Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We had some family pictures taken last week for our Christmas cards.
Here are a few of our favorites:

this was the location. Isn't it beautiful?!
Yup. My hair looks awesome.

Rockin the side part

I love my family!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

SUPER long fantastic holiday weekend!

THURSDAY- Jimmy was home!!! * A turkey the size of an infant for 3 people...leftovers * TONS of food * mini nap * Stretchy pants to accommodate the overeating * Massive amounts of pie * Dressing Preston up as a turkey * Family * Golf (the card game) * How to Train Your Dragon = LOVE!!! * Patrick catching some sort of bug which caused him to (in his words) "scream death metal into the toilet all night". Rough night with him sick * Convincing other people to do my black Friday shopping so I could stay with a sick hubs * Sense & Sensibility till I fell asleep *

FRIDAY- Patrick was recovered enough to have a friend from Utah come hang out for the day * Target * Famous Footwear * Walmart * Shopping with Jimmy at all those places * Visit to the Grandparents * A check engine light on, a low coolant light on, an oil light on, then off, then on, then off, then on again * Almost finishing Prestons Christmas shopping * Cute hats with bows * Turkey samich * Toy Story 3 (How to train your dragon was better) * Visits with Krissa * Learning how to eat Dove Peppermint Bark the PROPER way * Speaking in Dove Promises * Annoyances * Cleaning up an entire dog water dish that was tipped over when someone in a walker raced after the dog, causing him to knock over the water. This was then followed by a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper exploding. Fun. * Chilis * Law & Order: SVU *

SATURDAY- Started off well, did some cleaning and laundry, Patrick went to work * Shopping with Krissa at the mall, which wasn't as bad as the parking lot made it seem * Fancy Schmany Church outfit on sale at JCPennys for P-Rex * Searching for a dress to wear for Patricks work Holiday Party * Panda Express * Laundry * Then I started to feel sick, and decided that since Patrick screamed death metal into the toilet that I should lay some background tracks. Translation- SO SICK . Thankfully Patrick had been through it before and could tell me exactly what was going to happen next * Preston spending lots of time with his daddy * sleep *

SUNDAY- Still not feeling too great * naps * monkey bread * Jimmy going back to BYU (sad) * Bree's farewell * An extremely hyper kid during church * Leaving early due to sickness * Bones * Psych * L&O:SVU (I watched a lot of tv while laying around being sick * Lots of time with the snuggie * Running out of Dove Peppermint Bark *

This week....not too much going on. Our ward christmas party is on Friday, got a few errands to run, still looking for a great dress for the holiday party. Crossing my fingers that Preston doesn't catch the sickness!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Truth is- I eat chocolate covered peanuts the same way every time I eat them. I split it open in my mouth, move the peanut out and then one side of my mouth gets to eat just the chocolate and the other side eats the peanut. It always feels like I'm punishing one side of my mouth, or playing favorites with the side that gets the chocolate. So sometimes I'll switch which side gets what. Wouldn't want to start an uprising.

The Truth is- You know that cult classic movie The Labyrinth? I saw that movie for the first time like 2 years ago. I dunno how I can call my childhood a childhood with the absence of The Labyrinth. Preston has already watched part of it. The part where David Bowie is singing "Dance Magic Dance" holds his attention quite well. I am kind of hoping its the puppets he's captivated by and not David Bowie dressed as the Goblin King rockin a power mullet.

The Truth is- We use to have this parakeet named Sunny, and she only had 1 trick she could do. She would dance to a song. But not just any song, she would only dance to MMMBop by Hanson. She would move her head up and down and side to side when I played that song. And I played that song A LOT.

The Truth is- Patrick and I have a no "sweetheart" rule. He can't call me "sweetheart" as a term of endearment. It makes me feel old. Like really really old. I'd even prefer him calling me his shorty (but only if he pronounced it shaawwwty) then sweetheart. Maybe I'll change my mind as we grow old together.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Truth is- That Mondays use to be "bathroom day" at my house. It was the day set aside for the cleaning of bathrooms and polishing of the porcelain. But then Patrick's schedule got changed to where he is home of Mondays, and I don't want to be cleaning bathrooms when he is home. So bathroom day has been changed. Mondays is now "Dollar Store" day! Yay! I recently discovered my love for the dollar store, and then shared the love with Patrick. So now every Monday we go to the dollar store and then walk out saying things like "I'll never shop anywhere else again!".

