Monday, August 30, 2010

FRIDAY- Friday I babysat Bruce (18mo) and Gabe (14mo) all day, which combined with my 7 1/2 mo old was....harder then I remembered it being. Of course last time I did have Jimmy to soften the blow of 3 kids under 18 mo.... * Game night for Patrick = one on one time for me and Preston, which was needed after our day of sharing attention * Elizabethtown (oh Orlando Bloom. Thanks you.) * Finishing my topiary (pictures soon on oh snaps ) Staying awake till Patrick got home, but then falling asleep while he was in the bathroom before he came to bed *

SATURDAY- Patrick works Saturdays, so usually Saturday is craft day (ok ok everyday is craft day!) * Cleaned some * Played with almost crawling Preston - he army crawls as well as does the worm to get where he wants to go* Freedom Writers * Visit from Krissa * Return of fire eyes * Chats with Bree * Temple Night * Storm and crazy thunder/rain! * Date Night (the movie) * Cookies * The Hunger Games (Yeah, I've already read the books, but want to re-read #1 and 2 before I read #3 in the near future) *

SUNDAY- Woke up to 17 mosquito bites. Patrick sleeping right next to me woke up to 0 bites. I don't know if that makes me the winner or loser * Nap since the itching and paranoia kept me up a few hours in the middle of the night * Letters to Andrew * Grind (The movie, not some crazy dancing) * Church * Preston in a tuxedo shirt See pictures HERE * Seth's birthday party! * Teryaki chicken & Texas sheet cake (did you know you have to boil stuff to make that!) * Popcorn - which get's a mention in weekend update b/c I haven't wanted popcorn since before pregnancy. * Late night hanging with the hubs * More Hunger Games * Dreams about New York that make me want to travel *

This week- NOTHING. no, really, there is nothing on our schedule! Sometimes we love weeks like that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Truth is- 3 more people last week said Preston looks like Jimmy. Will someone please tell me that my child does actually resemble me?!

The Truth is- Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have forgotten how to tell time. I'll look at my phone to check the time and stare at the numbers (for like 2 seconds) and think to myself "ok I know these numbers mean something...." and then I'll remember. Or I'll look at it and transpose the numbers and see that its like 3:74 instead of 3:47 and lay back down thinking it's only 3:74. Then Like a minute later I'll realize that just doesn't make any sense! Happens quite a bit.

The Truth is- I've picked up a habit from Patrick since meeting him. If someone else is talking and he thinks of something he wants to say instead of interrupting he crosses his fingers so that once they are done he can share what it is he wanted to say. I do the same thing now, but I think people think I'm just trying to get some good luck or something.

The Truth is- I hate pie. I really do. Maybe it's because it's usually served with whip cream and I don't like whipped cream. Pumpkin pie is the worst. No. Lemon Meringue. Pie is not good. But sometimes I'll crave it. My mind is trying to betray my stomach.

The Truth is- I have this CD I made awhile ago and I labeled it "Angy Girl Music". And on this CD is a lot of Britney Spears and Mandy Moore songs. Not exactly Angry Girl Music.... Maybe I just wanted people to think I was hardcore!

The Truth is- The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack will forever remind me of growing up in California and having to wash the dishes with my sister. Of course we'd take turns washing/rinsing/drying/putting away, but we never really listened to anything besides that tape. Yup. Cassette tape. I heard the song "Hungry Eyes" on the way home from the gym yesterday and had flashbacks of washing spaghetti pots and pans (those were the worst!!).

Monday, August 23, 2010

FRIDAY- Preston slept in super late, so I cleaned before he woke up * Friday was the end of Wedding Season. We no longer have any receptions planned. But we ended on a high note with 2 receptions on the same night! Lots of pie, lots of creme puffs, lots of people! After Patrick, Krissa, P-bibby, Samantha and I went to Chili's. Some fries dipped in honey mustard later we were home and I was asleep.

