Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Truth is- When The Green Lantern comes out and everyone is all goo-goo ga-ga over Ryan Reynolds I'm pretty sure I'm going to go around telling people I'm related to him. "Oh cousin Ryan? Ya he's alright." Consider yourself warned.

The Truth is- This conversation actually happened last week & caused me to laugh till I cried.

Patrick: I see you added a movie to our Netflix dvd que. What was it again, "Rene's Mouse Adventures"?
Me: You mean Ramona & Beezus?!
Patrick: Yeah, same thing.
Me: How does Ramona & Beezus become Rene's Mouse Adventures?!?!?!
Patrick: Well I read it and thought about how we had a cat named Ramona, so then I thought about cats chasing mice, and I couldn't remember the name but new it started with an R, and if it's about mice its sure to be an adventure. Rene's Mouse Adventure.
Me: Is Rene the mouse or is Rene a girl who as adventures with mice?
Patrick: She's the girl.
Me: That actually does sound like a movie I'd rent. . . I also added Charlie St. Cloud.
Patrick: Who's in that one again?
Me: Hottie superbomb Zac Efron.
Patrick: Oh ya. I was thinking it was that other cute guy. Whats his name again? Charlie Chaplin?
Me: Charlie Chaplin?!?! The black and white silent movie actor?!?!
Patrick: no.. thats not it... Oh! Channing Tatum! I always want to call him Charlie Tantrum.

At this point I was laughing so much I couldn't breath & may have fallen off the couch. Man we have good times!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Go Daddy Holiday Party 2010

Saturday was Patrick's work Holiday Party.
Bob Parsons (the founder of GoDaddy) spent 4 million dollars on this party.
Thats Million with an M.
1 Million of it he gave out in prizes/money drawings.
$500,000 was donated to a womans AIDS shelter.

The parties we've been to in the past have been good, but this years was the best!!

It was formal dress so we had to look our best:

As soon as you walked into Chase Field you saw this:
Carnival theme!!!!
There was a ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousel, fair food, and fair games.
It was like being at the fair, but for free!!!

In the past the entertainment has been ok. Last year was Paula Poundstone (not funny) & The Temptations & Joan Jett. The year before was Sinbad (yup, he's still alive) and some other band I can't remember.
But THIS year was
George Thorogood & the Destroyers (he sings that song "bad to the bone")
ZZTop. Sad to say we got tired and left before zztop took the stage.
Also, Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser was there since she is the newest "Go Daddy Girl", along with Danica Patrick.

At the end of Jewels set when she started yodeling we decided to ride the ferris wheel.

I was hanging on SUPER tight!!

And Patrick was laughing at me because I was trying to take his picture while screaming & holding on to the rails.

Things we ate that night included:
garlic fries
sea salt & vinegar fries
pretzel w/ cheese
cotton candy
Philly cheese steaks
meatball sub
turkey/coleslaw sandwich
drumstick (ice cream not chicken)
and a few Pepsi/waters

Best Holiday Party EVER!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Truth is- It's crazy out there with all the snowbirds and Christmas shoppers. But I remember that my mom use to like to do things like go to Costco on Christmas Eve just because there were going to be a lot of people there and she thought it would be a fun experience. She'd try to think of the place that was going to be the busiest & then join in with the crowd. And then sometimes we'd end up with things we didn't need in the cart and she'd say "everyone else was grabbing them, I thought I should too!". Pretty funny.

The Truth is- Sometimes I, like everyone else misinterpret song lyrics. Like TLC's song Chasing Waterfalls. For a long time I thought it was "don't go Jason Waffles". What a delicious last name! And now there is this song out by Nelly called "Just a Dream" and there is a line in the chorus where he says "opened my eyes" but the way he sings it makes it sound like "threw up in my eye". Nelly, I've had someone (Preston) throw up in my eye, and it's not really that fun. Definitely not something to sing about.

The Truth is- When Patrick and I get bored we do things like search for movies on Netflix that have our name in them. You end up finding movies like Patrick- a movie about a murderer lying in a hospital where the only motion he can muster is the motion to spit but still manages to use his mind to kill people. And Jessica: A Ghost Story about a murdered woman who terrorizes people to insanity while her husband tries to figure out why this restless spirit has returned. People need to make better movies that have our names in the title! Preferably one's where no one is murdered. Something more like Sargent Preston of the Yukon- a television show about a royal Canadian mountie and his trusty horse Rex & steadfast dog Yukon King.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Seriously short weekend... Maybe it's because a majority of it was spent in pajamas...

