Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jimmy's Wedding- Part 2

Yesterday, July 27th we had Jimmy & Mallorys Arizona reception. I'm happy with how it all turned out & I think they were too. We set up the cultural hall at our church building on Friday & finished up on Satruday & it looked great! I'm SO grateful for everyone who helped us put this together, donated time/services/decorations & came out to celebrate with us.
The pictures are pretty self explanatory I think. 

Jimmy, Mallory & Andrew left early this morning to go back to Utah. I always feel like we never get enough time with them. That will probably never change tho. Hopefully time will go fast to when they can come down again. Thanksgiving maybe. As for now, we all need to recover from everything yesterday. I think a nap or two is in order ;D 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A little post on our little baby

I realize I haven't posted very much about this pregnancy.
Thats because it's HARD.
And I'm not good at pretending like it's not.
People ask me how I am & I would love to lie and pretend like all is well & be happy & glowy, but the truth is this has been a really really physically hard 7 months for me.

But it's almost done, and then I will have another sweet little boy to cuddle and kiss and raise. And I can't wait for that. 
As of right now....

*Our final baby (yes, this is our last) will be named Lucas Leo Reynolds. Lucas is a name we had picked out way back when we got married (ok, maybe I brought it up on our first date), and Leo is a name we just like.

*As of yesterday he weighs 3lbs 2 oz. Normal for this stage is abouit 2.9lbs, so he is a little bigger then average, but then again we have huge babies (PP was 8.3 at 37 wks and JJ was 9.8 at 39 wks) so they say LL will be right up there with them.

*I am currently 28wks 2days pregnant and just entered the 3rd trimester. 

*Lucas' birthday is currently scheduled for Oct. 8th (time TBD) since we have C-Sections we get to schedule them early. My actual due date is Oct. 13th. Which means I have 11 weeks left!

*I've gained 8lbs so far. it probably would be a lot more if i didnt throw up at least 1x a day. Oh yes. I still have morning sickness. Throwing up once a day is a GOOD day. And the good days are far and few between.

*I have done NOTHING so far to get ready for this baby. And i feel awful about that. But after wedding stuff is done this weekend getting ready for Lucas will be my only project. And for that I'm grateful.

*The boys have no idea what they are in for.... Preston kind of understands a baby is coming to live with us thanks to his cousin Lyla being born, but Jaxton is in for a shock. Which makes me kind of sad. He's still a baby to me even though he will be 2 in November. But I remember being worried about Preston when we brought Jaxton home and that turned out just fine. 

*He looks like Jaxton. We've had a lot of ultrasounds with Lucas b/c they thought my Placenta Previa was turning into a Placenta Accreta (that would not have been fun...) but it didn't (whew.) Yesterday was our final one and man this kid is going to be adorable!! The tech showed us that he has a lot of hair already- which will be fun for a little bit even if it all falls out. He has the Roberts nose, so he will look just like his brothers. He has long legs already & long feet. He was moving his eyes around in their sockets which was creepy, but good. He's just really cute.
Not that I was worried he wouldn't be. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jimmy's Wedding (part 1)

Jimmy got married this weekend.
Such a bittersweet thing for me. I'm BEYOND happy for him & I love his wife Mallory, change is just hard. But this is a good change. 

So Thursday we began our trek to Utah for his wedding & reception. The days leading up to the trip Preston was so excited & kept asking if it was time for our trip yet. We left at about 8am & they were all smiles.
It lasted exactly 41 minutes.
Then Preston started in with the "I want to go home" and "are we almost done with our trip yet?"
Poor kid, it was only the beginning.
We split the drive up there in 2 days so Thursday after about 8hrs in the car we spent the night in Painguitch.

He was SO happy to not be in his car seat anymore! 

Friday we left Painguitch and drove the 4hrs to Salt Lake City.
The boys would have their little freak out moments where they wanted me to hold them & had to settle with me holding their hand, but once my arm got tired I couldn't do it anymore so they helped each other out. 

But sometimes even that didn't help. 

