Thursday, August 30, 2012

Downeast Basics

I think everyone makes plans for "when I have a million dollars". Patrick and I talk about it a lot, just in case a million dollars shows up. First thing I would do is put a fountain drink dispenser in my kitchen with crushed ice & every type of soda available.
Next I would go to Downeast Basics and buy one of everything.
Everything is just THAT cute. 

There's a store close to home at Superstition Springs Mall, which is good, but oh my goodness the Chandler Mall store was amazing. They actually just moved locations are are no longer downstairs but are upstairs right by the Vans store and Nordstroms. Took literally 2 minutes to walk from the car to the store, which is great. Everyone there was so nice, but not in that hovering buy this buy this buy this kind of way. 

This past Tuesday they had a "Girls Night Out" that I went to with some friends.
I love my boys, but I LOVE girls nights out.
Especially ones that include shopping.
And especially ones that included Downeast Basics

Look at all those additional 30% off clearance racks! I know I did! 

These are my purchases from the night: 
SUPER excited to wear this to church Sunday (if I can figure out what shoes to wear...)

 Only $5 for this top!
Their basic t's are GREAT as undershirts.
All their shirts actually are long which is REALLY nice.
I wear my white basic t just about everyday.
True story. 

I loved the lace at the bottom of this shirt! 

Total spent - $24!!!!

I'm already planning my next trip back.
You see, I've got my eye on this skirt right here.....

Can you imagine everything I could fit in those pockets??
bottles, pacifiers, cars, chapstick, gum, phone, Tobi....

Monday, August 27, 2012

And now for a bunch of pics you may have already seen...

You may have seen some of these posted on Facebook or Instagram, but it makes it easier for me if I can upload them here and save them.
Enjoy the repeats.
Or new pics! 

I look forward to dressing him for church every week!!!
He looks forward to eating his shoes when Im not looking. 


He hardly EVER does this so documentation was necessary! 

Preston went to get the mail so Jaxton had a small window of opportunity to ride his bike! 

Reading to Jaxton.
I like to pretend that after this picture was taken Preston DIDN'T slap Jax across the face with the book. 

Mac and Cheese and carrots! 

 I LOVE making them match!!! 

I let them swim today and they loved it. Totally reset their crankiness. 
Im glad Mater the Tow Truck could join us. 

And finally Jaxton being lazy and greedy all at the same time.

California 2012

As per our usual (and only) Summer tradition a few weeks ago we went to California to visit the Grandparents/Family/Beach.

I was quite nervous about the drive with both boys, but thanks to Bree letting us borrow her portable DVD player Preston was happy to watch WallE & Cars over and over again.

The day after we arrived though Jaxton got a fever. It was a teething fever I think because both of his top teeth were breaking through on that day. Bad timing, but not his fault poor guy. 

While Jaxton spent the day being cuddled and sleeping Preston went on walks with his Daddy and went to the playground. We didn't think he'd be able to climb up this thing, but he did and fast too! 

 All my boys on the swing.

 We get a picture like this every year when we go, I'll have to find the other two we have for comparison.
Preston wanted help going down a few times but then was ok to go on his own. 

Jaxton needed help too. 

On one walk a guy was testing out his motorcycle and Preston was pretty much in heaven sitting on Patricks shoulders watching. 

Such a big boy on the swings!!

One afternoon we were there went with John/Rox/Noah/Shay to eat at Rubys on the pier. I've never been there before and have always wanted to go! The day we went there was a surf competition going on so finding a parking spot was terrible and then we had to walk a thousand miles to get there. But the food was still good!
Jaxton didn't mind at all.

Preston on the other hand was a bit grumpy from the walk and sun and lack of nap.

Ah the beach! One of my favorite places!

Seeing as how it was past nap time I hung out with Jaxton in the beach tent and we did what we do best:
Snack and sleep.

I wish we'd gotten a picture of Jaxton in the water (he hated it) but we each had a boy in our arms so taking a picture would have been impossible. Preston kind of warmed up to the water some, he played in the waves with Patrick and John/Rox/Noah for awhile and then came up to hang with us. 

 Oh and look who met us there!!!
Preston was so surprised to see him walk through the door at my Grandparents house and of course loved having him around.
I should add that Andrew was with us too but I have ZERO pictures of him and his visit with us. I feel terrible about that. 

The night we got home from the beach and the whole next day Preston had a fever and was miserable.
Apparently we went on vacation to be sick. Ugh.

We're so grateful we have such a loving family who welcomes us and our loudness at anytime. We had a good time and are looking forward to our next visit! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


(check out those freckles he's starting to get on his nose & under his eyes! Love)

More Prestonisms - I know I should post about our California trip but I've been WAY sick the past 8 days and just don't want to right now. So enjoy these.


