Friday, October 14, 2011


36 Weeks 4 Days!

18 DAYS TO GO!!!!

To say that I'm "done" would be an understatement. But I have a feeling these next 3 weeks are going to go even slower then the previous 3 did. But it's almost over!!!

I must be looking pretty pregnant at this point since people have stopped asking "how far along are you?" and are now asking "how much longer do you have?".

I feel like I'm just about ready for baby Jaxton to show up. The only things left on my "to-do" list are to buy batteries for the swing, set up the pack & play bassinet, finish cleaning my room & get the carrier ready for our trip home.

A few weeks ago I made about 14 freezer meals which was a big thing I wanted to do this time around. Now I wont have to worry so much about whats for dinner for a few weeks. Every time I open the fridge & see it all there I feel relieved.

All the baby clothes are ready! Yes. We have a lot of clothes. He probably wont be wearing the same thing twice.
Preston still doesn't really have a clue whats going on. He's a smart kid though, I think he'll figure it all out pretty fast.

As of last Tuesday I was dilated to 0 and 0% effaced. Not that it matters since I'm having a C-Section.

The baby is head down though, and as of 3 weeks ago my doctor estimated he was a little over 5 lbs. I estimate he's MUCH bigger then that at this point seeing as how I gained like 4lbs in 2 weeks.

We're very excited for Jax to be here. And very excited to be able to sleep on my stomach & not get up to use the bathroom 3 times a night. Nov 2nd (the big day) is a Wed, and we'll probably be home Saturday afternoon, but we welcome any visitors who want to stop in either at the hospital or at our home to ooh and ahh over our cute little baby :D