Monday, April 20, 2015


Sorry Jimmy.
I know I'm overdue for a post & you've been so patient. Kinda.
But we are just now getting over a 3 week long cold/cough bug & making it through the day was a bigger priority then blogging. But now we are better and can blog!

Easter is a great holiday but there are just parts of it I don't get. Like the Easter Bunny. I have a hard time convincing myself to tell my boys that an Easter Bunny comes to our house and leaves them candy. I mean, WHY does he do this?? But I don't want to be an Easter Scrooge so we did some fun things to celebrate Easter.

One day I put their lunch inside Easter eggs!
They had such a fun time opening them up to see what they had to eat.
They didn't necessarily eat any of it, but they had fun opening it! 

We all started getting this terrible cold/cough thing the week leading up to Easter so by the time the big day arrived I just wanted it to be over. Luckily it was Conference weekend so we had a lot of downtime to relax and rest up.
Easter morning I made a fun bunny pancake breakfast! Not that it's pointless, but I made their bunny, showed it to them and then had to disassemble it for them to eat. Or at least try to get them to eat. Preston doesn't like pancakes- who is this kid?!!- and then he told Jaxton the berries were poisoned- what?!! But the marshmallows got eaten. 

Despite my resistance to the Easter Bunny we did do baskets for the boys. Patrick has really good memories of going out looking for a hidden basket in the backyard when he was young & I want our kids to have good memories like that so at the last minute we put together some baskets and they went out and looked for them. We learned our kids are really terrible at searching for baskets! But they had fun and enjoyed the end result. Candy. 

See how festive I am even when I'm sick?? Bunny ears. 

Later that day in between conference sessions we colored eggs. Easter miracle, no one spilled any of the cups filled with food coloring!!!

Lucas kept trying to eat his crayon. 

And his hard boiled egg. 

Some of the finished products! 

Lucas got real mad that I wouldn't let him drink the food coloring.
Notice Patrick in the background- I told you we were sick! 

And then the holiday ended the way 80% of our holidays end, in Urgent Care. Double ear infection and a respiratory infection. Also known as "the regular". He had the same thing 7 weeks ago and is just now getting over it after a 2nd round of antibiotics. 

Lucky for the A-Team (aka Preston and Jaxton) Laura volunteered to take them to our scheduled Easter dinner at John and Rox's. Over there they had some delicious ham, and an egg hunt. The B-team (me, Lucas and Patrick) stayed home and coughed and sneezed and rested up.