Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nursery Rhyme Party

At the end of each unit at the boys preschool they always have a class party. I do my best to attend because it's so fun to see the boys in their element and how they act at school - Preston is a goof & Jaxton doesn't speak & I just like to be involved. I think I've made it to every party this year so far. My streak will end in May when we will be out of town for the "water day". I'm secretly ok with this since it will be burning hot that day. Since Jaxton goes in the AM and Preston goes in the PM I get to go to 2 parties! Yay! Sometimes I'll find a sitter so I can go solo and give them some one on one attention, but sometimes everyone comes along.
Yesterday Preston and Lucas came to Jaxton's party. 

We started out by playing BINGO. 

Jaxton was very happy to see us & got a BINGO! 

Then we put some nursery rhymes in order on the "smart board". It's like a white board but motion censored so you tap on it and its interactive! So cool!
Can you guess the rhyme?? 

It's "One Two Buckle my Shoe" 

Then we made a Humpty Dumpty snack! 

Frosting is a big hit with Jaxton so he enjoyed this. 

Preston helped Lucas make one the best he could since Lucas was eating the pieces as fast as Preston was attaching them. 

Then we decorated milk cartons and put stuffing in for our egg drop. Jaxton was busy eating his snack still (frosting) so Preston decorated his and stuffed it with cotton balls.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! Jaxton pushed him off and his egg (hard boiled) cracked. 

Then a few hours later I was back for Preston's party. Lucas was home taking a nap and Jaxton wanted to stay home with his Nana so I got to go alone.
First we decorated for Humpty's fall. 

Humpty was happy for now. 

Then he made his snack

I didn't get a picture of him dropping his egg, I took a video and I'm SO glad I did! He picked his box and spiked it like a football in the endzone. The egg SHATTERED. It was pretty great.

Tomorrow is April 1 & they start a new unit. I'm not sure what it is, but I know the party is on my birthday, which is going to be fun. Maybe I can get them all to sing to me. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Out with the Adenoids, in with the tubes!

Today was the day of Preston's procedure! We talked yesterday a lot about what was going to happen, and how he was going to have to take it easy for the next few days and he was SO excited at the idea that he was going to get a lot of screen time and have lots of cuddle time. The boy loves his cuddles.... 
He even woke up early this morning, too excited to sleep and anxious to have the screen time start. 

We got to the surgery center and we went back and he changed and put on some cool new socks. He was so giggley and chatty with everyone who would come in. The nurse who would be going back with him asked what he had for breakfast & he said "nothing, I cant even eat one single cornflake!" and she laughed. She asked what was his favorite thing in the world to eat and he said "fish. with fish sauce". Since when!? He takes 1 bite of fish 2 days ago and suddenly its his favorite food. Probably the only 5 year old in the world to say that.
When it was time for him to go back he got a little clingy but then the nurse started talking to him about Batman and he was instantly her best friend and ok with going with her. 

I was in the waiting room for maybe 15 minutes before the doctor came out to say they were done. So quick!! His right ear couldn't have a tube put in since the hole in his eardrum is too big and it would fall right out, so they tubed the left year again. They they removed his adenoids. I was worried about this part because it meant he would have to have a breathing tube and and IV and I was worried about the pain he might have. But it's worth it if it means his breathing is better and he gets less bouts of strep/ear infections/snores less. 
He was in a deep sleep when I went back but would nod or shake his head if I asked him something. He had a few sips of apple juice and dozed for the next hour. 

Then almost exactly an hour later his eyes popped open and he was awake. They took his IV out, we got him dressed and he was good to go! He said nothing was hurting and he just wanted to get home and have a donut- what happened to loving fish?!
He looks a little out of it in the last picture, and he was.
About 5 minutes later he showered the car with all the apple juice he had drunk. 

But that was it! Got him home and changed and wiped down and got him a donut and he has been happy ever since. As the day goes on he's getting more and more chatty, more and more like himself and he hasn't complained once that he hurts anywhere. He did say on the way home that he could hear much better which makes me happy for him, and sad that he couldn't hear as well before. We go back in 3 weeks for a checkup, and we will keep an eye on that hole in the other eardrum and figure out the best way to deal with it in the future. 
But for now he is perfect and happy with his extra screen time. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

And it's not even Spring Break.....

Spring Break is upon us.
Break out the shorts and sandals. 

Well technically spring break doesn't start till Monday, but we've been doing some things this week that make it feel like it's spring break.
Wednesday I took the boys to Pump it Up. I feel like every time Jaxton says the prayer before eating he asks that we can go to pump it up. And finally his prayers were heard!
And here he is at the top of the slide about to go down. 

