Monday, November 4, 2013


Since Halloween is not my favorite the only way I will dress up is if we do a group costume. This year we decided to do Peter Pan. The boys love that movie. It's actually the only movie besides Cars that Jaxton will sit and watch all the way. And the best part is that it cost about $10 for all our costumes! 

Preston (Peter Pan)- Homemade shirt/hat- $4, Pants- $1 Goodwill, Shoes- his
Jaxton (Mr. Smee)- Hat (santa hat) -$2, Shirt Ebay $2, shorts- his, shoes- his
Patrick (Hook)- borrowed! $0 
Jess (Pirate)- All stuff I had $0
Lucas (Croccodile)- hat $1 

This was before our ward Trunk or Treat. Preston really got into the whole trick or treat concept. Jaxton...not so much. He was way overstimulated and wanted candy so anytime anyone would put candy in his bucket he would throw it out and whine. But he's 2 so what can you do. 

The next night, Halloween, we went out trick or treating around our neighborhood. We have the slowest trick or treaters EVER. It took us an hour to do 1 block, and thats with maybe half the houses giving out candy. They would just get distracted by the decorations and other people walking around. Jaxton did better that night but we're going to have to have a talk about stranger danger because he kept trying to walk into peoples houses when they opened the door. Overall it was a fun experience. Preston was adorable and kept saying "Happy Halloween" to people instead of trick or treat and Jaxton would give back candy that he didn't like and pick out something else. Such funny boys. 

Lucas wore his crab costume for trick or treating so he would be nice and cozy. The outfit is a newborn one and as you can see its tight. Yeah. He's already out of newborn sized things. So sad. 

And since their costumes were awesome, here are my siblings dressed up for Halloween!
(John/Rox are on their blog) 

Lucas Leo Reynolds

Lucas Leo Reynolds 
Tuesday October 8, 2013
8 lb Oz 
21'' long 
Cute as a button

There really isnt too much to say about Lucas's birth. It was all pretty routine. We arrived at the hospital at 4am got admitted & prepped and hooked up to all the machines and then waited for my doctor to arrive for the C-Section. You know, I think C-Sections get a bad rep. I actually really like them. I love knowing what time/day my baby is going to be born so I can have everything prepared, I like having the extra days in the hospital to heal. I like having the one on one time with the baby to bond since I'm stuck upstairs in bed for a good week after getting home. Sure it hurts, but you've been cut in half and had a baby ripped from you. I'd be worried if it didn't hurt. 

We've decided that Lucas is the missing link between Preston and Jaxton's looks. Jaxton looked so different then Preston when he was born, and even now they look related, but are not clones of each other. Lucas is a mix of the two of them. They are definitely brothers! 
He had dark hair when he was born, which is what I was hoping for, but every day that passes the color changes. There is a lot of blonde in it & underneath it, and has a reddish tint to it so we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out!
And now for a Lucas picture overload......

The nose that makes me know he's mine ;) 

Preston and Jaxton are OBSESSED with Lucas. I knew Preston would love him but I was worried that Jaxton would have jealousy issues since he didn't like it when I would hold anyone else. Even the cat. But they both just love him to death. They want to hold him daily, he is the first thing they ask about when they wake up, they fight over who is going to shake the bottle, and anytime they hear him cry they both tell me "he's crying" just in case I don't hear it. 

Our first night home from the hospital. 

1 week old! 

I love all his hair!!! 

The boys would come visit me upstairs lots during the day which was nice because I missed them!

Lucas's first bath! Naturally I had lots of help. Lucas wasn't a big fan, still isn't a big fan of baths, but I was so sweet because when he was crying in the bath Preston started singing "I am a Child of God" to him to try to calm him down & Jaxton was rubbing his feet. Such sweet boys. 

This is a typical Lucas look. He has high forehead wrinkles that he crinkles up a lot during the day and they make him have a surprised look about him. 

So 2 weeks after I had Lucas I woke up in the middle of the night and had what I thought were mosquito bites on my hands/feet. I get bit by mosquito really easy so I assumed we had one in our room that night. But I kept finding more and didn't see a mosquito anywhere. Then I freaked out and thought maybe it was bed bugs but Patrick didn't have any on him & I checked the mattress and it was clean, thank goodness. It was getting worse and worse and thankfully I had my 2 week checkup that day and my doctor told me they were hives. Kind of a relief to hear that instead of it being something worse. She said they were from stress. I didn't feel stressed but apparently my body was after the surgery/healing/lack of sleep/adjusting to 3 kids. So she gave me a RX for some steroids and orders to take 2 Benadryl every 6 hours and said they would go away. Finally after a week of itching- mostly on my hands and head where they were the size of golf balls they started to get better. A week of itching will make a person go crazy. I have a few left on my hands/head that pop out in warm water or when I get stressed but for the most part I am healed. 

