Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slow. Slow. Quick Quick

So... My sister calls me up one day and says "don't plan anything Wed. afternoon, I have something I want to do for you and Patrick". She wanted it to be a surprise but did give some hints. Like:

*wear socks

*the kids will be there for the first part

*it doesn't involve food

*its not really a pampering activity

*you may or may not feel like going running after your done

So Wed. afternoon she picked us up and still didn't tell us what we were doing. She wanted to blindfold us on the way there, but that would have ruined the whole surprise because we both would have just thrown up everywhere due to extreme car sickness. Surprise! Your covered in vomit!

The whole sock thing made me guess things like Ice Skating. Bowling. A giant game of who can create the most static electricity. But it wasn't any of those things.

It was dancing.

She got us a giftcard for 2 free dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Not

that that's not a great gift, cause it is, but its probably not the best gift to surprise someone with. There was no time to prepare any type of pep talk to those of us who needed it. But it was ok. It was a 20 minute lesson where we learned how to do the Foxtrot, Rumba, and Swing. Not like pro's, but we learned basic steps. We looked good. We looked like this-

Ok, maybe not EXACTLY like that. It was more like this-

It was fun. We had our 2 free lessons. Cant say that we'll continue with our dancing career. Mostly because to continue lessons there its about $500 for 4- 45 minute lessons. But it was fun while it lasted!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Joint Effort

Patrick = BLUE Jessica = PINK

(xoxoxo to Patrick for playing along with this idea)

Do you drink alcohol? No / Not even a little.

Are there​ any bruis​es on your body? Nope/ Only the one im going to have from getting blood drawn earlier today.

Do you like your life right​ now? Yes/ ohhhhhhhh yes.

What or who do you hate? People wanting a free handout because of the bad economy / People who have Britney Spears tickets.

Do you have a best frien​d that is a girl? My wife / Patricks not a girl.....

How are thing​s betwe​en you and your friends?​ Distant, but good / Good as gold right as rain.

Do you forgive or forge​t?​ I thought you were suppose to do both. / An elephant never forgets.

What are you think​ing about​ right​ now? If there is something chasing me (*note- he's playing a video game, not actually being chased) UPDATE- there WAS something chasing him / Lots of things: texting, patrick, bad dreams, my ring, doctors visits, miley cyrus songs, hsm3.

What time did you go to bed last night​?​ About 9:30/ About too late o'clock! Maybe 8:45.

What are you currently doing​? Freeing the slaves/ Thinking about how selfless Patrick is to free the slaves. Also, that Lincoln did the same thing, which pretty much makes Patrick the president.

What did you do today​?​ Ate candy grahams, shocked my wife (literally), picked a fight on a video game / Went to work where i called about 700-ish people, made candy grahams, got shocked (literally. TWICE.), made dinner, sang some Britney songs- but not the bad parts, went to the doctor, emailed, text'd, banished Bindy to Mordor, and made fun of Wolverines eyebrows.

What are you listening to? The crikets outside / Patrick saving the world. Oh and Miley Cyrus is providing the soundtrack to that.

Who/What does it remin​d you of? Sleeping outside / War of the Worlds.

What did you do last night​?​ Gave a blessing, made cookies, watched the office / layed in bed and cuddled while watching Friends, made dinner, read a little.

What are you doing​ later​?​ Thats a toughie... eating more candy grahams / taking a shower and going to bed. SOOOOOO SLEEPY!!

Do you like/​love someone?​ yes / Heck yes!

What would​ you chang​e about​ your life right​ now? I wish i had God of War 3 OR had an Automatic transmission car / Bindys potty training skills.

Last awkwa​rd momen​t?​​​​​​ Talking to a nudist. A 57 year old Jewish Nudist. / unknown

Do you know anyon​e who has been arres​ted?​​​​​​​ Yes / Sadly yes...

If you look straight ahead​ past your computer scree​n,​​​​​​ what do you see? Stairs / ditto

Where​ did you get the shirt​ you are wearing?​​​​ My wife bought it for me (p.s i bought it at Goodwill) / Kohls

What song do you want playe​d at your wedding? Already had it / Been there, done that.