Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Guilty Pleasure Song

Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montanna. There are lots of reasons I don't like her. She talks like she has a retainer in all the time. She has the voice of a 67 year old smoker. She's not a great singer. She's not a great actress. She claims her and her boyfriend are "much deeper then normal people." And even though her dad is Bily Ray Cyrus she said she hates country music, even calling it contrived (artifical, labored). Oh and did I mention she hates Twilight?!!

WHY then do I own most of her cd's?
WHY have I seen/own most of her movies?

I dunno.

Guess I like her.

This song was on the Hannah Montana movie (yup I saw it on opening day and own it.) It's my favorite song from the soundtrack (yup, I bought it before the movie even came out).
And I really really REALLY want to learn this dance.
It's a good song. It makes me happy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confession Wednesday

The truth is- I looked up "confession" in the Thesaurus and didn't like any of its synonyms anymore then I liked the word confession. Acknowledgement, avowal, contrition? No thanks!

The truth is- on mine and Patrick's first date we both felt sick afterwards. We went to see Cloverfield and the shaky camera action was a little much. However we didn't take our feelings of wanting to puke as a sign (thank goodness)!

The truth is- hamsters can't eat crayons and live to talk about it. I once had a hamster named Sebastian (Little Mermaid phase was in full force), and my brother John decided to feed him crayons. Green and yellow specifically. I only found out when I discovered a hamster that refused to wake up and half eaten crayons by his side. RIP Sebastian.

The truth is- Preston's never worn a pair of shoes in his entire life. I'm not sure if this is strange or not. He's worn booties and socks, but never shoes. What if he never wears shoes?!

The truth is- I was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. No, REALLLY obsessed. My walls were covered in pictures, floor to ceiling, I had all the cd's, even the hard to find European onesI had a birthday party for Nick (because he was my favorite and oh so dreamy). My friend Candace and I use to learn their dances, and wrote endless notes about our love for our boys. I was gonna marry one of them! They were my first concert and we got to touch them! And maybe one time I was at a Backstreet Boys concert and Nick threw a stuffed animal to me (and my cousins) and I bit a girl who tried to rip it out of my hands. They were my boys. They were my love.

The truth is- The churro's at Disneyland are the best churro's in the world. I would know, I'm a churro connoisseur. Preferably the churro stand thats outside of The Haunted Mansion if we're going to get specific.

The truth is- I hate grocery shopping. I hate loading everything into the basket just to unload it at checkout so it can be bagged and loaded back in so I can unload it into my car so that I can unload it into the house to I can unload it from the bags so I can put it away. Its the worst.

Monday, April 26, 2010

..:* Weekend Update *:..

This weekend included, but was not limited to:

a lot of eating * a bridal shower (less then 3 weeks left!!) * hanging out with Krissa * Going to Down East Basics for the first time* LOVING Down East Basics* Subway * More Chick Flicks * Game night for Patrick = Friday night with Preston * Group Personal Training with Krissa * Still maintaining friendship with Krissa after group personal training kicked my butt, left me bruised and bloody, and more sore then after I was cut open and had an 8 pound baby ripped from my body * LOTS of baths * eye rolling * Dairy Queen (buy 1 get 1 for $.25!) * Jimmy having A LOT of friends over * making fun of Star Wars Episode II, but then falling asleep while watching it * lazy Sunday morning * a smiling baby * church * Preston going to Peter Piper Pizza for the first time (while I went to the bridal shower) * good times *

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday's Guilty Pleasure Song

It's no secret I love boybands. And back in the late 90's, early 00's there were 2 major ones. Backstreet Boys and *Nsync. Believe it or not they were both very different. I would know, i loved/love both. But todays Guilty Pleasure song comes from *Nsync, back when they were in their prime.
"Bye Bye Bye"

I just watched this video, and know what I remembered?
Justin's middle name is Randall.
Chris looks much better wtihout the dreadlocks.
Joey's favorite color was ox blood red.
JC was on Mickey Mouse club w/ Justin, Britney, and Xtina
Lance use to date Topanga from Boy Meets World.
I remember so much about them! But mostly I remember how much I loved this song (and the making of the video!)
Even Preston likes it when I sing it to him on our walks. . .
Its just good happy music.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Confession Wednesday

(Another new weekly thing I'm trying out in an attempt to be a more faithful blogger)

  • The Truth is- when I hear the word "confession" I don't think of confessing sins to a priest, I think of Usher, and the song he did called "confessions". Oh and apparently he also had an album by the same name. Now I'm really going to think of him. And I don't really like Usher.

  • The Truth is- when I was younger (like 10ish) I use to roller blade outside and pretend like I was a professional figure skater. Not only that, but I had my future figure skating name, which was Oksana. So I guess I wanted to grow up to become a figure skater and become Russian.

  • The Truth is- without Saved By the Bell Patrick and I probably never would have met. I had posted on my MySpace (remember Myspace?!) in my "Who I want to meet" section that I wanted to meet Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell. He sent me an e-mail saying how he wanted to meet Zach Morris too, and then one thing led to another. . . Thank you Zach Morris, with your coiffed hair and enormous cell phone for bringing me love.

  • The Truth is- that sometimes people give me a look when I tell them I taught my baby to sleep through the night by letting him cry it out for a few days. And that look makes me feel like I'm a bad mom.

