Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Truth is- I'm pretty sure Preston can already tell I'm a dork and embarrassing. Example. Last week I was feeding him raisins (which was an interesting experience on its own) and I showed him how there were 5 more little boxes of raisins. So then in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice I told him "There's a lot more where this came from.... if you go to the dance with me". He just gave me a look.

The Truth is- Sometimes Patrick and I forget that Heath Ledger died. Then we'll be driving in the car and randomly one of us will say "I miss Heath Ledger". Because we do.

The Truth is- We've been sleeping with our bedroom window open, which is so so nice. The only problem is that in the morning before its real light out the birds will start chirping. It wouldn't be a problem, but it's so faint & steady that I think it's our alarm going off. So then I sit straight up in bed and listen and realize it's just the birds. But by then it's too late to go back to sleep, I'm wide awake. Stupid birds.

The Truth is- About every other time I take a sweater off I start singing the song from Grease "Your the one that I Want". It reminds me of that part at the end of the movie where Danny peels off his letterman sweater and then starts singing. Lucky for me Preston thought it was hilarious when we had an impromptu Grease sing-a-long the other day. So maybe he doesn't think everything I do is dorky and embarrassing!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Truth is- I have this strange habit where if I'm around someone and they pop something, like knuckles or wrist or whatever I feel like I have to do it too. Sadly I don't have too many body parts that actually pop & crack. Like my back, doesn't crack. But I still try when I see someone else do it.

The Truth is- When we came home from our Honeymoon (to Disneyland) our bedroom door was shut. I thought "aww maybe the boys cleaned it up for us" because when we left it was a mess from moving all Patricks stuff in. Wrong. Our entire room was covered in these creepy old church pictures that the boys had gotten from the library at church. I guess they were getting rid of them and they were somehow rescued by one of the boys and kept in the trunk waiting for the perfect time to use them. I'm not kidding when I say they were everywhere. The ceiling, inside the medicine cabinet, inside the toilet bowl seat cover, inside the cats litter box, in my closet on the walls hiding behind my clothes, taped to the fan, EVERYWHERE. Would have been funny if we weren't so tired & hot (7 hr car ride in June = tired/hot feelings). But it's funny now. I actually still have a few of the pictures hanging up in hidden places in our room.

The Truth is- In my craft room there are caramels. Craft caramels. You can only eat them if your doing crafts. There also happens to be Craft Candy Corn. Makes me very motivated to finish crafts. Delicious.

The Truth is- I just remembered last night that on the day we got engaged I lost one of my favorite sweaters. It was windy out, so I had on a light sweater (it was grey with a small pink butterfly on the left side). I had it tied around my waist on the way back to the car, and noticed when we got to the car it was gone. Sure we could have gone back to get it, but we were in a wing love coma. Wing coma b/c we had a picnic of Native New Yorker wings and Love coma because we had just gotten engaged. Poor lost comfy sweater.

Monday, October 18, 2010

FRIDAY- after a week of company everyone left & boy were things quiet * "I am Number Four" (its a book. Its a GOOD book) * Girls night!! * Banana cake, guacamole, quiche, basically all deliciousness * MOW - its pronounced like now but with an M. Not Mow like some people (me) thought. Fun game though! * Finding the lost pacifier * Patrick watching scary movies with Eliott (since I can't watch them with him) * Start of watching When in Rome (ehhh...I wont watch the rest of it. )

SATURDAY- *Community garage sale!!! Got Preston some things for Christmas like some books & a speak-n-say. shhhh don't tell him! Also got him a walker that seems to be possessed b/c it on several ocassions it will make noise & then not shut off or make the noise when I press the buttons. Hence the batteries were taken out * Finishing "I am Number Four" (you should read it b/c there is a movie coming out soon) * Barros * Patrick cutting a pumpkin in half with his sword so that I could make some pumpkin puree "I thought it tasted a little like sword...." * Making the puree and feeling like a pioneer woman * Pumpkin Gingersnap Caramel Cheesecake. Yup. * Watching a National Geographic special on Tornado's with the hubs. Saturday night and we're home watching national geographic specials. Sad!! *

SUNDAY- * Watched a few episodes of Bones * Chopped things up for the dinner we would be having * Church* Patrick's dad came over for a delicious buttery dinner of - Marlboro Man Sandwiches, Resturant style smashed potatoes & The cheesecake * An extremely tired Preston. He was up from 1:15pm-8pm * More Bones, but this time I fell asleep. I wonder how that episode ends . . . .

This week not much is going on: Dr's appt for PRex, grocery shopping, Bruce, chores (blehhhh) and perhaps a craft day Saturday!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Truth is- This is my 100th post!!!! I kind of expected balloons and confetti to fall from the sky in it's honor. Didn't happen. Yet. . . . .

The Truth is- When we were younger, when the boys were younger if a movie had someone kissing in it they would always yell out "It's rated K for Kissing!". I still think about that when someone gets smooched in a movie.

