Monday, July 28, 2014

Bring the Heat

I feel like we didn't do much this week compared to weeks past. But that probably has a lot to do with the fact we've been under a "heat advisory" the past few days. So stinking hot around here! Like in the One-teen-hundreds hot. 

The boys spent a lot of time pantless. And shirtless. Anything to stay cool!
Pretty funny that in this picture they are mirror images of each other. They were playing Angry Birds on the tablet which Preston discovered this week & is in love with. Jaxton's just happy to be included in watching. 

We did go to Lowe's to make a craft. This week it was the Taco Truck from Turbo. And guess what? We didn't make any mistakes! "First try!"- Lego movie. But look at those instructions! Complex right? And that was the easiest they have been all summer. 

We went to Del Taco to play in the play place. Why are there no play places anymore?! McDonalds is all computers and touch screen stuff. If I wanted my kids to have screen time we would stay home. I want them to play & burn off some energy. 

Naturally we got some french fries and Churros. 

Lucas's first Churro. Big hit. Even bigger mess. 

We went to Barnes and Noble to visit the train table and look at all the fun books and toys and I let the boys throw pennies into the fountain out front. I explained that you make a wish and throw the penny in and Preston was SUPER disappointed that his wish didn't come true that very second. (He wished for a game for the PS4 that he really likes playing). 

It's monsoon season which means standing water in the backyard which means mosquito breading ground. Poor Jaxton got eaten up one night. He just went outside for a minute and came back in covered in bites. 42 to be exact. Not a fun time for him. We were applying anti-itch cream like it was lotion and he had as much Benadryl as I was comfortable giving him. He's so brave though. He hardly complained about them at all & then Preston had 2 bites on the top of 1 foot and complained for DAYS about them! 

Teething. He's got both bottom teeth broken through at this point, but we just discovered yesterday that his top 2 are starting to come down. Hoooooray! 

We went to the splash pad under the Gilbert water tower. Took the boys a little while to get warmed up to the idea but they all liked it. 

And Preston and Patrick have bonded over their love of wings, wedges and Star Trek. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Last week

16 days till school starts. The countdown has begun! 

This week Jaxton had some homework from the lady who comes over to work with him on speech. We are trying to strengthen his mouth muscles, which sounds silly, but a lot of time he talks with his teeth clenched and doesn't open his mouth wide enough for sounds.
One exercise was to dab sticky stuff around his mouth and he had to use his tongue to get it off. He picked Nutella over Peanut Butter. We have to keep working on this. 

Next we put cereal on the table and he was suppose to use just his tongue to pick it up. We have to keep working on this too since he was scooping instead of poking. But it doesn't really feel like work when its all food related. He likes it and the other boys want to try it too, which is fine by me. 

We had a family date night to Golfland. Or rather, Preston told me he would share his date and let me come with him golfing with Daddy. How kind of him. 

My boys love golfing. Or rather they love walking around with a golf club and then putting their ball in the hole. Hey, guaranteed hole in one with that method! 

Around hole 8 Jaxton needed a bathroom break (typical jaxton) so Preston and I rehydrated and took pictures. 

This week Lucas expanded his ever growing list of finger foods. He LOVES spaghetti. He ate as much of it as he could. 
And pizza wasn't so bad either.
Guess he is one of us after all! 

This week we bathed the boys together which was SO much easier until everyone wanted out at the same time. 

We went with Laura and her kids to a place called Pump it Up. Its full of blow up bouncy houses/slides/fun things.
Hallelujah for the fact it was indoors. The boys had a great time.
Here is Preston going up the slide and Jaxton sliding down. 

Jaxton had just finished the obstacle course. 

They had an interactive game where you could stand and pop the balloons that came up and the boys thought that was great. 

Lucas was there too & tried to escape my grasp to go on the obstacle course (pictured behind him) but I wouldn't let him. 

I did let him go down a small slide with Preston though. 
 My kids are braver then I thought they were. I thought they wouldn't want to climb up these tall things or slide down without me but I was so so wrong!! And I'm glad. 

They finished out their visit with a game of air hockey.
The final score was a tie:
Preston's smashed fingers- 1
Jaxton's smashed fingers- 1

Since they love "golfing" so much I got them some golf clubs and balls at Savers and then one afternoon we made our own golf course. 

And the week ended with us in our Sunday best trying to get a normal picture.


Cow Appreciation Day!

Every year Chick-Fil-A has a "cow appreciation day". The whole idea is dress up like a cow & you get a free meal. Genius idea on their part- free advertising! I wanted to do it last year, but I was as big as a cow and not in the mood to dress up like a cow. Or drive. Or eat. Or do anything but lay on the couch. But this year is different! Chick-Fil-A is delicious so I gathered my cow making supplies, which strangely enough I had a lot of, minus the boys white shirts, and made us into cows. 

Preston was way excited about his outfit. He might have even worn it for 2 days. Hey, it's summertime. Thats what we do. 

I wanted a picture of his tail so he turned around and shook his booty for me. 

Even Lucas got a free kids meal. My baby calf likes his french fries! 

Dear Chick-Fil-A: You have my permission to use this photo. It's so stinking cute. 

After eating, or rather after I ate and the boys drank their chocolate milk we had to go ride the carousel.
Had to. You try going to the mall with these guys and not riding the carousel. Its a crime.
Funny enough after the ride the attendant said they were such cute cows that he gave them vouchers for free kids meals at chick-fil-a! Ha! We decided to save those tho. 

Our herd.
Minus Patrick who was at work.
But he said if he was home he would have rather paid for his meal then get a free one and dressing up.
Party cow pooper. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Phoenix Childrens Museum

For Christmas almost 2 years ago we were given a gift card to go visit one of our favorite fun places, The Phoenix Children s Museum. And we just now used that gift card. In my defense shortly after that Christmas I got pregnant with Lucas and then Pukestock 2013 happened and then that whole "my baby keeps having brain surgery" hiccup happened and we just never used it. But yesterday was the day to use it. Thank goodness it didn't have an expiration date! 
BTW we will NEVER go on a long road trip. In the 35 minutes it took to get there Preston would not stop with the "are we almost there? how much longer? why does it have to be so far away?" comments.

We always start with the scarf tube wall. Such a fun simple idea that brings them so much joy. 

I joined the boys in climbing up the enormous tree house. High five for not getting stuck! Although I almost did once...and I did hit my head once. And I took a blurry picture.

I think the noodle jungle was Jaxtons favorite thing. Every time we would come out of a room on that floor he would run to it and run in it and then run out and tell me "i did it!" 

This was a new fun thing we hadn't seen before. Some small owls could be attached by velcro to a belt that you turned and at the top was a bald eagle who had wings like fan blades that would hit them off. 

Peek-a-boo Jaxton!

Preston made me a delicious hot dog. He even gave me an extra bun because he knows how much I like bread. 

Jaxton had to make sure the flowers were arranged just right! 

Lucas hung out in the kids under 3 only room with me for a little bit. He spent a lot of time looking at himself in the mirror till 2 little twin girls showed up. Then he tried to impress them and pull their hair. 

Preston decided that the "car wash" was his favorite thing to do there. He learned how to peddle a bike at school last year so he just zoomed around. Jaxton on the other hand had a little trouble. 

Then they brushed up on their "Plinko" skills in case they ever go on the Price is Right. 

We ended the day back at the tree house and while the boys climbed Lucas found the cutest little baby ever in the mirror. 

All 3 of them fell asleep on the way home which was so nice and of course they all 3 woke up the second we got home.