*thump thump thump*
I open the door to Preston's room to find out what the thumping noise is and he's standing on his bed trying to jump up the wall.
"I trying to fly mommy. Look mommy, I flying!" 
(i predict his "flying" will someday end with a big bruise somewhere, but who am i to tell him he can't fly?!)


"Mommy I need a zebra."
"You need a Zebra?!"
"Ya. I need 2 zebras at home."


One morning we were getting dressed & he had his shorts on and I told him to put his pajamas in the laundry. He does then says:
"hey where my pants go?" and proceeds to start taking everything out of the laundry basket. Then he looks down to see he already has them on and says:
"oh here they are. Silly Preston." 


I'm trying to work on him saying his name for when all his fans at random stores ask what his name is and this happened this morning-
"Whats your name?"
"My name Lighting McQueen."
"Your Lighting McQueen?? Whats Jaxton's name?"
"His name Mater"

We've been watching a lot of Cars lately.... But I really hope he tells a random stranger his name is Lighting McQueen. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jaxton hits 9 Months!!

Jaxton is 9 months new!
There are days when it feels like he just got here and others where it seems like he's always been with us.
But everyday he is so smiley and happy.

Here are his 9 month Stats:

Weight- 18.4 : 10%
Height- 29.75 : 90%
Head Circ.- 45.5cm : 50%

SUPER long, SUPER lean, SUPER normal sized head!

Ok. Listen. Jaxton eats A TON, so please don't think I need to feed him more to fatten him up. He eats 6 jars of baby food a day and 24-28oz of formula. Plus now he's starting more finger foods and eats those along with his meals. The kid just burns up a ton of energy daily. The doctor isn't worried about it, so neither am I. He's probably going to be a great swimmer with his enormous torso. (Olympics 2028!)
His iron level was a little low, but so is Preston's so we just need to incorporate more iron into our diet.
AT 9 Months Jaxton:::

*Has 2 teeth all the way in and 2 that just broke the surface including a top front tooth. The other one will be close behind Im sure.

*Fits better in 12 mo clothes. Still in 6 mo shorts/pants but bigger shirts because of his big upper body. 

*Takes 2 naps a day, for about 2hrs each and then sleeps from 7:45pm-6:30ish in the morning. I approve of this schedule. But he HATES sleeping in his crib. If I put him in the crib he will just cry and cry and cry & then Preston will beg me to take him out of the room because it's too loud. He prefers the pack-n-play which I really don't get b/c the crib is so much more comfy! Once our Summer calms down we'll be moving the crib into the craft room and training him (ie letting him cry it out) to sleep in there. 

*He prefers men over women. Calm down. I simply mean he prefers Preston or his Daddy or his Papa Todd over his Momma or Nana. This makes Momma and Nana sad but Daddy & Papa T. happy. Preston is still his favorite though, sorry. 

(Oh my blue eyes in this picture! I die!)

*He pulls himself up on everything now. I hate this stage! He just has such trust when he shouldn't. Like holding on to the back of the chair and then falling straight back onto the tile. I much prefer walking and him getting into things then all the falling. Plus he doesn't know how to get down once he is standing so he'll just whine until someone comes to help him. 

*No mama or dada yet, but I'm betting it'll happen anyday now. He LOVES to shake his head no though, which is adorable.

*He still army crawls, but MAN is he fast!! He wants to walk so bad though and looks so cute when you hold his hands so he can walk. 

*He recently started playing peek-a-boo and will pull things over his face to play. He can also clap, sometimes waves, but I don't think he fully grasps that concept, and climb stairs. Hooray.....
*He needs a haircut I'm sure, but I don't want to give him one yet. It'll make him look so grownup and I still want him to be a baby! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Preston has been in rare form lately, coming up with all kinds of things to say and amuse us with. Here are my favorites from the past week:


Preston: Mommy I hungry (which sounds like hung-a-wee).
Me: Your hungry? Ok, what should we have for breakfast?
Preston: I hungry for M&Ms
Me: Oh, we cant have M&M's for breakfast, we can have some after you wake up from your nap.
Preston: *thinks for a few seconds* I tired, I need take a nap.


Me: Preston do you look more like your mommy or your daddy?
Preston: I look like your Preston


Preston: *Climbs up on my lap, gives me a hug* I love mommy
Me: *thinking we're having a special moment* I love you too Preston
Preston: *pats my cheeks* I need peanut butter jelly *climbs down & runs away


Preston: I need haircut
Me: You need a haircut? ok.
Preston: I need a haircut by the fan
Me: ok.....
Preston: *stands by the fan* Thats better, I pretty now.