Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our Beach Holiday!

*Note- pictures are not in chronological order*

We haven't been to the beach in 3 years. THREE YEARS! So it was time to go. The boys were so excited to go to Oceanside, or as Jaxton called it "Ouch-Inside". We rented a condo that was only about 500 steps from the beach and was nice. Pro's about the condo: Proximity to the ocean, cleanliness, super comfy bed, Amazon Echo (Alexa), Beach view. Con's about the condo: NO AC and it was hot/stuffy/muggy, there was a train track right out back and so we heard the train and horn on and off from about 4:45am-11:30pm, parking was confusing with only 1 assigned spot and 2 guest spots that were first come first serve & only good for 24 hrs. Overall the good outweighed the bad. It was nice to have our own space and not feel like we were intruding on family, but it was a tight squeeze for all 14 of us in a 2bdr 2bath condo. However, having said that, we could have made it work if Jimmy & Andrew & fam had come along. They were missed. 
The big reason we went on this vacation when we did is so that we could be at the beach, one of my moms most favorite places on the 10th anniversary of her passing. She was thought of lots, but being there and being together helped distract all of us. 

I thought that the boys would be afraid of the waves or be bored but they absolutely LOVED the beach. It might be there most favorite place ever. They never complained, and spent so much time digging, playing, running from waves, making up games to play in the water and laughing. It was perfect for them. 

Our set up consisted of A LOT of umbrellas. We got to the beach around 10 every morning and were always able to have a good space

Thursday we walked down to the pier and to the end of it to have lunch at Rubys. Yummy food and yummy milkshakes. Not so much fun walking the mile there and back with sand everywhere. Plus Lucas fell asleep on my back and then I had to carry him. But still good times. 

I did pretty good keeping everyone covered in sunscreen except I missed a spot under Prestons eyes. I thought I was helping him out by keeping it out of his eyes but instead he looked like he'd been in a fight! Other random sunburn spots- part of his back where his shirt came up, the right side of my leg, the top of Patricks head, a strip above Prestons right knee. Overall, not bad at all!

We got to visit with my grandparents while we were there! Always great to see them and catch up. We also got to see Shay and meet her boyfriend Tony & his son Michael and see Nicole and meet her son Walker and her husband Brennan. Everyone was so nice and it was great to be back. 

The weather was nice enough in the evenings that we would go for walks to the park in my grandparents community. 

This was the view from our condo. A girl could get use to this! 

Post beach naps were taken anywhere and everywhere.

Thursday nights is a market down by the pier and so John, Laura and families plus Patrick went to go explore it. They said it was amazing! And they brought me back a chocolate caramel toasted almond croissant which was amazing for me. 

It was pretty warm inside the condo sometimes, so we got a little creative when it came to sleeping. Like air matresses on the roof. Only problem with that was the dew & other moisture in the air meant waking up with a wet pillow/blankets. 

Hitting the waves with my brave boys :) 

 Jaxton was in absolute heaven flying this kite! He has been wanting to fly a kite for months now and he love love loved it. 

Our last day at the beach Lucas crashed and slept for about 2 1/2 hours on the sand. Who can blame him, shady naps with the sound of waves is perfection. 

So long beach. We love and miss you.