Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm learning to love Halloween.
Each year it gets better.
I think its because when you have a group costume its easier for people to tell what you are. 

This year we decided to go as the cast of the Disney/Pixar movie Up!
Mostly because we have watched this movie a trillion times now.

And of course our children were less then happy about taking pictures, or in Jaxton's case less then happy about being awake or being held or about having ears. (rough day). 

I'm pretty happy with the results. Especially Preston and Patricks.

The best part about this is that thanks to the magical land of Goodwill/Savers we got everything we needed for our costumes for about $20 total! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch!

We purchased a Groupon this year to visit a pumpkin patch. It was a different one then he one we went to last year but just as enjoyable!
And while the weather has been cooling off the past few weeks it warmed right back up again just in time for our outing. 

First thing we did was the pony ride. I didn't think that Preston would want to do it since he's never ridden a horse before, but I was wrong, he was all over the idea. Probably because he's very into Toy Story and wanted to ride a horse like Woody does. 

His horse's name was Ruby & had red hair just like Preston.

Such a pro!! 

Jaxton hung out and watched all the action. For some reason everytime we went to take a picture of him on Saturday he would put his arm up. You'll see what I mean by the end of this post. 

Next we did the barrel train ride. Or rather Preston did. Again I didn't think he would go by himself, but he was fine! I of course was the anxious mom watching thinking "do you think he's ok? do you think he's scared? Do you think it's too bumpy? Do you think he's going to try to get out?" But he was GREAT! I can't imagine what type of wreck I'll be when he has to go to school or something! 

I showed him where we would be watching him and as soon as he turned the corner he waved and yelled Hi to us. 

After that Jaxton was done with sitting in the stroller watching all the fun so we went on a hayride to the petting zoo. 

And lastly the hayride dropped us off at the pumpkin patch. The boys had fun crawling all over the hay, and I only had to tell Preston 3 times to not throw pumpkins, so that's good! 

See what I mean about the hand raising?!? 

We tried to get a picture of the two boys both looking at the camera smiling but it was a lost cause.  

And with a little begging I got Preston to take a few pictures with me. 

Fun times! We've been to a different Pumpkin Patch every year since having Preston so we're becoming Pumpkin Patch experts. We'll have to see what next years is like! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

6 Weeks

It's been 6 weeks since I started trying to lose weight. Any day now I expect it to get easier. The eating has gotten much easier. It's the exercise part that isn't so easy. I just get BORED with it. I've been running a lot lately, and watching a show or two while I do, and that helps, but I don't feel like I'm doing enough. My dvd's are just getting old to do, so I need to figure out something.
About once a week I'll hit a wall where I just get into a funk and just feel TIRED of just trying so hard all the time. I get tired of thinking about everything I eat and if I should or shouldn't eat it or how much of it to eat. I get tired of constantly thinking "i hope this is worth it". I get tired of giving up my time to workout when I hate doing it so much. But it usually doesn't last long and I snap out of it (with some encouragement from friends & family) and I just keep trucking.
The weather has been cooling off slightly which means more walks in the morning time. I can't wait till it's really cool and we can spend our afternoons outside.
But everything is going well and moving in the right direction with my weight. As of yesterday, my 6 week mark i was down :

16 pounds

I'm beyond happy about this. I worked for this. I sweated for this. I sacrificed for this. I earned this.

And as for what else is happening around these parts:

*I have been without my iphone for a few weeks now. RIP. I hate not having a good phone. I miss taking pictures whenever I want, music, maps, apps, emoticons, fast texting, EVERYTHING. Only a few more months and I can get a new phone. Lets hope I and the 7yr old Razor phone I am currently using make it that long. This also explains my lack of blogging lately since who wants to see a post without pictures of the orange one and the dimpled one?! I know I dont!I do have a camera to use in the mean time thanks to Krissa so my boys lives wont be undocumented for a few months.

* It's almost Jaxton's birthday!!! I can't believe it. Where did the year go???? Seriously I feel like he's only 6 months old. But He's not. I'm working on his birthday party which I think will be cute. We have a chalkboard countdown going for Jax's bday and everyday when I change the number Preston tells me "It's almost Jaxton's birthday!" He'll then tell me that about 6 more times during the day. It's then followed by "It's almost my birthday!" Not quite kiddo. 

*Toy Story is always playing at our house now. It's not so bad I guess since there are 3 movies to rotate. For some reason the first time you see Buzz Lightyear in the movie Preston will always yell out "Buzz Lightyear Buzz Lightyear Buzz Lightyear!" 

Time out, Preston just came up to tell me it's almost Jaxton's birthday. See? Happens a lot. 6 might have been a wrong guess. 

*Our callings at church are going well. I'll feel relieved when the Primary Program is over. Did you know it was the job of the 2nd counselor to write it & organize it?! Neither did i! But it's been a learning process. 

*Halloween costumes are being assembled. We decided to go as a family as the characters from UP. Preston will be Russell the Boyscout, Patrick will be Mr. Fredrickson, Jaxton will be the dog Dug, and I shall be the bird Kevin. I'm pretty dang excited for it to all come together. 

*Jaxton is getting his first haircut tonight. Goodbye who-hair. I'll miss the curls. I might even cry. 

I could go on and on, but I wont. I'll take pictures of the haircut. Because lets be honest, this blog is nothing without the pictures!!!