  • The Truth is- that every family has favorite movies that they watch and quote over and over. My families favorite movies are kind of strange. Forrest Gump, Armageddon, Independence Day and Twister. But I have really good memories of watching all those movies. And quoting them at really random times. "We win Gracie, we win."

  • The Truth is- I'm really afraid of killer whales. Have been since the pregnancy when I had a bad dream about them (one where a whale swallowed a 4 yr old girl). They just scare me now. So a few days ago when Patrick put a movie cover for some nature show that was about Killer Whales in the diaper bag, I didn't do much laughing. But he did.

  • The Truth is- I'm still singing the Usher song "Confessions" in my head. I need a new word.

Monday, April 19, 2010

...:* Weekend Update *:...

So this weekend included, but was not limited to:

*Recovering from The Sickness * Watching Runaway Bride * Game Night for Patrick=Time with Preston for me * Finding a feather sticking out of a raw egg * having Patrick crack that egg while I closed my eyes in case something horrible awaited inside * Lazy Sunday morning * Pulling weeds (there is now almost 10 ft that's cleared in the backyard!) * Writing to Andrew * Getting some smokin deals on grocerys * Green Chili* Family time * Watching "My Sisters Keeper" * Taking Tylenol to get rid of the headache that came after crying buckets due to My Sisters Keeper * Taking pictures of Preston * Church * Lunch with the SIL's and MIL * Peanut butter on a spoon * Bad moods * Life (the show, not the game/cereal/thing we live) * Naps *
Laundry * Starting to clean our closet (but thats a whole other post) * laughing *
crying* over all good times.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Guilty Pleasure Song

So I decided that in an attempt to blog more on our personal blog I'd start a weekly tradition. Every Friday I'm going to post a "guilty pleasure" song. Maybe its not the most popular song, maybe its not by the hottest singer, but they'll be songs that we love, or songs that make us happy.

This weeks song "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" By Hanson
Now you should probably know I'm a Hanson fan. Have been since day 1 till now. So PLEASE no "Mmmbop" jokes. Plus this video just makes me laugh. Probably due to all the cowbell & Weird Al in it!

Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

HANSON | MySpace Music Videos

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Preston's 3 Months!!

Today Preston is 3 months old. He's marked the occasion by throwing up in his own face and pooping out of his diaper. He sure does know how to party.
Preston 365 blog is going well, its harder then I thought it would be, but so worth it to see how he's grown over the past month. I weighed him on the Wii Fit this morning, and it said he's about 13 pounds. Sounds about right. In honor of him being 3 months I thought I'd write some things about him (in 3's of course)!

3 Things about Preston’s. . . .


1. Yep, he’s still got that red hair…and his eyes are still a bluish gray.
He’s wearing 3-6 mo shirts/onesies and newborn pants. All his height is in his torso, just like his dad. Glad he didn’t get my short t-rex arms.
3. I clip his nails once a week, but have never had to clip his toenails.


1.He eats 5 oz every 4 hours and doesn't leave a drop behind.
2. Still has issues with projectile vomit. Lucky for us he only does it about once a week. Last week in happened in the greeting card isle of Target.
3. Only has 1 bottle. Maybe that’s strange. But it forces us to keep it clean and not have dirty bottles everywhere! Of course when you lose the cap to it, you wish you had more bottles. (Why was it under my bed?!?)

Sleep Habits

1. Sleeps from 10-6am every night. Took a few weeks to train him, but now he’s settled into that routine.
2. Will only sleep long periods of time if he is swaddled like a burrito. With summer approaching I don’t know if he will keep this up, he’s already getting a heat rash.
3. His favorite position to be rocked to sleep in is with his head on my left arm facing towards me with my right arm patting his back while my left hand holds his pacifier in. Usually he’ll grab on to my collar with his left hand but sometimes latches on to a necklace or hair. As long as he is holding onto something he’s happy.

Favorite songs to sing

1. Step-in Time- from Mary Poppins. And yes he does dance moves
2. I’m so glad when Daddy comes home
3. The Wheels on the bus

Favorite past times

1. Going outside and watching the wind chime. He gets even more excited when I reach his hand up and he makes the noise happen. He doesn’t like wind though.
2. BBQ-ing with Patrick. They will go out together and Patrick will explain to him what he’s cooking, how to cook it and season it and Preston will just sit and listen.
3. Doing Jabba the Hut impersonations, and shooting lightning at people like the Emperor does in Star Wars (with help from his daddy). I keep telling him that it’s not nice to shoot lightning at his mom, but he can probably tell the force is strong with me.

Quirky things

1. He sticks his tongue out a lot. Sometimes it looks like he’s tasting the air. And anything that gets near his mouth he’ll try to reach with his tongue.
2. If he has a dirty diaper he’ll “sound the alarm” by making squeaking noises. Sounds like a squeaky toy for a dog! As soon as you change him he stops the noise. I as his mother think he’s brilliant. Even when he makes the noise during church.
3. He likes to eat with his socks off. He’ll just sit and eat while resting and rubbing his feet on my arm.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jai Ho!

Hey Krissa & Natalie.... Remember this?!

Good times!
This version of the song gets in your head. And then makes you happy. I would know because I downloaded it off itunes and have listened to it a *few* times since then!