SATURDAY- Crafts!!! Krissa & I both got some glue gun burns, and even glue in our hair ( i dont know how it happened ) * Hobby Lobby * Subway * Jimmy's birthday!!! * Lots of laughing * Happy news/times * Saturday night my cousin Jon invited Patrick and I to the Diamondbacks game. SO FUN! Our seats were in the "all you can eat" section (which we didnt know existed and will never want to sit anywhere else again!). Preston LOVED it, and so did we! * Mario Kart then bed *

SUNDAY- Preston slept in super late, till like 830 (probably b/c he didnt go to bed till almost 10 the night before) * lazy Sunday morning * Church * A very cranky unreasonable Preston - probably b/c of all those teeth coming in.... * Family dinner w/ green chili YUM! * Cookies * Home to finish Eat Pray Love * Bed *

This week is semi busy. Well actually just TODAY is busy. Getting Patrick's car fixed, play dates, Doctor's appt's, going to look at new phones, and so on!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Truth is- That since I started doing "The Truth is Wed" I will have conversations with people or things will happen and they will say "Hey, you should use that in your truths!" For example....

The Truth is- that in the past few weeks a few different people have told me out of nowhere that Preston looks like Jimmy. Personally I don't see it. I'm not trying NOT to see it, I just don't see it. And normally I would think that Jimmy told them to tell me that Preston looks like him as a joke, but he doesn't even know one of the people who have said that! He think's it's pretty funny and said "hey, you should use that as a truth." Consider it done.

The Truth is- I think I've been playing too much Mario Kart lately. I say this because we'll be driving around and I'll see someone on a motorcycle and I'll think to myself "I wonder how that bike is on speed vs. acceleration" or wonder why they aren't bumping into people to push them out of the way, like on Mario Kart. But then I'll remember we're in the real world now. Might be time to cut back.

The Truth is- That Preston can say "mama". But it doesn't count because he doesn't know he's saying mama. Mostly he'll do it when he's crying or getting whiny. But it's just sounds he makes. He doesn't associate it with me. Which is sad, but also brings up the issue of can that really be his first word if he doesn't know he is saying it??

The Truth is- Everytime I smell or make Top Ramen I think of University of Phoenix. SO many people (myself included) would eat Top Ramen for lunch there b/c it was simple and quick and you didn't have to wait in line to use one of the 3 microwaves they had. But I haven't been able to eat Top Ramen since leaving UOP. I smell it and think of work. Then I think of how much sodium is in it. Lose lose situation.

The Truth is- I'm not a good Hobby Lobby shopper. I go in and completely forget all crafts that I'm working on and what I need or don't need. I never have a list. Or measurements of what I need. Or anything really. Except the weekly coupon! I always have that! Which is how I ended up with no glue sticks, 2 extra bottle of sea foam blue acrylic paint and needing to buy fabric but having no idea how much I needed. The store just overwhelms me! Moral of the story: Make a list before you go to Hobby Lobby. And always check next door at Dollar General before making purchases at Hobby Lobby.
(btw, that conversation happened with someone who also said "you can use it as a truth!")

Monday, August 16, 2010

FRIDAY- Babysitting Bruce went a lot faster with a visit (and Subway!!) from Krissa * Mario Kart with the hubs , then solo when he went to game night * Good times with Preston * Finding THE BEST craft blog ever (Lemon Tree Creations) * Falling asleep while reading "Eat Pray Love"

SATURDAY- Quick walk w/ Preston up to Bashas * Craft days with Natlie, Samantha, and Krissa * Making satin flowers with them as well as sharing laughs/stories. Plus Preston got to play with his true love Riley while we damaged our retinas by staring at a flame for a few hours. (and maybe there was some spilled wax involved. ahem. ) * Snaking all day, but not eating any solid food * Jamie, Patrick's old roommate was visiting from Chicago and came over to visit * A reception. Yeah. * Sonic!! * Grocery shopping and the oh so sweet bag girl putting 32 jars of baby food in 1 bag. Bad idea. * Ended the day with the feeling of starting to get a cold.