I love this picture. 

He's such a spoiled baby right now. He loves to be held while he sleeps and I love to hold him. He's my last baby after all. 

This picture just cracks me up. Poor poor Lucas!!

Its great having Lucas here. It's great not throwing up everyday. It's great having all our family together in one room or all laying on the bed or driving in the car and thinking "this is it. this is our whole family." Its a really good peaceful feeling. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A random update before Lucas

 6 days until Lucas is here!!! And since I'll be stuck upstairs for a few weeks I figured I better do some sort of update. But its a random update. Random pictures, random adventures. Random. 

Brushing teeth after a bath one night. The boys both stand on the same stool to do this but with another boy joining us soon we're gonna need a bigger stool! Sad thing about this picture is that right after I took it Jaxtons towel fell completely off (hilarious) and then Preston fell off the stool and scraped & bruised his right thigh & hip. Brushing teeth is dangerous. 

Jimmy came to visit for a few days at the beginning of the month and I took zero pictures of that. The only picture I have from around the time of his visit is this one where I showed him how the backyard was flooded from the non stop rain that day. The rain delayed his flight and everything. Naturally it hasn't rained a drop since that day. 

Preston has been asking a lot of questions regarding Lucas's birth. We told him they were going to get Lucas out of my belly & he said "How?" our reply was "with special tools". We explained that Mommy will have an owie so we will have to be careful with her & he grew quite concerned asking "is it going to hurt? Will you get a bandaid?" We told him that yes it will hurt but they will give me medicine and I'll get better. And then when I told him that once baby Lucas is here mommy wont be sick and throw up anymore he started clapping & smiling. And of course that's the thing he remembers & tells people, like the random person at Costco the other day who asked when I was due & then got to hear that once baby Lucas is here Mommy wont throw up anymore. 

 Fun times dressing up at Target! 

Jaxton thought he was sooooooooooo clever running and finding my soda after I hid it when I went to the bathroom one day. 

Ah nesting. Everything with this pregnancy has been worse then all the others. Everything. And that includes nesting. Instead of doing my regular chores I'll spend the day vacuuming out the kitchen cupboards. But here are some things I've accomplished! 
I started our frame wall in the living room back in Jan/Feb. and I finally now finished putting pictures in the frames. I love it. And I already know where we'll put an extra frame for Lucas's picture this year. 

All of the Newborn/0-3 month clothes are washed & hung up. I'm a clothes hoarder. In fact I'm pretty sure Lucas could go the first 3 months of his life without wearing the same thing twice. 

After much thought I decided to move Preston into his own room. He is a deep sleeper and Jaxton is a light sleeper. Preston likes to sleep with the door open and Jaxton has to have it closed or else he thinks its time to get up, which at 3am it is NOT. So I made some space in the craft/study room for Preston. He loves having his own room. We bought him new bedding for his big boy bed to entice him to stay in there all night & not climb into bed with me, and since he's been in there he hasn't slept in my room once! The white closet/dresser thing we got for free from someone we bought some nightstands for. I LOVE free! Its great for him too, he can reach everything and loves to get out & put away his own clothes. 

The pantry. Clean and organized, just how I like it. 

My final To do list before this baby comes! Of course I've added more things to it now (like blog!) but haven't had much success in crossing anything off yet. 

And my room is all clean and ready for baby! 

This face we call his "birthday face". If you mention it being anyones birthday you get this kind of face from him! 

Prestons been wanting to be more independent lately & enjoys making his own lunch. Even better is that if he makes his own lunch he is more likely to eat all of his lunch. 

 We had  a few days last week were it was in the 80's and we LOVED it!!!
We had a picnic outside for our dinner one night to enjoy it. 

Preston wanted to look at the clouds and kept asking me what I saw in them. 

Jaxton wanted me to draw stars and then would try to draw his own.

And then the next day it was even cooler out and we went to the park!! It was a long hot summer without any park visits so we had a good time. 

And finally in Prestons room he has a blank wall where we hang up all of his work from school so he can enjoy it and review it. So far this year this is what he's brought home!
They had a month of talking about colors and last month was the ocean. This month is Monsters/Halloween and I can't wait to see what he brings home! 

And thats it! 6 days till Lucas! Next time I update it will be full of pictures of a chubby cheeked baby and I can't wait!