FRIDAY- * Finished Christmas Card making * Watched Gabe for a few hours * Visited with Candace & talked little boy stuff (how to make them eat, how they already make sound effects) * DPB * Visit with Krissa * A little boy who didn't want to nap, but who is getting in his 2 front teeth!! * Butter Pecan cake with Coconut pecan frosting (from a box, not from scratch) * Ward Christmas Party * Preston having a major cough attack that lasted hours * Baked potato bar YUMMM * Preston in giant reindeer antlers * More coughing * Dude Where's My Car * Sleep *

SATURDAY- * Started early when Preston started coughing nonstop around 3am. Tried everything I could to get him to stop, including a small warm bottle which he promptly threw up on me as a result of coughing so hard. Fever, trying to rock him to sleep, but having it not work. Miserablness * Patrick went to work, Preston and I went to Urgent Care * Double ear infection & Croup * Trying to find a breathing machine with zero help from insurance/pharmacy/Medical supply store. Apparently being able to breath well is only a Mon-Friday issue * FRUSTRATION/tears * Lunch with Krissa & Bree * Wishing for beef instead of pork * Naps * Finding someone who had a breathing machine!! (cute one too, looks like a panda bear) * Preston starting to feel better * Relaxing, unwinding * Having my own coughing attack * Target for baby vicks vapor rub & a new humidifier filter * Steam treatments * Hot chocolate * Law & Order * BED. SO SO TIRED!!

SUNDAY- * Another 3am wake up call from a coughing preston * More breathing treatments * nap * Spicy chicken * picking up the dvds/video games that Preston pulls out 3x's a day * Haunnakah food - potato latkes yuuuuuuuuuuum!!! * Leftover cake * Starting the movie Angels & Demons and then realizing its almost 3 hrs long * Bones * More steam treatments * Bed *

This week is going to be pretty relaxed. Already took Preston into the doctor to make sure he's healing, and he is! A few other things to take care of, things to clean, hopefully get Christmas cards out by Wed, Thursday at the latest. GoDaddy Holiday party on Saturday, so we get to dress up pretty!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So today all my truths are going to be about my brother JIMMY (ok, so thats not Jimmy, but that picture reminds me of him).
Because he came home for Thanksgiving, and it was awesome.
And because he's funny.
But mostly because I love him.

The Truth is- that years and years ago after we saw Casper for the first time Jimmy decided that he was going to have a lot of boys and that he was going to name them Fatso, Stretch, Stinky & Casper. We tried to explain to him that you really shouldn't name your kid Fatso or Stinky but he said it would be funny. So Dear Future Nephews of mine, I'm sorry. I tried.

The Truth is- That Jimmy signed up to be an organ donar should anything happen. I told him that if something happens I want one of his organs. His ACL to be exact. Not the one in his left leg, but the one in his right. He had his right ACL replaced a few years ago and they replaced it with a cadaver ACL. He named it Emmet. So should something happen I want Emmet to sit upon my mantel, on display.

The Truth is- When Jimmy was in Kindergarten he told his teacher that my Grandma had died & that we were moving to the mountains. Neither one of those things were true.

The Truth is- One time all us kids went to the movies (i think we were seeing Anaconda at the dollar theater for like the 4th time) and during the movie Jimmy's leg fell asleep. Well instead of waking it up or asking up to just wait a few minutes he started walking on it. Or at least he tried. It was a long walk back to the car and he was limping and dragging his leg the whole time. We got a lot of looks. People were probably wondering why we didn't park in a handicapped spot instead of making the poor boy with a gimpy leg walk across the parking lot.

The Truth is- A few years ago we all went camping for Andrews birthday. For breakfast in the morning we had some mini muffins and since they were cold we decided to warm them by the fire. If you let them sit for just a little bit they were perfect. Well, Jimmy took his, took a big bite, realized it was boiling lava hot, but instead of spitting it out, he just chewed it really super fast and swallowed it all. So now anytime someone puts something hot in their mouth or complains that something is hot we call it "pulling a Jimmy".

The Truth is- One Summer Jimmy was working construction to earn some money to go on a trip with a friend. He asked some of the Hispanic workers if they could give him & his friend a ride home. They said sure, we'll take you home. I guess once they got into the car the workers didn't turn where Jimmy said to turn & were talking in Spanish & Jimmy & his friend were starting to get nervous. So he texted me and said "Jess, I think they are taking me to Mexico". I thought he was joking, so I texted back "don't let them sell you for less than 5 pesos". Turns out he wasn't joking, they were really scared & when they stopped to fill up for gas Jimmy & his friend wouldn't get back in the car & called a parent to come pick them up. He got home & told me what happened, and I felt REALLY bad! Jimmy's worth a lot more than 5 pesos.