The Truth is- Once I raked up over $60 in library overdue book fee's. I don't know how it happened. But it did. And so for my punishment I grounded myself from the library and lost my library checkout privilages. I didn't go to the library for over a year. Which, if you know me is a BIG DEAL. I read A LOT. But I figured I learned a lesson. Well last a few weeks ago I lifted the punishment and took Preston to the library to get some books. I also checked out 2 movies for us. And the truth is that those two movies were returned late. I didn't know they were due back in a week! They were 3 days late. I now have overdue fee's. I guess I didn't learn my lesson.

The Truth is- It's strange to me that people check the expiration date on milk before they buy it. When the boys all lived here we went through 6+ gallons of milk a week. I'd go grocery shopping and have 6 gallons in my cart and hear a lot of "thats a lot of milk" comments. But the truth is if our fridge would hold more I would have bought more. ANYWAYS, I was in the store the other day and heard a lady say "this one expires in a week from tomorrow" and her husband said "we'll never finish it by then". Whats that like?!?! Because even now that it's just Patrick & I living here we go through at least 3 gallons a week if not more.

The Truth is- One year when I was in elementary school I had to miss a day to go to rehearsal for The Nutcracker. However instead of telling everyone I had to miss because of dress rehearsal I told them I had to miss because I was going to a New Kids on the Block concert. And thats the story of how for 1 day I was popular.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Truth is- There is a rat on our bedroom door. Not a REAL rat of course. It's a picture of a rat that my nephew drew in school that one of the boys found and stuck onto our door. And we left it there. Partly because we didn't know what it was for awhile (a rat holding a piece of cheese can look very different when drawn by an 8yr old) but mostly because it's fun to tell people "it's the room with the rat on the door" when they are looking for our bedroom.

The Truth is- Yesterday there was this huge storm. And thats fine. But last night we were out of formula so I went up to Bashas to get more. It was calm when I left, calm when I got to the store, apocalyptic when I came out. But I got to my car, used both hands to get the door shut and then sat there. The wind was blowing cars so much car alarms were going off, sideways rain and then there was hail. And I thought. I've seen Twister. I know what happens next. So I turned on my lights. Because if there is a tornado coming towards me I want to be able to see it.

The Truth is- When we first moved here I was 12, and people kept talking about "Snowbirds". I was 12! From California. I had NO IDEA what a snowbird was. Did I tell anyone I didn't know? Nope. Just stayed on the lookout for some strange exotic type bird that apparently reeked havoc on you when driving. The bird never surfaced, and as the years passed I learned the true meaning of snowbird.

The Truth is- Patricks been trying for a looooong time to talk me into getting Netflix. I don't know why I've been holding out, maybe it was the idea of another bill every month. But yesterday new Karate Kid movie came out. And I really really wanted to see this movie. And so first thing in the morning I checked our local Blockbuster Express kiosk and it wasn't there (sometimes they don't add new movies for awhile). And that was the straw that broke the camels back. The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith has forced us to become Netflixers.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

FRIDAY- Bruce day * Visit from Krissa * Discussing crafts * Cudding with a cuddly Preston * Very cheesy Cheeze its * Joann's for fabric * Getting a work out carting around bolts of felt * A new Glee cd!!! * Oreo McFlurry = McDeliciousness * Ironman 2 (well at least the first half) * The best picture of Preston EVER * Insomnia *

SATURDAY- *conference * Learning to use my sewing machine! Now I can sew just as well in real life as I can in my head!! * Hearing the phrase "I bet your wondering what this has to do with flying an airplane" * Visiting with Krissa * Cutting felt for our pillows * Patrick drooling over a Pumpkin pie Blizzard * A super adventurous Preston * Lots of vacuuming * Grocery store * LOTS OF CRAFTS! Oh like what you ask? Let me show you what I made Saturday:

A Halloween Wreath
I'm not crazy about it...looks like a black sun with orange beams. But it's growing on me!
A pillow.
These are the colors I want to use for the living room. It was the first thing I've sewn since Jr. High Home Ec.

Ghosts decorations.
I'm going to poke holes in the top and put twinkle lights inside to illuminate them.
Thanks for eating 6 jars of baby food a day Preston.
Finally I can put the jars to good use!
Flower petal pillow.
There is a lot I would do different for this pillow for next time.
But thats ok! it was fun and SUPER cute!
Made it for Krissa because I'm just that nice.
And technically I made it Sunday, but it still gets put in Saturday crafts.

SUNDAY- * a dream within a dream. Was someone trying to Inception me?! It won't work! * Making a LOT of quiche. But having it be delicious * naping * Family bday dinner for Carly & Blaine * curly hair * new to me clothes * Preston with flame hair * more conference * HEADACHE * more quiche * more fun *

This week: Hopefully the car will pass emissions this time around *fingers crossed! Family over for dinner, probably more crafting/sewing, cleaning, library, and who knows what surprises will come our way!