Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halfway Catch-up!

So it's been awhile since I've updated! Things have changed. And by things I mean I'm getting HUGE!! Actually until I looked at the picture we just took of my belly I had no idea I was this pregnant. But I am! And its going great. Now that all of that morning sickness is gone I'm at the point that the books call "comfortably pregnant". I don't know if I would use the word "comfortably" but it's not so bad. We're at 23 weeks now, almost 6 months along. Our due date is still Feb. 2, 2010, which really is just around the corner if you think about the holidays and everything. Preston is growing and developing as he should. He apparently knows kung-fu, and I'm very proud and supportive of, but I do so wish he wouldn't practice in the middle of the night. Actually his most active time is in the morning right when I get to work (about 5am) and then at night when we have some tummy time and talk about things like Project Runway or So You Think You Can Dance and read with Patrick. He's around 11 inches now, and weights about 1.1 pounds. I wish I could say that I still crave fruit, because I do so miss those days. Instead now he seems to want things like hot pockets, chips, donuts, ding dongs... basically he wants to eat like a college student. But I try to keep things under control. So without futher adu, here's the belly shot....

Other then being pregnant things are continuing as normal. My work schedule changed, so now I work from 5-2, which means Patrick gets company when he's up for work at 3:30am. Can't say its happy smiling company though. It's only for a month though, then in November I'll be working 6-3. I'll probably still go to bed at 7:30 though! The other day after an especially horrible day of work Patrick brought me home this:

As a matter of fact that IS a Hannah Montana balloon! And there were chocolates, but I'm almost positive by the time the pictures were taken those were a thing of the past. He takes good care of me. Even if it means getting mozzarella sticks and strawberry shakes and telling me that I dont look fat, just pregnant. I love him.

We've found a way that we want to decorate the babys room. Actually Patrick picked it out ages ago when we first got pregnant. We havent started decorating yet, just getting ideas, and working on cleaning up the room before we decorate. I havent bought much yet either, just some onsies, socks, and a baby blessing outfit (it has a baby sized vest and tie!!). My goal is to get the room done before we're at 8 months. So I've still got time! This is what we want to do:

The wall decals we're going to order from a website we know if, and then we'll just paint before putting them up. Then as far as other stuff this is what I'm thinking:

And this baby mobile:

Shouldn't be hard to make, just a matter of cardstock and printing off some of the ? marks. Hard part will be finding an old mobile that I can use to construct it.
But I'm excited about it all! I can't wait for it to come together!!