We checked into our hotel in SLC & then got ready for the "rehearsal dinner" that night. I wish I had thought to take pictures of it, but I was distracted. I only managed to get this picture:

As part of the dinner they had asked the siblings of Jimmy/Mallory to bring something that represented them or had to do with a memory of them. I chose to bring a Backstreet Boys cd. The story goes like this. Back when I was in High School I was obsessed with BSB & their concert was the first one I went to. When I came home from the concert it was late (11:30ish) but Jimmy had stayed awake to ask me how it was, and what songs they sang and wanted to know all about it which was so sweet for an 11yr old to do! And then I mentioned how Jimmy has always had a fondness for music and how when the Rebecca Black song "Friday" came out he would send me the video, or text me the song every Friday & how he would BLAST the song for his roommates every Friday at 7am. And I mentioned how when the Faith Hill song "This Kiss" came out Jimmy loved it but thought the words were "Hip Kip" instead of "This Kiss" which he was confused about, but thats how we all sing it!
It was a fun night. 

Friday was the Sealing in the Bountiful, Utah temple. Such a beautiful temple, and i LOVE that it is set on the side of a hill away from everything. The sealing was beautiful. After my own it was my favorite one I've been to. I'm so glad I was able to be able to be there for it. 

The reception was held at The Grand Ballroom in Bountiful, and it was quite pretty! I snapped a few pictures before all the guests showed up and everything got busy. 

Jaxton checked out the arch where Jimmy & Mallory would stand to make sure it was sturdy.

They had a slideshow of them growing up as well as the video of their engagement. 

Apparently Jimmy worked for MONTHS on these flower balls. Or so he says. They were beautiful though. 

The sign in book. 

Present table along with sparklers to light off for when they left for their honeymoon. 

The cake! I hear it was delicious. I was too full to try any. 

John made for a beautiful bride.

More pictures before it started. 

I thought this was a GREAT idea. 

I wish I could hang out with them everyday. 

The cake cutting/eating. 

And then the ride home Sunday. We did it all in one day (took us over 12 hours). The entire trip can best be described by this picture: 

Lets just say traveling far distances with 2 toddlers and a 7 month old pregnant lady is NOT easy. Not even when you have a car full of treats & movies. But we're glad we went & glad to be home.
Saturday we'll be having the Arizona portion of the Reception, and hopefully that turns out just as well! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July thru Jaxtons eyes

First, I would just like to apologize to my 2 fans who have asked me how come I don't blog anymore. The truth is, we're just boring lately! This 3rd pregnancy has been just about the hardest thing on my body I've ever gone through, so that puts a damper on doing fun things which in turn means I have nothing fun to blog about.
But we have some things coming up (like Jimmys wedding & 2 receptions!) that will be fun & we will blog about that hopefully. 

4th of July! Known around these parts as "Fireworks day"! I realized once I had taken a few pictures that they were all of Jaxton so I decided this post would be about Jaxtons view of 4th of July. Not that I love Preston any less, Jaxton just happened to be in all the action.

The day started out with the annual 4th of July pancake breakfast & parade our church always does. The night before Patrick shined up the big red car & charged it so it would be ready to cruise come parade time.
Naturally Jaxton rode shotgun like he always does and they cruised right along around the parking lot a few times. 

A little later once we were home I decided it was the right kind of day to make some caramel popcorn. Jaxton approved & helped. 

Then he spent some time dressed up like Bumblebee from Transformers. Not that he's seen Transformers or even knows who Bumblebee is, but he found the costume in a bag of hand me downs someone gave us & decided it was 4th of July appropriate.
(really Jimmy, you thought he was dressed as Mr. Incredible?!?!) 

After naps & swimming & BBQ cheeseburgers we had some cake. Some of us enjoyed it more then others. 

Then after Preston asking a hundred million times if we could do fireworks we did fireworks!
They didn't last outside very long, it was too loud for them, so they watched the rest from inside and clapped after every firework. 

They did go back out for Sparklers though! 
(please excuse the immodest diaper/underwear shots, its hot out.) 

And that was our 4th! Today the boys are suffering from what I call "4th of July hangovers". Jaxton didn't sleep well- he's a light sleeper & the booming of other peoples fireworks kept waking him up. And as for Preston, the first words out of his mouth this morning was "Is it still Fireworks day?" and when I told him no he started crying but then stopped long enough to ask "can i go drive my big red car at the church?" and when I told him no again the tears started up again. They enjoyed the day. 
Now on to our next countdown- 13 days till Utah!