SUNDAY- *Patrick officially passed his cold on to me. Thanks. * Leftover pizza * Naps, even after sleeping in * Arrested Development * Preston time * Church * Visiting with friends * A dinner that would have made the chefs at Olive Garden jealous * Letters to Andrew * Nyquil = early night *

This week I must: Get rid of this cold, do some crafts, move some furniture around, keep working on Preston's crawling, mail Jimmy's birthday present and so on.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Truth is- The first time Andrew had Bree watch the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off she asked what it was about and he said "Time machines and dinosaurs". And she believed him till about halfway through the movie. So now if someone asks Andrew what a movie is about and he say "time machines and dinosaurs" you know its not true! But it's funny.

The Truth is- a few truths ago I posted about how Jimmy mixed up the silverware every time he unloaded the dishwasher and he read about it and we had the following conversation:
jimmy "oh by the way the silverware thing was totally done on purpose"
jess "SERIOUS?!?! I never knew!"
jimmy "well we never talked about it!"
jess "well ya, I didn't want to say something and have you take it the wrong way and never unload the dishwasher again."
jimmy "it's pretty funny. I'm doing the same thing here. No one's said anything yet either."
Oh jimmy....we miss you.

The Truth is- I got yet another reminder about my High School Reunion the other day. This one included a "Top 10 reasons you should go" list. On that list was "If you don't go people will talk about you behind your back". WOW. REALLY!?!? Seems so high school of them... Can't imagine why I don't want to go! Oh and my 2nd favorite reason was "all your regular friends are sick of hearing about your kids." Say it ain't so!

The Truth is- Out of all the times I've been on an airplane (and its somewhere over 35 times) I've not once used the airplane bathroom. Kind of scares me in the fact that it's so small and what if there is turbulence?! Plus I watched Lost. I know what happened to the tail section of the plane when it broke off. But I am curious as to what they are really like inside. And the powerful flushing intrigues me. But I don't want to risk it.

The Truth is- When we were younger we use to have a talking calculator. It would speak whatever buttons you were pushing. I don't know what the purpose of that would be, but we had fun times with it. We'd say "is it going to be clear or cloudy out today" and then press the clear button and hear "Clear". Is Laura's head full of thoughts or is it clear?" "Clear". Still makes me laugh thinking about it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

FRIDAY- Our house was transformed into the Hollow Tree where the Keebler Elves reside. I baked most of the day. First there were the oreo truffles. Then salsa (btw the recipe and other craft projects as of late are posted HERE). Then Chocolate Chip cookies. Then Peanut Butter cookies. Then finishing the Oreo truffles. Whew! But it was fun. All the baking was for the party we had that night with our Sunday School class. We really like those kids. They came over, we ordered too much Little Ceasers Pizza, played some Guitar Hero, played some Mario Kart, and then I showed them all how good I am at Apples to Apples. Like really good! They left and I chatted with Krissa for awhile Then as Patrick is sick, we went to bed early. Preston wins the award for going to bed the earliest though with his time of 7:15.

SATURDAY- Strange day for Preston. He wasn't himself. Very lethargic in the AM, sleepy for the remainder of the day. Oh and don't forget about when he threw up his breakfast all over me. Poor kid. Nothing is worse then seeing your baby not feel good. But as the day progressed so did he. Eat, Pray, Love the book. But also did all 3 of those things this weekend. Good book though. Preston slept a lot, and Patrick was at work, so I spent a lot of time working on my mad Mario Kart skills. Which means I looked up shortcuts online. Patrick got home. Naps. Candy Graham consumption. Debates on old Eminem vs newer Eminem. Consensus- old Eminem sounds like a chipmunk, new Eminem is more mature sounding. Reception. Arrested Development. Bed.

SUNDAY- Lazy Sunday morning. Did I mention how Sat/Sun and even today Mon Preston has slept in till around 7:30. He must really love me. Play time with the Preston. Texting. Church. Emailing Andrew. Chats w/ the boys. Count of Monte Cristo. Looking at old family pictures and talking about what a cute kid I was.

