Friday, April 13, 2012

If you look through my phone...

This is what you'd see: 

Patrick made Preston his own chair out of PVC pipe. Preston calls it his fire chair. And he loves it. 

(im getting old and need to wear my glasses more and more)

The day Andrew came home everyone wore their Cardinals shirts. 

Me and Andrew are like Peas & Carrots.

Preston was a little confused at saying hi to Andrew since every morning we would "say hi to Andrew" by waving to his picture on the countdown calendar. 


Everyone all together at last. Yes, yes, I'm a little excited... 

This one is already 5 months old! Actually almost 5 1/2 months. He rolls all over now. 

SERIOUSLY!?!? Already?!?!

Preston is going through a phase where he wants all his favorite things in bed with him at night. 

Easter was fun! 

So big! And happy. 

All grown up & playing a racing game. 

Hardly any room left for Preston! 

The boys have been sick this week...
So sad to see them looking like this. 

And this... 

I took Jaxton to the doctor after 15+ hrs of not being able to get his fever bellow 100 degrees with tylenol & cool baths. The highest it got was almost 104, scary! The doctor thought he might have pneumonia or RSV b/c of the rattling in his chest, so we had a chest X-Ray done (not fun for Jax) and it was clear which is good so he just has to do breathing treatments for a few weeks and take some antibiotics for an ear infection. He's already feeling much better, just a little cranky & wants to be held alllllllllllllll day looooooooong. Poor baby.  

See?! Already feeling better!