Thursday, June 11, 2009

Behind the Music....Jessica Reynolds

So for school, the first day in every class we have to post our Bio. Which is a good way to get to know each other.
And I wrote a Bio that I like. And its gotten a positive response from my instructors, but my classmates have said things like "you have an interesting sense of humor...." and "hmmm... thats...nice..". Maybe its their use of " ...." that make me hesitate
So I need some outside opinions. It's ok, right?

It was a dark and stormy night in California when I was born 27 years ago. Only instead of being dark and stormy it was a bright and sunny April morning. Dark and stormy makes it more interesting though! April 30th, 1982 the day that I was born, was the first of many times that people exclaimed “oh my, such red hair”. It was only later in life when people would ask, “where did you get your red hair?” that I would reply with “on sale at JC Penny!” My name is Jessica Reynolds. I grew up in California with an older sister and three younger brothers, but all my real growing up was done after we moved to Arizona when I was twelve.
It was in Mesa Arizona that I finished Jr. High, High School, some college, and where I plan on staying for maybe the rest of my life, we’ll see! My family all lives in Arizona, and since both of my parents have passed away, family is a big priority for me, and its important to me that we stay close.
I just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary, which I think means now people can stop calling us “newlyweds”, or at least I hope so! My husband Patrick and I actually met in an unusual way, or at least in a way that makes some people raise their eyebrows in surprise. We met on MySpace. I wasn’t on there looking for love at a High Speed connection, but how could I resist when I found someone who loves watching The Office, Arrested Development and scores of different movies just like I do?
We don’t have any kids yet, but we are kept plenty busy by our puppy Bindy who’s favorite past time is a toss up between licking the insides of shoes, and bringing toilet paper out for all to enjoy!
Besides working and cleaning up after a puppy I love to read, do puzzles, watch movies, go to Target and just spend time with those around me.
I most definitely look forward to furthering my education. At the moment I’m planning on majoring in Psychology, but that may change, unlike my hair color, which by the way is still red.