Things to look forward to this week: Patrick feeling better. Babysitting for a friend on Wed. Dinner at the MIL's. Craft time Saturday. Visits w/ Krissa. Preston working more on his crawling. Preston turning 7 mo (CRAZY!!!). Getting back to the gym after a lazy week.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Truth is- That since Jimmy left our silverware drawer has stayed the same. I'll explain. When Jimmy would unload the silverware from the dishwasher he would constantly change which spot he'd choose to put the spoons/knifes/forks in. I don't know if he did it on purpose or just didn't remember which were their designated spots. Since he's been gone everything has stayed in the same spot.

The Truth is- If I had to write a paper for school about "how i spent my summer vacation" it would sound a little like this. This summer I started out heading East to spend 7 seasons with those delightful Gilmore Girls. We laughed, we cried, we talked fast. But then those 7 seasons passed in a flash and I packed up and headed West to visit The OC. I'll only be visiting The OC for 4 seasons, but so far it has been so full of drama! Translation: this summer I've watched the entire collection of Gilmore Girls and am now watching all the seasons of The OC. It's been wonderful.

The Truth is- I think I would do good in jail. That is if I were alone and didn't have to deal with any inmates. I just really like having a schedule and a routine and am ok with being told what to do. I'm sure that I would grow tired of it after awhile, but I think I could handle it without going crazy. Is that crazy?

The Truth is- If I had to be a semi truck driver I would never want to be one who has to drive around gasoline. I'd be paranoid that something would happen big or small and then all of the sudden KA-BLAMO! Driving around a truck full of eggs would be hard too. But with less fire if it resulted in a crash.

The Truth is- Sometimes when Preston is eating and he's being a little fussy about finishing off a can of something less then delicious I have to distract him by making noises. At first I was going with the generic "here comes the airplane" but then that turned into "here comes the airplane. Oh no, it's crashing onto an island just like in Lost!" and that turned into me doing character impersonations (every spoonful being a different character of course). If I run out of Lost characters I'll move on and do characters from Mario Kart. He likes it. Sometimes there is laughing involved and then peas get sprayed across the kitchen floor. But he finishes all his food!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The past few weekends have been quite unusual due to Patrick's work schedule (Thurs-Mon 10pm-8:39am). In fact I didn't even realize it was Friday until Friday late afternoon. But here is what happened:

Friday- (honestly I cant remember much. But here is what I do remember) Rain when I woke up * Cleaning * Preston and Patrick both taking naps at the same time and me sitting wondering what to do * Krissa came over! * Target * Some OC drama (the show not a trip to the actual county) * Mario Kart * Craft blog hopping * Crystal Light energy drink (where have you been all my life and I love you) * Letter to Andrew

Saturday- * 50% off Goodwill day!! Preston and I traveled to 2 different stores and got some great stuff!! Our loot included: 4 plant holders (for an upcoming craft project), 3 onesies and 2 button up shirts for Preston, a new dress shirt for Patrick, 2 candle holders (which will be spray painted), a picture frame (for a project i did as a wedding present) and a little turquoise shelf thing with lots of drawers all for about $13! I love it! * Quick trip to Michaels * A craft that should have been 1hr tops taking about 3 hrs * Sandpapering till i bled * a cranky baby with a cranky mom * Reception!! * Preston getting to see his true love Rylie * bubbles for preston * Carl's Jr trip * Friends (the show AND the actual beings) * Phone calls from Jimmy * Mohawk for Preston *

Sunday - * lots of play time with Preston * Church * Noah is here!! (john and rox will post more details later) * Family in from out of town * CAKE * Smiley Preston *

It's obvious saturdays are usually busiest. But all the days were fun. This week will be....different. But the good news is Patrick goes back to a normal schedule as of Tuesday!! Very happy about that. And its wedding season, lots more receptions to come!