Monday, August 31, 2009

Boy VS. Girl......

**UPDATED 9/1/09**
OK, the time has come. Next Wed. (9/9/09) at 4pm we have our sonogram to determine the size/weight, and most important the sex of our baby!!!

So I want to know what everyone out there thinks we're going to have. And just so everyone knows everything, I'll post some important details regarding the baby and the pregnancy. That way all guesses will be educated ;D

Here goes:

Hot Pockets
Tostinos Pizza


Fruity Gum
Cranberry Juice
Popcorn (only the microwave kind though....)
Cookies/most desserts

Other important facts-

* I've had 3-4 dreams that we're having a girl. She's looked different in every dream, but still, a girl is a girl!

* Patrick has had several dreams we're having a boy.

*My morning sickness was purely afternoon based, 2-7pm from week 4-about week 14

*My Aunt Carla who has accurately predicted the gender the last 3 or 4 babies born in our family believes we're having a girl. With a track record that good who could doubt her?!

*At Girls Night last week we did the "ring game" where you put a ring on a string/necklace and hold it above your hand. According to the ring I'll have 3 kids. 1st one a girl, the next two boys. It should be noted that the 3 girls there who already have babies did the ring test and it predicted their 1st kids accurately (Natalie- girl, Suzi- boy, Samantha- boy).

* The Chinese calendar says we'll have a girl. The Chinese calendar is around 94% accurate according to online reports.

* The baby's heart rate is about 180/bpm. The old wives tale states that higher heart rates indicate a girl.

*(update) I had a dream last night that we were having the ultrasound and the technican said we would have a girl. But then later in the exam, said Oh, I was wrong, its a boy. And I was really really happy about that. And since that dream I can't help but think about if it would be like, and it seems really fun.

*(update) Someone at work today said I was carrying low, which she said makes her think I'll have a boy. Someday I'll have to post a picture to get a second opinion.

So there you have it! You've got plenty of time to think it over and make correct predictions.
If you must know, I think we'll have a girl. Patrick predicts a boy. But does it really matter?!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So while you were doing THAT, I was doing THIS...

My Weekend....

Friday was Jimmy's birthday, so we had a little family party/dinner for him. Being the strong lover of corn dogs that he is, I decided that I would put some of my recent food network knowledge to use and make homemade corn dogs (thank you Rachel Ray). They turned out pretty good! They were a little spicy...might have something to do with the cumin, franks red hot sauce, and Cayenne pepper that was in the batter. But everyone seemed to like them! Everyone except the unborn child inside of me. But unless it end is "hot pocket" she/he hasn't liked much this week.

Saturday after watching a solid hour of Platinum Weddings with Patrick I took The Kids to go see a movie, Aliens in the Attic, and then to McDonalds for some good ole' fashioned fun and french fries. Oh how I love french fries...
Andrew got Jimmy tickets to the Cardinals pre-season game Saturday night, and since they are huge Cardinals fans they wanted to go all out, and that included face painting. John helped Andrew and then Patrick and I went to work on Jimmy. This was the result, which I think turned out pretty good!!

Later that day/evening I had a girls night (Krissa, Amanda, Natalie, Samantha, Suzi and the babies). SO MUCH FUN. I love those girls! We laughed a whole lot. Oh and there were snacks! Cant wait for the next one in which we might maybe may watch The Hannah Montana movie. And of course eat more. I think its noteworthy to include that I stayed up until about 11:30pm that night. That is a HUGE deal!!! I go to bed at 8, mayyyyybe 9 on the weekends. But it was so worth it. Especially when I learned how afraid of the dark Natalie is...... :D

Sunday was church and naps and eating and of course spending time with this guy:

Sorry Patrick...its the first picture of you that I found on my phone. Although you beard does look pretty good in this picture....Dunno why your nose is so red though!

Good weekend, went too fast of course, but this week is going to be great. Birthday parties, swimming, date night, shopping. It'll be great.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Whatever you say, don't say "I knew it".

Cause if you say "I knew it" then it makes me sad, like I don't have anything to tell you. When REALLY i DO have stuff to say.


* My blog got a makeover (Krissa is made of awesome)

* We got rid of Bindy. Sad.

* Im on my last week of school, then I get a break, then another 9 weeks begins... dun dun dun.

* We're addicted to Lost.

* The Percy Jackson and the Olympian books are pretty great. All 4 that I've read so far at least.

* Im going (with friends) to the So You Think You Can Dance tour!!

What else....what else.... ohhhh yeah

* And we're pregnant again. (This is the part where you DON'T say "I knew it", even if you did know it.)
Sorry we didn't spread the news around earlier. Its only because of last time and how much it sucks to have to tell people if something goes wrong.
But we had a doctors appointment today, and we're at 14 weeks, which means we're out of the danger zone and NOW I can start being excited and tell people. Not that I wasn't excited before, just scared...
And too busy throwing up to be excited.
Hopefully that part is slowing down a little.
Everything looks "PERFECT" according to Dr. Mikel. We got to hear the heartbeat today, which was very much a relief, and in 4 weeks at our next appt he'll give us our referal for a sonogram so we can go find out if its a boy or a girl.
If you ask Patrick it's going to be a boy.
But if you ask MEEEEE it's going to be a girl.
Whoever's right it wont really matter, its just nice to have everything going well.

So I apologize if you've asked me recently if I have any baby news and I told you no, or changed the subject. But I know you'll understand.

Oh, and we're due on Feb. 2nd. Groundhogs Day. And mostly because I hate the movie Groundhogs Day the boys & Patrick have decided we should name the baby (boy or girl) Bill Murray Jr.
This wont be happening.
I dont think.