried about his speech. According to our pediatrician at this age (3+) strangers should be able to understand him about 80% of the time. I would say that I understand him about 80% of the time and strangers 60%. There are just a lot of different sounds he cant make.
So we had him evaluated & then he had another evaluation and it was determined that while he tested  
In all other areas above his age group he does in fact qualify for Preschool due to his speech- particularly articulation. I went in for his meeting & to turn in paperwork on Monday the 29th of April and his first day was Tuesday the 30th! \

The best part of it is that he's going to EMECEC which is where my mom was working when she got sick & passed away & there are still LOTS of the same staff there who remember her/me and so he gets lots of special attention & watched over by everyone.
Plus he's just so darn cute how could he not automatically become everyone's favorite?!
Here he is on his first day of school.
I had mixed feelings. I knew he would probably love it, but I was just anxious for him like any mom gets, worrying that he'd be scared or lost or not have friends. But he did great. 

On his first day I drove him & picked him up but the next time he went he rode on the bus.
He's been so excited FOREVER to go on the school bus, and is just tickled that it comes right to our house to pick him up and drop him off.
He just climbed right on up and sat down like he'd been doing it for years.
I of course cried again.
But not till he was gone, didn't want to embarrass the big boy! 

His teachers name is Miss Claire, and he thinks she's just so so nice. He has time with a speech therapist every Monday, but he will also work on speech & other preschool skills on the other days. He has circle time, centers, recess, snack, music time, and they follow the same routine everyday which is great for him since we are routine people in this house. 
He goes to school Mon, Tues, Thurs from 9:16 (when the bus picks him up) till 12:38 (when the bus drops him off). Everyday as we walk inside I ask him "how was school?" and everyday he has given me the same answer- "it was GREAT! You got my lunch ready?" He's so happy.
Jaxton and I are enjoying our solo time together on those days, and he gets just as excited to see the bus as Preston does!

But seriously, when did he get so big?!?!?!
How do I have a child in school already?!
And at the same time, when can I send the next one....