The Truth is- Sometimes when I'm alone in the car (or with Preston) I sing songs and practice them as if I would be singing them if we went Karaoke-ing. So don't be shocked if we ever go out karaoking together and I'm shockingly good at a specific song. The truth is I've practiced it a lot.

The Truth is- Sometimes Patrick and I have conversations about such topics as "If the White Witch of Narnia had you in her sled & offered you food, what you you chose?" Because we all know turkish delight while it looks delicious is horrible. I always think that the food has to be bite sized food. Like little smokies wrapped in bacon or something. And Patrick always goes with something really messy so that he could make a mess all over her white fur coat. And then we spend some time practicing our White Witch voices and saying things like "More vienna sausages!?" or "More buttery corn on the cob?!"

We have fun.
Like a G6.

I really think you should play along today.

Monday, November 15, 2010

FRIDAY- Even though it was a Bruce day Krissa came over and showed me the easiest, yet super creative way of making cards. * Subway * Dove Peppermint Bark = LOVE (but apparently not available in normal stores) *Pride & Prejudice: "You have bewitched me body and soul and I love i love i love you" * Total jammie day. Didn't change all day * Bones (the show) * Finishing Mr. Darcy's Diary. So good. *

SATURDAY- Woke up at 4am with the worst runny nose & face ache. Couldn't go back to sleep, so I watched Notting Hill instead. By the time I was ready to go back to bed Preston woke up. He too had a runny nose & was sneezing. Poor sick baby * Walmart for some formula/diapers * Naps * Hobby Lobby to get paper for Christmas cards * More sleeping for Preston, more card making for me * Watching a special on Disneyland and then having an enormous desire to go to Disneyland * Hanging out with Patrick * Stake Conference: Adult Session where Preston was less then quiet & we spent a majority out in the foyer where he showed me his new skill of finding any little thing on the floor and putting it in his mouth * more Bones (the show) *

SUNDAY- Early church (huzzah!!) * Attempt at a nap, but foiled by a baby who was tapping Morse code on the wall * Family over for dinner- "chicken fried pork chops" (which is what Patrick calls this certain type of pork chop dish i make. No chicken is involved at all, Rosemary Herb potatoes, Green beans, & pumpkin roll * Showing off Prestons new tricks to impressed grandparents * Reading * SLEEP *

This week is going to be.....busy.... babysitting. Lots of babysitting. And a follow up appt for Preston. Hopefully it goes fast because I can't WAIT for Thanksgiving!!! 9 days till Jimmy comes home!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Truth is- I don't really understand why orange juice is strictly a breakfast drink. I LOVE orange juice, but I feel like I can only have it in the morning. All the other juices seem to have widened their range & can be drunk at any meal. Well except maybe grapefruit juice. Which is NEVER ok to drink.

The Truth is- I have a bad habit that I need to break. Everytime I see Preston about to fall I close my eyes. It's like if I don't see it it isn't happening. It's going to happen where I close my eyes and don't see what happen and then Patrick will ask me what happened and I'm going to have to make something up. I just don't want to see him get hurt! I can handle it after it's happened, but seeing it makes me feel like I let it happen.

The Truth is- I love Baby Will Smith (aka his son Jaden Smith). Every movie he's in, I cry. Especially The Pursuit of Happyness. Karate Kid is no exception. I didn't like having to watch him get beat up lots. He's a good little actor!

The Truth is- Patrick and I went to Vegas for our 1yr anniversary a few years ago, but we didn't do much. We did walk the strip, kinda. And we did watch the fountain at the Bellagio. But mostly we stayed in our room, cranked the AC and watched a marathon of House. We're such homebody's.