Friday, June 29, 2012

Just a couple of Gingers

"Ok Preston, say cheese" 

"Now make a scared face"

"Now make a silly face"

"Now stick out your tongue" 

He really wanted to brush his teeth (to "get all the fiffy ca-cas off"- fishy crackers) and I really wanted him to take pictures with me. After every picture he asked to brush his teeth & I'd tell him one more.
Once we got some good ones I was so proud I let him brush his teeth 2 times.
I wonder how much longer he'll accept brushing his teeth as a reward for doing something... 

Practically 8 months

Sunday Jaxton will be 8 months old.
This was Preston at 8 months....

And here is Jaxton at practically 8 months. 

Blue eyed.
All ours forever. 
Thanks goodness. 

Double Bubble Trouble

One morning last week I was feeling brave.
Not like take both kids to the movies by myself brave, but brave enough to want to do something fun with them.
So we went outside for about 40 minutes.
Trust me this is a big deal when its like 111 out.
We filled up our bucket with soapy water like last year and went out to paint and play in the water.
We only did 1 bucket with bubbles because this happened & I didn't think I should let him eat soap. 

Jaxton got soaking wet. He just scooted himself around in the water that Preston decided to dump out of the bucket over and over again.

And of course there was some spraying going on.
He loves spraying things.
The ground, ants, Tobi, his hair (he'll then proclaim he's getting a haircut), the windows, Jaxton, EVERYTHING. 

Thats how his hair ended up looking like this. 

Sadly I don't think we'll be doing that again since it was REALLY warm unless you were Jaxton & soaking wet. They had fun though.
Can't wait to see what my braveness makes us do next! 

The Mall

Last weekend we were craving pretzels.
And it was super warm in the house.
So we decided to go to the mall & eat pretzels & enjoy someone elses air conditioning. 
Preston's been to the mall with us lots of times, but I'm pretty sure this was his favorite visit ever. 

He got to ride the carousel for the first time.
Of course this means he'll be begging to go on it everytime we go to the mall from now on. 

He LOVED it. 

This was him after they got off & he was so extremely giddy! 

Then he picked to ride on a helicopter simulation.
That boy and his helicopters... 

And then we found that they have a train that will take you all around the lower level of the mall.
Naturally he asked his daddy for $3 so he could ride it.
He has such a nice Daddy. 

He's trying to do a thumbs up in this picture only he wasn't so great at it at the time so it's a sideways thumb. I promise it was a thumbs up experience for him. 

The Conductor even let him sit in his seat for a minute. 

 For a kid who hates shopping he sure did love that trip to the mall!

p.s the pretzels were awesome too. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Couch potato

First, a moment of cuteness before the real post begins...
This was before church this past Sunday.
Oh man I love these boys!!!

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog post.
Preston has strong desires to be a couch potato.
He would watch tv all day if I would let him, strangely enough I wont, mean mom.
Even more strange is what he wants to watch. I've tried the Disney movies, and such but he has no interest in those. Instead he wants to watch Matilda and Hook. Don't get me wrong, those are both excellent movies, just strange choices for a 2 yr old. It is however great to see him walk around saying Hook Hook where's the Hook? 

In an attempt to save him from couch potatoness we do lots of other fun activities.
We paint, do chalk, bubbles, we have a tiny pool out back he likes to go in, he plays baseball (in his own way), read books, things like that.
The other day we made Fruit Loop necklaces.
Big hit.
I was pretty much a cool mom for pulling out the cereal in the middle of the afternoon.
He'd string one, eat one, and then repeat repeat repeat. 

Here he is trying on his necklace... too small. 

Sorry kid, you're not as sneaky as you think you are!! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Talent Show

And now it's time for a Reynolds boys talent show. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Hot dog store

Preston is a TERRIBLE shopper.
Whenever we go out I have to pack snacks, toys, books, and entertain him or else there is no happiness in the world.
But he LOVES Costco.
Or as he calls it "The Hot Dog Store".

On the days we go I get out his hot dog shirt and he gets so excited for hot dogs and
"pink juice" (pink lemonade).
He is an angel in Costco.

Today we were there, sitting in our usual spot and he put his hands on both sides of his neck.
I asked him if he was ok and he said
"Preston happy. Preston purring"
Apparently he thinks anytime anyone/anything is happy they purr like Tobi.

He then proceeds to tell me
"Preston hungry. I eat hot dog. Hot dog taste good".

I think he would go to Costco everyday if he could.
And he'd purr the entire time.