Friday, July 17, 2015

Other July Stuff

25 days till school starts. 
This is both a good and a bad thing.
I've enjoyed the time with the boys and we have done some fun things, but it's hard to keep their screen time under control & keep them stimulated with the right things. Preston is doing great learning his sight words. He is on page 23 of Hop on Pop which he is very proud of, and so am I!
Jaxton's summer goal is to learn how to spell his name and identify the letters in his name. He's doing well too, if only there wasn't that pesky A in his name! And Lucas? Well Lucas is Lucas. He talks all day long, sings, dances, amuses himself and everyone else too. 

He had a 21 month well check to get some immunizations that he missed at his 18 mo checkup due to being sick. As usual he impressed everyone with his development level. He's already hit a lot of his 2yr old milestones. He's started putting 2 word sentences together and is showing interest in potty training. I can only imagine what a life without diapers is like and it's LOVELY! 

Don't worry. He isn't perfect. He gets into more mischief then the other 2 boys ever did. He climbs on EVERYTHING and tries his best to keep up with the other boys. 

Earlier this week was Cow Appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A, which we LOVE. If you dress like a cow you get a free meal! Free food?? Yes please!! And the boys really liked dressing up this year. 

A true Jaxton smile is a rare thing.
This is a true smile. 

After lunch we went to ride on the carousel.
Their favorite thing is the spinning cup. 
No thank you.
The carousel already makes me sick but add spinning on top of spinning and I was not a fan.
Turns out neither was Lucas and I ended up holding him for most of the ride. 

Boy #1 & #2 got to go on a date with Daddy to the golf place (aka Golfland).
They had dinner, played games and then did their version of golf. 

They have really enjoyed having each other around this summer.
I think Preston being gone all day at Kindergarten will be hard on Jaxton. 

We've done our best to stay cool. Every Monday we go swim at Skyline Pool for a few hours and whenever we are feeling generous we set up the water toys outside. 

Patrick and I took these two to go see the Minions movie. He says that I laughed the most out of everyone.
It's true.
But it was a pretty funny movie. 

Today I took the boys to Pump it Up. A lot of other people had that same idea because it was packed!! But they had fun, I think. 

Lucas was keeping up with the big kids. 

See what I mean about trying to stay cool? Even Tobi is looking for cool spots to lay. 

Fort building has become a daily thing. They try to distract Lucas to keep him from tearing it apart. But I don't think we have enough toys to keep him occupied.
It's ok Lucas. 25 more days and the forts are all yours. 

The 4th of July, 2015

I think Preston loves the 4th of July more then anyone I've ever met.
He might even like it more then Christmas, I don't know.
Probably because on the 4th of July we actually DO stuff as opposed to other holidays where we are boring. 

We usually make 4th of July shirts. This year I found some tie dye kits on clearance at Target in patriotic colors so we did that.
Sad getting a picture where all 3 of them are looking like normal children at the camera is a thing of the past. Someone's always getting smashed or has their eyes closed or isn't looking or something. Like this picture. 

The morning of the 4th Preston came in my room at about 5:30 all dressed in his shirt and said he was ready for the 4th of July to start. Lucky for me I was able to get him to fall back asleep for another hour.
We went to our wards annual pancake breakfast and did a small parade around the building. I was too busy running the flag ceremony and then making sure Lucas stayed off all the bikes to take pictures.
Later that morning Patrick took the boys to Home Depot for a kids workshop where they got to make a Minions car. You can't tell from the back of their heads, but they enjoyed it. 

Later in the day we did some games. Ring toss was fun. Till Lucas realized not all the rings were for him and we had to take turns. 

by the way I'm pretty sure I won again this year. 

We played "firework" where you get wrapped up in toilet paper like a firecracker and then you have to explode free. 



We didn't have too many red white and blue foods this year, but we did have some pudding. 

Look at that patriotic pudding mustache! 

And then that night we had the missionaries over for dinner along with John, Rox, Noah, Lyla and my friend Krissa. We bbq'd a bunch of cheeseburgers and had all kinds of delicious things. 

I didn't get a picture of us doing fireworks and I wish I had, it was super cute. All the little kids would stand on the sidewalk and whenever Patrick would light a firework they would stomp their feet up and down over and over again. And then cover their ears of course. It was fun. Till Lucas grabbed the end of his sparkler.... His finger and thumb are still recovering from that one. 
The very next morning Preston asked me how many more days till Christmas.
A lot.
I hope.