I didn't tell them that we were going to Pump it Up, only that we had some places to go and things to do, so when we pulled into the parking lot and they saw the logo they got SUPER excited. I think Preston kissed me about 5 times before getting out of the car. Normally he only gives me 1 kiss, but pump it up is a 5 kiss destination. 

Preston & Jaxton are really into baseball right now for some reason, so this part was extra fun for them. And "ball" is one of Lucas's favorite words/toys so he just said "ball ball" over and over while throwing the balls out of the pit. 

Until he had a meltdown that is....
We are switching over to 1 long nap a day instead of 2 shorter ones, so some mornings there are some fits being thrown.

Today I had to go to the Scout Shop to get a scout shirt/badges and it's right next to Bass Pro Shop, which the boys have never been to, so we took a side trip and went there first. They were OBSESSED with the fish! Can't wait to tell them we are having fish for dinner tonight!

I think these 2 are ready for a camping trip! Good thing Fathers and Sons is coming up. 

And they practiced sleeping in a tent.

The whole trip was kind of tramautizing for Lucas. Not just because of the giant stuffed wild animals all around but because we went into an elevator & for some reason he has an insane fear of elevators. He screams bloody murder on them.
Didn't scream when faced with a bear tho...

There was this huge fish that the boys thought was hilarious. Well, once they realized there was glass separating them from the fish and after they found out the fish don't have sharp teeth to bite them with they found it hilarious.

Next week is our real "spring break", but I don't know if we'll be having too much fun. Preston is having tubes put in his ears again and adenoids removed on Wed. But I'm sure we can figure out something to do. I find myself getting a little bit excited about Summer and the fun things we will do then. I love hanging out with these goofballs!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Phoenix Half Marathon

Months and months ago I signed up for the Phoenix Half Marathon. Running doesn't necessarily come easy to me, but it's easier for me then swimming or biking like the sprint triathlon I did, so I thought it wouldn't be so bad. There were days and even weeks that I would forget I had signed up for this 13.1 mile race. 
I started working myself up to the race before Thanksgiving, but then took a fitness mental health break and quit for awhile besides the occasional mile or two here and there.
Then about 5 weeks ago I realized this wasn't going to be some easy thing, that running 13 miles at one time, something I had never done before, was going to be something I should get working on.
And so I said goodbye once again to my longtime love, Dr. Pepper, cut back on carbs and started running. And running. And running. 
Some days I really liked it. Most days I didn't. But I did it.
All too soon Saturday was upon us.
I had everything all laid out and ready.
Talk about butterflies.... 

The race started at 6:30 but we had to be at the finish line to get on a bus to the start line no later then 5am. We got there at about 4:25ish I think. It was cold. Or maybe it was the nerves making me feel cold. All I remember thinking about on the bus ride is "oh my gosh the bus is still going...I have to run all this way back to the car..." 

We got off the bus & headed straight to the bathrooms since I predicted they would be busy later. Boy was I right! The lines for the bathroom were hundreds people long about half an hour before we started. It was so cold out!! They had heat lamps around for people to keep warm, but 3,00+ people and maybe 50 or so lamps was just not working out. 

 The starting line!!! 

And then we were off. Started warming up about a half mile into things and was having a lot of fun. There were lots of people cheering from the side of the road, and even a guy handing out donuts to people! I didn't start having problems till about 10 miles in. Problem was I had to go to the bathroom. Don't know how we are suppose to stay hydrated but not stop to go to the bathroom! Once I stopped things went downhill. Never should have stopped. One of my goals was to run the whole thing but sadly I had to do some walking/running between miled 10-11.5. That last mile was the worst. Felt like I was hardly picking up my feet, but more shuffling then anything. But I kept going! There was a lady who was in front of me, and sometimes behind me who had a shirt that said "Run when you can, Walk if you have to, Crawl if you must, but DON'T STOP." And I didn't! Crossed the finish line at 2hr 34 min which was longer then I wanted to take. I wanted to finish it in 2hrs 20 min and 2 hr 30 min at worst. But I still did it!!
Now I can say I did a half marathon! And trust me I'll tell everyone I know. 

It was actually a really good course. Not too hilly, and lots of pretty things to look at in downtown Mesa historical housing district.

The official results.

Today I'm in a LOT of pain! Basically everything from my shoulders down aches. But as the hours pass I realize I enjoyed it a lot and am already ready to sign up for it again next year.
Then maybe someday SOMEDAY I'll do a full marathon.